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    Took the boys to the beach today with the missus and her mate and kids. Playing water balls with the kids and the family next to us on the beach turn around and said “it’s lovely to see Grandad playing with them”. Fucking cunts.
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    When I was 4 years old after I'd murdered some Juventus fans I heard racism at goodison and thought it's only a small section of racists it would be wrong to label all evertonians racist on the actions of a small section of scum bags! And then I put it to one side and went about my killing.
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    Fella, best stick to Shandy. I saw him play. A genius plain and simple.
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    Scholes was behind Butt in the pecking order at Utd until Keane did his cruciate in 97/98. He was 23 years old. Even in their treble year Butt played as much as Scholes. At almost 25, Nicky Butt was deemed by Ferguson to be as good as Scholes, Nicky Butt. In 2001 Veron was bought to add something different to United's midfield and Scholes was moved to the left. He was 27. From the age of 31 (in 2006) to his 2nd retirement in 2013, he averaged 22 league games and 2.5 goals a season. Therefore, it must have been between 2001 and 2006, when Scholes won his CM position back that he was one of the best players in the world. During this 6 years, United won one league and one cup, Scholes scored more than 10 goals in a season once and they won nothing in Europe, reaching the semi-final once, in 2002. He was a good player but was on the PFA POTY team twice and during his period of donation of the English game, he was pipped for the award by: Stone, Lee, Batty, Butt, Petit, Dyer, Wright-Phillips, Cole, Valencia, Milner, Fletcher, Nasri, Wilshere, Parker, Fabregas, Young. Gerrard, Lampard, Beckham, Giggs, Keane, Vieira, Pires, Ronaldo were all picked more times than him during this period. A myth.
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    We should put forward a formal proposal to the other Prem clubs that it should definitely be kept just as it is. Nothing would be more effective in uniting them to ditch it.
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    I saw them at the Empire in (I think) June 1969. A fantastic show. There must have been a US Navy ship in because as I was walking through town to the theatre a sailor asked where all the fun was in Liverpool. I told him about the Beach Boys concert and he said "Nah, I don't live that far from one of them". Flash bastard. I directed him and his pal down Dale Street. Serves him right.
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    You know, the more I think about it, the more I realise that Gerrard completely ruined midfielders for me. Why isn't Gini scoring more last minute winners? Fabinho is running this game, but why hasn't he also slid Salah in? A real captain's display from Henderson, but why won't he go in two footed on Richarlison?
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    I love the 'Fiver' email from the Guardian and their description of Carlo's departure is brilliant. ' All that is left is a whiff of expensive cologne , a vague sense of regret and Josh King '
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    A Whopper (Burger King) does not contain any trace of Turdseye
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    It fucks me off that Best is a more revered player than Dalglish by supporters of every other club than us. I see Best in that advert on Sky for the Man Utd show they've done. Are they going to focus on the fact he got sacked about 3 times by Man Utd or gloss over that? 2 leagues and 1 European Cup in a 4 year period. Looking at Dalglish just for us... 6 leagues, 1 FA Cup, 4 League Cups & 3 European Cups. Dalglish also went closer to winning the Balon d'Or (2nd v 3rd). I'm not saying Best wasn't a great player I'm sure he was. And I suppose, like Dalglish (and Messi), in a great team, he was still miles better than his team mates. I just can't stand the narrative about a guy, who had obvious demons and was a bit of a shitty human being (sorry if that sounds harsh), is more romanticised about than somebody who achieved significantly more in the game and is a role model to a city & community.
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    Eh? He was a fantastic player, absolutely unreal.
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    I heard Walters getting racially abused by some reds in the ground - not pitch side, but shouting it either way, and it was jumped on and they were told to pack it in. But yeah, it was still around. Just seemed less to me at anfield. Perhaps I was biased, or have been clouded as I’ve aged and the bitterness between the fans has grown. Used to think it was funny when the language got a bit colourful and somebody would shout “ey, there’s kids down here” and point at me, but I was loving it - building up my repertoire for school on Monday. Edit - not the racism though!
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    Yeah Balotelli was shit in probably 95% of the games he played. Yet there were some people in football who talked about him like he was this incredible talent that just needed harnessing. He was just shite. But the answer to the initial question is Paul Pogba and I'll die fighting you all on that hill if need be.
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    Neymar and Pogba are like footballers designed by advertising executives. All hype and haircuts for selling coca cola
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    The Fowler hatrick The drains was years before in 87 The Fowler hatrick was in August 94, the kop was being made all seater,last game standing kop was April 94
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    I only clicked on this topic to complain about the unnecessary apostrophe.
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    Shaqiri is class, just never clicked with Klopp.I hope he has an outstanding run with Switzerland and we get top dollar for him.
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    If he hasn’t got the mentality to end sectarianism then he might as well fuck off to Preston or someone.
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    That apostrophe in the title is really bothering me.
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    Pretty sure most of us had a stroke over the Spice Girls at one time or other.
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    If you like a skeleton with fake tits.