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    Global Warming

    Anyone watch that programme on Channel4 that's just been on about how debate about how much man-made global warming is impacting the World is being stifled? I only caught the last 15 minutes but thought it was interesting and had a fair point.
  2. Stu Monty

    House fixy-uppy shit

    Okay. I know I may have insinuated in the past that you're all fucking useless and not worth a blow on an old trumpet but that was all just high jinx. Honest. I'm looking at a house to buy. It's in a location I like but it needs work. I'm trying to work out if the work it needs doing is going to be too steep to offset the benefit of getting it cheaper (possibly £15k under my budget). This might be a bit vague but I'm looking for some sort of decent gauge as to what I should be costing for some various stuff. It'll need: A kitchen A kitchen floor Decorating in 3 decent size bedrooms, living room, kitchen (possibly hall/stairs) Carpet in those rooms. Possibly doors. There's be 5 or 6 of the fuckers if we did it. Also possibly needs an upgrade on the bathroom. Tell me if I'm miles off with this: Kitchen: up to £4k for a decent Ikea one? Decorating: A bit over a grand for someone else to do it? Carpets: No idea, mate reckons £700 from a good place near him, how much for labour? Kitchen floor: No idea? Doors: Same? Also, as an aside. Can I knock a downstairs toilet and the wall through and how much will that shit cost eventually (probably further down the line). I'm reading mental things online that say it's against regulations but that you can do it anyway? I'm just throwing this up here as I'm currently trying to research the lot and know that there's bound to be some clued up fuckers on here to help with that research. Only saw it the other day so still mulling it over. *Shines a big GF DIY light into the night sky*
  3. Stu Monty

    The Latin America thread

    I'm pretty interested in some of the stuff that's happening in south and central America at the moment with regard to the leaders they are choosing and the fledgling shoots of some sort of new union for the region seem to be appearing. I thought that maybe other people were to and so if anyone has anything interesting about news in that area they could throw it on here? I was reading an article that got me thinking about a thread like this on The Nation, the other day and so I guess that's the best thing to start with. El Salvador Rising It's a fairly large read so you'll need to put fifteen minutes aside for it. Some interesting stuff though.
  4. Stu Monty


    Can't wait for this to be produced. Could be very, very good if it's done right. Julia Louis-Dreyfus to play a VP for HBO comedy | Inside TV | EW.com This and the new series of The Thick of It (with new added coalition) are both high on my "Fucking hurry up and make it" list. Iannucci working for HBO has to be good news, especially when Tony Hale from Arrested Development is also involved.
  5. Stu Monty

    Arrested Development

    Anyone seen much of it? Comedy series from America about a disfunctional family who's dad is on trial for misuse of the family business. I caught bits of it now and again in television and have now got the boxset. Havr to say that it is very funny stuff. Very clever writing and really good performances from a class cast. I'm pretty hooked on it now, anyone else agree?
  6. Stu Monty

    Wanking into socks?

    Reading the rant thread has just raised an issue that has stopped me in my tracks a couple of times previously: this mention of wanking into a sock. I am presuming that this is just some hilarious concept that we think would be funny but there is a bit of me that is worried that people actually do this shit? I fear my perception of reality may be about to take a hit almost as serious as when I discovered that half the world stands up to wipe their arse; but it must be done. Have you ever? Seriously?
  7. Stu Monty

    Newsnight review

    I was watching this last night and fuck me if it wasn't some of the best television I have seen for ages. It had Ian Hislop, Micheal Portillo and some amazingly hot, and pretty damn clued up, woman. It was basically a clash of ideas between Portillo and Hislop but instead of sniping at each other like cunts and trying to score points pretty much everything they were saying was interesting and thoughtful. There was something that Portillo said when they were talking about this Venezuelan orchestra that is over here at the moment which I found really interesting. He was saying that in poor countries all over the world they see education as the tool to better their lives and that over here we simply don't. There was also talk of West wing, US media compared to UK media, The old print media and the blogosphere. It was really good debate. As much as I never thought I'd say this: I'd take Portillo as PM in a flash. Anyone else see it?
  8. Stu Monty

    Natural Planet

    Think it was called that anyway. Anyone see it last night? Nature programme with David Attaboy Attenborough? It was ace. The shots where they were following those hunting dogs chasing down the Impala were awesome. As were the shots of the shark catching a seal. I'm getting me some of those hunting dogs and setting them on people I don't like. It's going to rule a lot.
  9. Stu Monty

    Green Wing

    Last episode of the series tonight....gutted. Has anyone been watching it or is it just me that ends up staying in and not even drinking on friday nights? (i play footy on saturday you see so Ican't..honest). It's been fucking awesome, Mark Heap (Brian from spaced, does stuff with Chris Morris) is a comedy genius and should fittingly win every award going next year. Bit quirky and odd but still great. Discuss citing examples and providing graphs and diagrams where necessary?
  10. Stu Monty

    Your apocalypse essentials

    You wake up in a daze. You've smacked your head on the steering wheel and seem to have been involved in a crash. Luckily you're not to badly damaged. As you start to look around you at your environment you notice that in the distance there has been some unruly shit going down and it dawns on you that you are slap bang in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. As you open the boot what six items are you hoping are in there to give you the best chance from this point onwards. We will presume that there is a ruck-sack, empty 330ml coke bottle, basic first aid kit and a tyre iron in there as your basic starter pack. You get six additional items. You are in the US so there might be a firearm in the back if you wanted one, but you'll have to chose that as an item. Go:
  11. Stu Monty

    The best duets ever?

