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  1. Spy Bee


    Chris Whitty the CMO has it now
  2. Spy Bee


    NYC could have an apex needing 140,000 beds and 30,000 ventilators!
  3. Spy Bee


    They will. Spoke to my GP mate about it, and they will put it on death certificate, but it won't be reported unless a positive test has been taken.
  4. Spy Bee


    Not from what I hear speaking to mates in Spain. Not from what I have read about Italy. London is fucked. We know that now,l but I expect some flattening of the curve in large parts of the country.
  5. Spy Bee


    It's clearly not blind optimism, is it. I know several people who have not seen another soul in weeks. That means they can't catch it. This has an impact on the number of people who can catch it. There will also be many people who will have had it and are now immune. Blind optimism is just a hope, based on absolutely nothing.
  6. Spy Bee


    I don't know. While some have basically ignored it, many have really stringently stuck by the self isolation and social distancing. That will have an impact.
  7. Spy Bee


    Their lockdown was as shit as ours apparently. Hotels and public transport still open. Initially people having regular get togethers.
  8. Spy Bee


    This should happen in the coming days (theoretically) as the restrictions on pubs etc start to play out.
  9. Spy Bee


    The number of people with CV on their death certificate is greater then the numbers announced daily to the media. That is a bizarre anomaly.
  10. Spy Bee


    Just curious - you know, if they need 2 pints, it's not going to be very effective. If they only need 5ml, it could be brilliant.
  11. Spy Bee


    Is that really so unbelievable?
  12. Spy Bee


    How much blood do they need to infuse someone with?
  13. Spy Bee


    They're saying the USA is head for a disaster with 80,000 deaths and 2300 daily deaths. That's less than 5 times what we are predicting, and our population is a fifth of theirs. Have they managed expectations really well over here?