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    Loris Karius

    Man City 2nd leg - costs us the first goal after stupid throw to VVD who was signalling for him to kick it up the field Man City 2nd leg - poor punch results in goal, saved by wrong offside decision Roma 1st leg - fluffs simple save from distance, very lucky after rebound onto cross bar Roma 2nd leg - should have been sent off for mistimed dive on Dzeko, saved by wrong offside Roma 2nd leg - fails to push relatively simple save to safety, Dzeko scores rebound Add the final and that's 7 major errors in the space of 8 weeks - and these are just the ones I can recall off the top of my head. People have been grading this guy on a curve because of his own/Mignolets' dismal pre-New Year standards. He has never been close to top 6 standard. He's made some good saves - to be fair - but lacks the concentration & composure of a top keeper.
  2. Ponz

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    Shelvey has found his level at Newcastle. A return wouldn't be good for us or him.
  3. A few observations - We have some wonderful attacking talent but still need a clinical striker who can put away the first chance in a tight game. Our front 3 generally need 2-3 chances to warm up. - Coutinho will be missed much more in these games than vs. top 6. You break these defences down with a defence splitting pass, quality shot from outside the box or mazing run from midfield. None of our remaning midfield are capable of this with any consistency (if at all). - Klopp's in-game management can be too flat footed at times. Why not shift Salah out wide instead of umpteen failed attempts to thread their central defensive needle? Lallana on too late when midfield creativity badly needed. Ings is not good enough but if you're going to play him, give him meaningful game time to contribute - the 15 minute cameos are pointless. - We don't appear to have a plan B when sides sit back, hoof out of defence and don't conform to Klopp's idea of playing football. Unfortunately, this applies to approx 14 teams in the league.
  4. Ponz

    Loris Karius

    He's had 27 games and been utter crap in most of them. I don't think he's made 5 notable saves in 2 years. Mig is not good enough but at least puts together the odd solid run and occasionally attempts to make a save.
  5. Ponz

    Philippe Coutinho

    We'll find out soon enough - he's created a massive rod for his own back if we don't get top 4...
  6. Ponz

    Philippe Coutinho

    There's a difference between waiting a few months to address an existing gap and actively creating a gap mid-season without a replacement lined up.
  7. Ponz

    Philippe Coutinho

    We didn't sell a world class CB in the summer so the analogy doesn't really work...
  8. Ponz

    Firmino Racism Allegations

    It's pretty clear he says "puta" and that's what gets Holgate agitated - he hadn't reacted at all until that point in the clip. Holgate thinks that's a racist term and so mis-translates into the n-word. Explains why no one else in proximity reacted and why Holgate was composed in the second half (assume someone corrected him at half time as per the Mirror article).
  9. Ponz

    That refereeing performance

    No 3 was a stonewall penalty. He was dragging his arm along the ground in a completely unnatural position and denied a clear goal scoring opportunity. No 1 probably was too but marginal enough to excuse.
  10. The train companies are privatised. The rail network is fullly owned and operated by the government via Network Rail, which is largely responsible for the issues at Kings Cross/Finsbury Park (missing engineering work deadlines).
  11. Ponz

    Liverpool vs Chelsea (Apr 27 2014)

    Everton have only lost 2 games at home all season. If their players approach next week like a normal game, I'd says its about 50/50 on City dropping points. If they approach it the way the majority of their fanbase will, we're in big trouble. The one silver lining is that it's Martinez and not Moyes in charge or else we would be well and truly fucked.
  12. Ponz

    Stoke(A) Match Thread

    IMO, biggest win of the season so far given how the other results went and fact that this was our second most difficult remaining away game. Just glanced at the log - we've now played every team in the top 13 away apart from Southampton and Man U (not particularly intimidating fixtures these days). Great advantage to have for the run-in with the top 6 so bunched together.
  13. If by "corporate greediness" you mean seeking to maximise profit, then the vast majority of basic necessities (food, clothing, basic consumables, medicines etc.) are already exposed to this. Most governments accept that private companies are able to provide these more efficiently and at better quality than they can. There may be a separate case for nationalising certain industries (e.g. public goods, which to be tend under provided by the private sector) but it has no relationship to how greedy companies are or whether the goods themselves are necessities. Either the private sector is better at supplying them or not.
  14. Ponz

    The Suarez Bite

    I doubt he reached the skin given that Ivanovitch wasn't showing off any bite marks. Hardly in Tyson/Holyfield territory.
  15. Ponz

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    I'm no great fan of FSG but the person who compiled that needs to grasp the difference between "revenue" and "profits" (revenue net of operating costs, which includes player wages)