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What should we do with the Falklands?  

69 members have voted

  1. 1. What should we do with the Falklands?

    • It isn't ours. We should leave.
    • It is ours. Fuck off Argentina.
    • I'm not arsed what happens.

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I'm going to do a new thread and poll on this cos' Red Mist fucked up the previous one by making it a private poll. The racist scoundrel.


Anyway, with it rearing it's head again today; what do you think should happen with it? The subject isn't going away and with other countries, particularly the US, increasingly seeming to side with Argentina I can see a reckoning coming soon. Plus, it will be harder to defend now with the cuts to the MOD.


BBC News - Argentine leader says UK 'arrogant' over Falklands


The president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, has called Britain "arrogant" for refusing to negotiate on the Falklands.


She was speaking a day after UK Prime Minister David Cameron said the issue of sovereignty was non-negotiable.


President Fernandez called his refusal to hold talks on the sovereignty of the Falklands, or Malvinas, arrogant and bordering on stupidity.


Britain defeated an Argentine invasion of the islands in 1982.


The Falklands are at the centre of a territorial dispute dating back to the 19th Century.


Argentina has repeatedly requested talks on the islands' future sovereignty.


But most Falkland islanders wish to retain British sovereignty and 14 June is marked as Liberation Day in the capital, Port Stanley.


Last week Washington called on Britain and Argentina to negotiate over the Falklands' sovereignty.


But during Wednesday's Prime Minister's Questions Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell urged Mr Cameron to remind President Barack Obama that "the British government will never accept any kind of negotiations over the South Atlantic archipelago".


Mr Cameron responded that "as long as the Falkland Islands want to be sovereign British territory, they should remain sovereign British territory - full stop, end of story."


President Fernandez described his comments as an "expression of mediocrity, and almost of stupidity".


She said the British "continue to be a crude colonial power in decline".


Earlier this week a British man became the first Falkland islander to choose Argentine citizenship.


James Peck was handed his national identity card by President Fernandez, during a ceremony to mark the 29th anniversary of the end of the Falklands War.


Mr Peck's father Terry, who died in 2006, had been a member of the Falkland Islands Defence Force.


Sir Sandy Woodward, the retired admiral who led the British taskforce which set sail for the Falklands in 1982, told a newspaper earlier this week he feared the islands were "now perilously close to being indefensible".


He told the Daily Mail: "Twenty-nine years ago today, we re-claimed the Falklands for Britain in one of the most remarkable campaigns since the Second World War.


"The simple truth is without aircraft carriers and without the Americans, we would not have any hope of doing the same again today."


Adm Woodward questioned whether the US would continue to support Britain's sovereignty over the islands, pointing to Washington's call last week for negotiations.


The Americans' reference to the islands by their Argentinian name - the Malvinas - didn't "leave too much doubt about which way the wind may be blowing", he said.

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Their entire claim to it seems to be based on the fact it's 'quite close', so by the same logic Belgium belongs to Scotland. They can fuck off. As far as I'm concerned, even if they HAD had a legitimate claim, staging a sneak attack which costs hundreds of British lives makes all further discussions moot. It's only marginally less insane than the Japanese president criticising the USA for refusing to dsicuss the future of Pearl Harbour.

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Hope the argies take this back myself although it looks like we don't have a choice.

I think Cameron is going to appear very stupid when this goes back to its rightful place. If the Isle of Man citizens all wanted to be part of china I doubt the UK government would allow it somehow no matter how many people voted for it. Another humiliating climb down and excercise in idiocy for Cameron so nothing new.

And yes, thats what we get for siding with the USA, anyone who thinks they give two shiney ones about the UK past the point it serves their own interests is severly deluded.

They are doing it becuase they are interested in doing trading deals with the Argies, access to markets and resources.

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I've gone not arsed, but what I actually think is that the people who live there should be allowed to determine their own future.



Whatever happens,its not worth more bloodshed to protect a small piece of land in the south atlantic.


I'm pretty sure there is middle ground to be had here,if there was a will there is a way.


I'm sort of reliving the 80s again here,unpopular right wing government looking for a morale boost and rise in popularity before calling a general election based on kicking the arse of a small nation,in terms of political sway rather than land mass!

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Like Section said, their claim is basically because it's close to their country. The only reason they want the islands is for the fish and the oil. As far as I'm concerned as long as the residents of the island want British citizenship then the government should do all in it's power to make sure that it stays under our control and is kept safe. It'd be a huge slap in the face to the soldiers that died during the war if the British bowed down to international pressure and began negotiations, I'm happy with the governments stance of the sovereignty being non-negotiable.

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It's absolutely true by the way that we could not defend the Falklands without carriers. The Argentines would have complete air superiority.


Despite having Typhoons stationed on the Falklands which could probably wipe out the Argie Airforce on there own.

Edited by J-V
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Guest Numero Veinticinco

We would fuck Argentina up, quite simply. Although, only having one carrier (Lusty) at the moment is fucking ludicrous.

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I find it interesting that when they drilled 6 wells and oil was only $10.35 they decided it was commercially unviable to drill from those wells.


Now oil is as high as $75 a barrel everybody is puffing their chest out and saying its ours and making all the same noises as back in '82.


All I believe, is that almost every human life is more important than oil,not a popular view but one I strongly believe in.

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We should support the position of its citizens, who overwhelmingly support being part of the UK. Some are remarkably blase about imperialist aggression when the accused is not the US, UK or its allies.


This. It's the same attitude I hold for Northern Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall, whatever. Makes no difference to me personally and it should be the people that actually live there that get to decide.


Did Argentina even exist when we occupied the islands? Genuine question. If not then that have about as much claim as the Spanish.

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Tend to think that the people who live there should have the decision on who governs them, given that they were uninhabited when colonised. Got to laugh at the USA piping up about them; I fully expect them to honour any request by Big Chief Rolling Dice that they fuck off back where they came and give them their country back. Just as they'll tell the Mexican's to stop slaughtering the people in Chiapas who just want their own land, instead of training their special forces and giving them helicopters. Cunts.

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