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    I personally don’t see the issue with a gender reveal. The lady that called the police on me for “flashing” and got me put on the register didn’t agree.
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    I don't know why the Bloos are shitting their kecks; if the arrests are related to building works then it's clearly got fuck all to do with BMD.
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    He's also scored a Derby winner at Anfield; something no Everton player has done in his lifetime.
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    Time to look at some ‘witness affidavits’ filed in the Kraken. We start with a graduate of Project Treadstone. Time for a section called ‘how not to do it...’ And we finish with another from Project Treadstone who makes snarky comments about the lower court judge in his evidence. This will not end well.
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    There was no stadium, it was all a hoax.
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    Nonsense. Ole is a very good manager but he's having to cope with poor buys from previous managers and lack of funds from the board, even Klopp would struggle under the same constraints. He just needs time to build his squad and instill his methods. I'm worried if they keep him tbh.
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    Fucking hell. Shakespeare died centuries ago, so he obviously can't hold a candle to Carla Lane.
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    Phone rings Joe: Hi Mosh, how’s things Mosh: oh hello err, Joe Joe: got some great news my friend. You’re getting the all clear from the planning department next week for our new ground. All good to go from January. Mosh: I’m sorry Joe, this line is terrible, I’ll call you back from another line. Phone rings: Hello, Merseyside police. Mosh: Hello, I’d like to report a high ranking council official for corruption on a grand scale please
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    He's defo being described on wiretaps as "our friend with the stomach"
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    Joe just used his phone call, he called Dominos.
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    Will Chippy get lippy? Is this the end for the brick test panel?
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    He will get off with whatever it is because he’s clearly seasoned in this behaviour. Him going back to court again and again using public money on legal fees to allow redrow to build on Caldies when the residents and local labour members consistently fought against it tells you all you need to know about this cunt. It pisses me off that every new build is on a managed estate these days as well. Years of them being leasehold and now they’ve come up with the estate management fees swindle as well. No labour council should ever be approving that sort of shit. I hope the Everton stadium Shite gets unraveled as well. He spent a shit load of public money on fees doing due diligence to lend to Everton which he said the council would get back. When pushed whether they would get it back if the stadium wasn’t built or even if it was but not using the public loan he wouldn’t answer. Horrible fat corrupt cunt. He’s a fucking stain on the city.
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    Stuck in prison with 'Red', there would be riots.
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    Hey Joe, where you going with that cheque in your hand?
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