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    Yes, he also changed name and nationality.
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    Very honest of John to admit his guilt when the dragon flew off with the evidence.
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    It makes no sense to me. All of them there would have wanted Jon to be King. He was the King in the North and the rightful heir. He killed the mad queen to save lives. So what if it meant they had to fight the Unsullied, this is Game of Thrones not local council elections.
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    Here you go, loose ends tied up https://twitter.com/foldablehuman/status/1130581319593783296?s=21
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    So when all of the houses were having their little meeting to choose the King, why did nobody mention the fact that Jon was the rightful heir to the throne? Surely everyone would have to accept what he did to Dany because you know, he’s the fucking King?! And why the fuck is there a Nights Watch any more? The White Walkers are gone and the wildlings are now mates with the North.
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    Anyone who breaks into your house is fair game for anything in my view, especially if your loved ones are in the house. I've always wanted to shoot a burglar in the back. With a handheld musket.
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    I'm devastated Greyworm is still alive. Miserable, dickless cunt.
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    At first I wanted Joffrey on the Iron Throne. Then I wanted Ramsay The Bastard. Then the Night King. Out of the hundreds of wonderful characters there were only 3 whom I absolutely loathed: Euron fucking Greyjoy, Sanza fucking miserable cunt, and Bran fucking Evel Knievel Stark. Fuck my life.
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    Grey Worm took Dany's demise rather well didn't he? Grey Worm: Jon Snow put a knife in my Queen's heart. He MUST be punished!! Tyrion: Hmm, how about we release him and allow him to ride off into obscurity back in the North like he always wanted, hang out with his bestie and his dog and live out his days away from all of this shite? And he defo won't be knee deep in Free Folk bush within months, we'll make him promise, because he's had to do that before and totally lived by it. Grey Worm: Sure, so long as I get to scowl at him from a boat during our final encounter.
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    I hope UEFA nail the cunts to the mast the fucking bastards
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    Are you aware how heavily insured my wife is?
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    First post and he rinses the Thoth.
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    That's horrible. Those kids are way too young for that sort of 'prank'.
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    I mostly agree. However, there is something very effective about bringing a pompous arse down to size with something childish like pouring a milkshake on their head. I am not sure that really counts as political violence.
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    Basically all Brandon Stark did was give his best mate brain damage, get pushed out of a window, get the three eyed raven and the children of the forest killed, and sit there like a simpleton until Arya took down the night king.
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    I feel really cold and empty. I absolutely loved that show until the last season, what a massive let down. I don’t know what else to say, it’s just a massive shame.
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    Genuinely never heard of the cunts.