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  1. Whelan5

    Premier League Round Up (Nov 6-7 2021)

    At all points in the season, and I include after just 1 game we should be a minimum of 5 points ahead of arsenal. Anything else isn't acceptable.
  2. Torres looks like he's on the Ben Johnson steroids. Doesn't look right.
  3. Whelan5

    Liverpool 2 Atletico Madrid 0 (Nov 3 2021)

    You are so right about the cringe worthy chants. I always loved that we were different & didn't do the obvious chants & songs. It seems those days are gone sadly. We've gone down the " banter " route... awful stuff
  4. Snot them all over the place you say? Consider it done.
  5. Whelan5

    Brentford 3 Liverpool 3 (Sep 25 2021)

    Yes it's hindsite but it was a game Nat Phillips would have been made for. I miss big Nat heading everything. We wouldn't be playing in Porto tomorrow without him... and Rhys too of course.
  6. For fuck’s sake Gini. Either say something or don’t. All this “one day it will come out why I left” and “without going into details” is pissing me off. Either say what you want to say or say fuck all, just stop with this cryptic facebook style shite. nailed it. I'm fed up listening to him & feel bad saying that. We all love Gini for what he did for LFC but enough of this bollox. Stop speaking in riddles.
  7. Whelan5

    Liverpool 3 AC Milan 2 (Sep 15 2021)

    We qualified from group with a game to spare last season. Then we played Jota & he got injured. I'll get over it, in time.
  8. Keita will start v Norwich won't he?
  9. Whelan5

    Euro 2020 Round Up (Days 6-8)

    Watch your back for Russian agents Dave. They monitor everything. Mother Russia does not take kindly to this level of abuse.
  10. Whelan5

    Premier League Round Up (Apr 2-5 2021)

    Fucking Kevin lisbie... you've annoyed me now. Every so often that game comes into my head and I get annoyed again. I'll never get over it Similar with cup semi v villa under Brendan.
  11. Whelan5

    Premier League Round Up (Mar 6-8 2021)

    My boy Bamford had a terrible day in front of goal. Any Other Day he would have had a hat-trick but this was no Bed of Roses for him. There should be No Apologies though, just Blame it on the Love of Rock and Roll Paddy lad. Anyone wanting to have a go at him just needs to Hush. Ok ok I’ll stop now. This really should have stopped months ago
  12. You forgot big game James in your midfield options Dave?
  13. Whelan5

    Aston Villa 1 Liverpool 4 (Jan 8 2021)

    A lot of short memory, childish, self entitled shite on here. Calm the fuck down people.
  14. Wary of paranoia but there is definitely something going on with their own count, this season & last too. As you say every claim seems to be given, lots of them can be argued as ligit pens but no team gets every pen they should apart from them so something is going on. Of course if we were weren't dropping points to shit it wouldn't matter as much.
  15. Whelan5

    Atalanta 0 Liverpool 5 (Nov 3 2020)

    How shit are other teams club crests? Never notice till I see the match report pics how woeful some of them are.
  16. Whelan5

    Liverpool 5 Chelsea 3 (Jul 22 2020)

    Will there be a print fanzine special to mark this achievement? You know it makes sense. The absolute gall of lampard calling anyone arrogant, set Xabi on the fat pig I say, with the " mad look " in his eye. They never liked each other.
  17. Whelan5

    Premier League Round Up (Jun 27 - Jul 2 2020)

    This top top analysis gag got old months ago.
  18. Whelan5

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 7-9 2019)

    Bet Xabi hasn't forgiven him. Snide little chelsea pox.. bring back angry Dave.
  19. Whelan5

    Liverpool 4 Barcelona 0 (May 7 2019)

    Dave you really captured it all in that report, great piece of writing. I'm with you on Suarez, I can't hate him, it's what he does & we loved him for it. But he's history, let's finish the job reds, 4th final under Jurgen, it's time we won.
  20. Whelan5

    Premier League Round Up (Mar 9-10 2019)

    Seri nailed on to play like a mix of Alonso Gerrard Souness Sunday now....
  21. Whelan5

    Premier League Round Up (Mar 10-12 2018)

    Didn't Sami wear a hairband at one stage? The big legend.
  22. Whelan5

    Southampton 0 Liverpool 2 (Feb 11 2018)

    I'm not sure why Woodburn hasn't been integrated more around the first team. A different player yes but he could play the mane position & give us another option, which we'll need between now and may. Maybe it's too soon & klopp is looking after him, I thought he'd at least be an option for us in some games.
  23. Whelan5

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 23-28 2017)

    I want them extra 10 paragrapghs on mourinho!
  24. Whelan5

    Liverpool 1 Everton 1 (Dec 10 2017)

    Wasn't a bad tackle in the game? Thought sigurdson on Henderson was pretty nasty. Not Barkley or that other goon that did origi bad, but a nasty one.