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  1. Spy Bee


    7 day average continues to decline.
  2. Spy Bee


    You realise that people who are genuinely exempt from wearing a mask are getting grief off people all the time, because people have this "Any fucker not wearing a mask?" attitude?
  3. Spy Bee


    Ver is your mask?
  4. Spy Bee


    Looks like it wasn't Joinzoe
  5. Sometimes, I guess there just aren't enough rocks!
  6. Spy Bee


    Small percentage increase today Next week we will see whether we should trust joinzoe or NHS Triage, because one of them is miles out.
  7. Spy Bee


    Who's we? I seem to have solved Covid on Twitter. I half-jokingly suggested that we should find out which Coronavirus precipitates good immuno-responses to Covid and a couple of blue ticks have suggested that it could be a good idea and should be studied. History books in years to come will talk about the hopeless place the world had become, until Broken Monkey saved the day in 142 characters.
  8. Spy Bee


    The rate slowed down significantly in the second week, which is good. This is interesting. A history of vaccines:
  9. Spy Bee


    Very wise. You don't want to spill booze.
  10. Spy Bee


    it keeps me entertained while I have a quite week. I'm afraid this may be my last day of such significant contributions for a while. I'm sure you're all devastated by this news.
  11. Spy Bee


    RiS would approve of my MS Paint skills there.
  12. Spy Bee


    I'm not saying you cannot distinctly have Covid symptoms, or cold symptoms. I am saying that often it will be very difficult to tell. I should have just done the venn diagram in the first place shouldn't I?
  13. Spy Bee


    I'm not saying there is an error. I am saying it is impossible to isolate Covid symptoms from cold symptoms in this manner. I'm sure they'd accept that.
  14. Spy Bee


    I can draw you a venn diagram if you want?
  15. Spy Bee


    Can you not see that there is a huge crossover in symptoms?