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    RAOTL Forum

    LFC know about it.
  2. L19red

    RAOTL Forum

    LFC killed it because they cant think of a way to cash in.
  3. L19red

    Music Continuation Thread - Redux

  4. L19red

    Lance Armstrong

    They haven't. Any sport with a lot of money sloshing around will have lots of dopers.
  5. L19red

    Whats your current aftershave

    seems that cuiron has been re-released. Will have to track some down and hope its as good as i remember.
  6. L19red

    Lance Armstrong

    its crap, Dan Roan hasnt got the first clue about cycling and doesnt ask single question that hasnt been asked before.
  7. L19red

    Small pleasures?

    that moment when you realise the shitty email your boss sent out to the team doesnt apply to you.
  8. L19red

    Lance Armstrong

    He should setup two different organisations make one of them a charity lets call it lance's mum.org, and one of them a profit making business lance's mum.com. Then make sure when you google Lance's Mum it always returns Lance's Mum.com as the the first response. Lance's Mum.com should be a partner of Lance's Mum.org and plaster the logo all over its homepage to maximise the confusion so it looks like you are giving money to the charity when actually you are lining Lance's pockets.
  9. Cycling cant be doing with most other sports these days
  10. L19red

    Katy Perry

    that jealous fatty is hilarious. Katy Perry is so fit I might even stay awake for the superbowl half time show.
  11. L19red

    Lake District hotel please.

    The punch bowl inn Crossthwaite is the one, Fantastic food and great rooms but sadly dogs are only allowed in the bar. The same people have another place called The Plough at Lupton which does allow your canine friend in a couple of the rooms but I havent stayed there yet so no first hand experience.
  12. L19red

    So then... What did you get?

    Castelli Espresso 3 Jacket Socks Smellies A box of Tunnocks Mini Caramels Viennese Truffles Assorted smaller gifts And the best of all comes tomorrow when my father in law goes home, and just in case he has a login here - Fuck off Peter you need to go and see social servies on Monday morning because you've started to smell of piss.
  13. L19red

    Small pleasures?

    I'm looking forward to the moment her father goes home tomorrow morning.
  14. Pembrokshire Coast and in particular St Brides Bay. Briancon - Ride the cols from May to October, a month off then skiiing from December to March. Bliss Skye - I need to spend a lot more time there, a stunning place. Italian Lakes. Somewhere like Stresa on Lake Maggiore would fit the bill perfectly. Bergamo seems to be getting a lot of attention and thats handy for Lake Como and not too far from Aprica and Passo San Marco for the bike riding so will have to investigate. Paris just because its Paris. I reckon I'll finish paying off the mortgage next year then start saving to make one of the above a reality.