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  1. Spy Bee


    I bet you a tenner than from 2022 to 3022 flu kills more people!
  2. Spy Bee


    It was a global pandemic, it killed fuck loads of people. I made that patently clear. What I am saying is that in the fullness of time, I don't think it will be responsible for a large number of deaths on an ongoing basis. Covid has killed over 2 million now btw.
  3. Spy Bee


    Long term, no coronavirus has proven to be that serious for the human race. The others just cause a common cold. I reckon we'll see a repeat of the Russian Flu (which is now understood to be a coronavirus). That arrived in 1889, killed a million people (which was a fucking lot at the time) and gradually through it mutating and our immune system learning to cope, it just became another cause of the common cold.
  4. Spy Bee


    You have a problem with Balloux? I think he's walked this straight down the middle all the way. He predicted a second wave, so surely he ticks some boxes for you.
  5. Spy Bee


    Balloux was sceptical. I can't find others just now as I'm busy at work, but the general line was that different variants becoming dominant does not necessarily indicate that it is more contagious. Variants all take their turn "leading the race"if you like. Balloux said the claims made were very specific, so would be easily disproved in time if it was not truly 70% more infectious - I have not checked for any updates for a few days, so I might be out of date.
  6. Spy Bee


    Lots of scientists I follow on Twitter saying that there is not enough evidence yet to suggest that it as that much more contagious.
  7. Spy Bee


    Do you not think that for a strain that is supposedly 70% more contagious, that the drop off has been more significant that you would expect? I reckon it's probably mildly more contagious and that the government have just used it as an excuse to explain the spread, when really they just weren't on their shit.
  8. Spy Bee


    Not like that by me. I'm in work every day, and it's by no means business as usual, but there are plenty of people driving and walking around. The corner shops and food places (takeaway) seem busy too. Parks seem full of parents and kids most of the time too.
  9. Spy Bee


    It's not really a full lockdown though is it. People still going to parks, supermarkets still busy etc. It's fallen off the edge of a cliff.
  10. Spy Bee


    This new variant which the government claims is the cause of all the problems we are having now, seems to be quite easily surpressed, according to the latest JoinZoe figures
  11. Spy Bee

    Booze Free Booze 0%

  12. Spy Bee

    Booze Free Booze 0%

    I mean, it's very like real Bud. On a hot summer's day, I can live with a Budweiser, but I couldn't drink it as my staple diet.
  13. Spy Bee


    Five to fucked?
  14. Spy Bee

    The New Cricket Thread

    Sri Lanka skittled - 130/9 Doesn't sound like they've had much luck from what I have seen, but I don't think they've covered themselves in glory either.
  15. Spy Bee

    Booze Free Booze 0%

    I think the Budweiser one is one of the best. The worst thing about it is that it tastes like Bud. As other have said Heineken is the best. Nanny State is a good alcohol free IPA and Brew Dog do another alcohol free one now which is good too, can't remember the name. I like the taste of a beer or IPA, so I can quite happily drink it if I just feel like being a bit healthier. Might have a few this weekend and I'm having a few weeks off the pop because I've been a glutton through lockdown (yes, since March).