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    Liverpool 4 Barcelona 0 (May 7 2019)

    Dave you really captured it all in that report, great piece of writing. I'm with you on Suarez, I can't hate him, it's what he does & we loved him for it. But he's history, let's finish the job reds, 4th final under Jurgen, it's time we won.
  2. Whelan5

    Premier League Round Up (Mar 9-10 2019)

    Seri nailed on to play like a mix of Alonso Gerrard Souness Sunday now....
  3. Whelan5

    Premier League Round Up (Mar 10-12 2018)

    Didn't Sami wear a hairband at one stage? The big legend.
  4. Whelan5

    Southampton 0 Liverpool 2 (Feb 11 2018)

    I'm not sure why Woodburn hasn't been integrated more around the first team. A different player yes but he could play the mane position & give us another option, which we'll need between now and may. Maybe it's too soon & klopp is looking after him, I thought he'd at least be an option for us in some games.
  5. Whelan5

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 23-28 2017)

    I want them extra 10 paragrapghs on mourinho!
  6. Whelan5

    Liverpool 1 Everton 1 (Dec 10 2017)

    Wasn't a bad tackle in the game? Thought sigurdson on Henderson was pretty nasty. Not Barkley or that other goon that did origi bad, but a nasty one.
  7. Whelan5

    Premier League Round Up (Oct 28-29 2017)

    I'm with Danny Murphy... pure self promotion on the players part. And yes, it makes me sound like the cranky grandad. Summed up the modern player for me. Now... what time is matlock on?
  8. Whelan5

    Tottenham 4 Liverpool 1 (Oct 22 2017)

    Surely it shouldn't take 2 years to see what is staring him in the face? This has been an issue since before he joined, all the way through his term, and it's getting worse. If it took yesterday for jurgen to realise we've a fundamental flaw in the team then that's even more of a worry.
  9. Whelan5

    Tottenham 4 Liverpool 1 (Oct 22 2017)

    100% agree with Paul in the above. This idea there isn't anyone better out there than Klopp is exactly the same as his pig headed argument about there not being better defenders out there than what we have. Its pure nonsense. He is getting by based on what he did in germany and his image. For us to be in this state 2 years after he took over is just unfogivable. I like jurgen but I don't think he's going to change. The downward spiral toward the inevitable has begun.
  10. Whelan5

    Newcastle 1 Liverpool 1 (Oct 1 2017)

    Anyone else considering hypnotherapy to just erase all liking of football? Is it really worth this? No? Just me then.............. I'll get me coat.
  11. Whelan5

    Newcastle 1 Liverpool 1 (Oct 1 2017)

    I didn't hear the remarks about the players getting upset reading negative comments. That's just unbelievable stuff... I cant believe that he actually said that ,and I cant believe it could be true. You've managed to make me feel even worse than I did....... What hope have we got if that's true?Sweet Jesus....... I'm more numb than angry reading that remark. Things are worse than I thought.
  12. Whelan5

    Premier League Round Up (Sep 23-25 2017)

    Kevin friend and Lee mason all day long
  13. Whelan5

    Spartak Moscow 1 Liverpool 1 (Sep 25 2017)

    Flipping the triangle...... is that you Brendan?
  14. Whelan5

    Spartak Moscow 1 Liverpool 1 (Sep 25 2017)

    Didn't Karius play very well in the away leg of league cup semi v Southampton? But your point is correct of course, I don't know what Klopp is trying to prove by playing Karius now, we'd be as well with Mike Hooper in there. Its baffling how top level managers can be so stubborn and pig-headed in the face of whats is obvious. Its the I know best and you people are clueless attitude that gets me..... which ties into how he reacts to the crowd at Anfied in his pumped shut the f**k up manner.
  15. Whelan5

    Liverpool 1 Burnley 1 (Sep 16 2017)

    I miss the fanzine....... Id really like to read that article on Klopp and the crowd. It does my head in and he needs to pack it in. Maybe worth bringing up in an ESPN article Dave, although I know you couldn't give it the full treatment in that editorially.
  16. Whelan5

    Liverpool 2 Sevilla 2 (Sep 13 2017)

    For those who didn't see it its worth looking up Didi Hamman's analysis on Klopp. He was on RTE Irish TV last night and nailed it for me. At this stage its borderline negligence on the defensive issues. And the arrogance and pig-headedness of the Moreno situation its unforgivable now.
  17. Whelan5

    Pre-Season Shorts - Palace 0 Liverpool 2

    When Grujic inevitably gets sent off in the league for hacking someone we'll see how popular his recklessness is then.....he has to control that shit. Although if it was to be some snide along the lines of fabregas or Herrera I think he'd be forgiven.
  18. Whelan5

    Liverpool 1 Crystal Palace 2 (Apr 23 2017)

    Agreed with Klopp on the crowd.... its tedious now with the pleading for an atmosphere. Its like the " don't sign my name " bullshit. Just concentrate on the f**king game Jurgen and sort your team out.
  19. Whelan5

    Liverpool 2 Burnley 1 (Mar 12 2017)

    First time I seen the word " wretched " in a TLW report. Thought that word was reserved for ESPN reports. A word I've often seen written but never heard spoken. And I back up the other lads 11 British players comment....... the empire is over guys, time to give up on that shite.
  20. Whelan5

    Hull City 2 Liverpool 0 (Feb 4 2017)

    Dave that should be printed and handed out to every player and member of staff at the club. Its absolutely spot on. They are nice lads, but who wants that? Where are the snide fukers that want/need to win at any cost every time, the pantomime villain all the other fans hate. Other fans don't hate any of our players, that's a very bad sign in my book. They are good 5 a side players as Souness might say ( with contempt ) but time and time again when the pressure is on they wilt. One bad result and usually means its a 6 week plus downward spiral. The thing is its not just this group of players as its been happening since before a lot of them joined. Why that is I don't know..... but its a fact that's hard to deny.
  21. Whelan5

    Premier League Round Up (Jan 21-22 2017)

    Wish some of current player s hated getting beat as much as Bellamy.
  22. Whelan5

    Liverpool 2 Swansea 3 (Jan 21 2017)

    Absolutely spot on, and you let them off lightly too. Your points about the atmosphere were right on the money, give it a rest Jurgen will you. The crowd do their bit when needed, its the weak minded players you need to concern yourself with. As for that Matip substitution, it was a head in the hands embarrassment.
  23. Whelan5

    Euro 2016 Round Up (Final)

    Toni Kroos !!! Really?
  24. Whelan5

    Borussia Dortmund 1 Liverpool1 (Apr 7 2016)

    Kevin Stewert not out for the season? if not I agree and I'd be starting him v stoke.
  25. Whelan5

    Liverpool 1 Rubin Kazan 1 (Oct 22 2015)

    Couldn't agree more with that stupid small time guff every time Sakho got the ball. Awful stuff, cringe worthy. Then again we are in the age of joint match day scarfs now so we shouldn't expect anything different. Makes me long for the simple days of them stupid jester hats.