    Come on then music lovers. What are your favourite duets that you have heard down t'years; which are the great combinations? Here's a couple that I particularly like: Something old: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSKFB4OEBkE Something new: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wbgZcm952U
  12. If a man were going to see Jeff Tweedy at the London Palladium and was looking at his options to go for a beer with his old man after the gig where would you suggest that might be an option on a Tuesday night?
  13. Stu Monty

    The N word

    Was going to post this last week but forgot to. Did anyone see that programme that was on channel 4 with Asher D from the So Solid Crew (the one who got send down for having a gun) where he looked into the use of the word Nigger in music? It was very good. He was of the opinion that by using it a lot he was trying to invert the meaning of it and make it a positive thing, also taking the word away from people who would use it against blacks and gaining ownership of it. He went round speaking to different people from different backgrounds, ages, colours and looked into the way people feel abotut the word, it's history and it's use. The result was that very few blacks or whites he spoke to found there was any need to keep the word in circulation and that by repeating it he was doing just that. He also concluded that black people of his age aren't aware of the history of the word and the history of things such as slavery so can't get a perspetive on what they are doing. Anyhow, anyone see it? What did you reckon?
  14. Stu Monty

    Carol Vorderman

    Did anyone watch her on that Channel 4 anniversary quiz last night and think she was looking pretty tasty. Her telling the story about loving Pauline Calf and getting the stand-up video for a present then half way through it having to listen to: "Yer know who I can't stand, that fucking Carol Vorderman!" made me laugh quite a lot.
  15. Stu Monty

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Whilst being sat in your Chelsea shirt.
  16. Stu Monty

    Fanzine Summer Issue captions

    No regrets from the Nou Camp's new Brazilian darling Luis Suarez: "Ah Good times, I told you you'd love it over in Barca though mate". Coutninho: "Yeah...best decision ever...loving every minute..." Photographer: "Erm, do you want to smile Phil or are you sticking with that grimace thing you're doing?" As a model professional Henderson always followed the textbook advice on medical issues Problematic Gait: On long journeys you may need to get something to keep your feet elevated on, to ensure correct posture. Robertson is not impressed with disrespectful questions at pre-match press conference. Journo: "If you qualify will you be doing a cup final song? You could maybe do it with a novelty act like The Proclaimers?" ...but luckily he didn't let it bother him at all. Robbo: ...I mean, seriously, novelty? Sunshine on Leith is a genuine masterpiece for god's sake..." Ref: "I say again, I do not know these people" Messi: "Increible!". Robbo looks to take a very Native American approach to dealing with his vanquished enemies AR: "Stop cryin' and sit still will yer man. I'm no gonna kill ya, I'm just takin' yer scalp". Nobody did film-reference burns quite as well as Andy Robbo AR: "I'd better not see you supping out your little beaker after the match mate. Coffee is for closers." Messi realizes he made a BIG mistake putting money in that fortune telling machine LM: "That fucking Zoltan! It ain't about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done. What we do in life echoes in eternity
  17. Stu Monty

    Fanzine Summer Issue captions

    Robbo: "Hey, Leo, where's Big Virg walking off to with yer Ballon D'Or, lad? Messi: "What did you say?" Ref: "Now now Mr Robertson, that's not nice" Jurgen keeps his eye on all the sports Klopp: "I spoke to Pep last night after the Spurs game, we had a good chat" Journo: "How is he?" Klopp: "Out!" Virg: "Hey Robbo, can you imagine some of the shite that teams are going to buy from Scotland because of us". As Liverpool win number 12 at the 2025 Final in Qatar it's easy to see the benefit of all that free Nivea JH: "Adam, hurry up and take the photo, man. Then we can bin this off and get a Full English" Suarez was working overtime to get a reaction LS: "John Smith would have made a terrible Prime Minister" Quiet moment of connection from two International captains Messi: "I mean, seriously, I fly all the way over there and then it's fucking amateur hour, every time" Robbo: "Mate, tell me about it. At least you've got a chance with your lot. Have you seen Scotland recently?"
  18. Stu Monty

    Missing (posters) in Action

    I thought the plan was that we wait for the Labour government to come to power and we both stride in here and take the place back in a violent revolution, smiting all that stand in our way? You've gone off early! Stick to the plan!
  19. Don't have to be the greatest lyrics in the world or the most poignent or anything; just thought a thread to put down any lyrics you catch and think are cool would be interesting. At the moment the ones I like the most are from a bloke called Jamie T and the song's called Salvador. Best bit is probably: "Well it's a bang-bang anglo saxons at the disco atishoo all fall down Hound-dogs rowl on the prowl for the next young girl who told her daddy "Im gonna round Gemma's and study". Hard to get without hearing it in context but I just really like it. The whole song rules basically. Feel free to contribute...
  20. Stu Monty

    tlw footy tonight...

    I am off to rekindle the revolutionary flames in Cuba for a couple of weeks but if you were going to knock something together for April then I could make efforts to try and fit that shit into my schedule, if only just to see if you're still fighting that losing battle with father time. *He says as he cries on the inside and tries to pretend he hasn't wondered how much that hair replacement shit costs now everyone is doing it*
  21. There are many things that can lead to your name going down in the annals of TLW time; maybe you were one of a select band of founding fathers, maybe you started an incredible thread, maybe you unwittingly open up your life to the ridicule of the masses...or....or....maybe you decide to get involved with a famous and hallowed TLW tradition! The TLW Xpert 11 League has been going now for, on and off, the best part of a decade and is a browser game in which you can test your football management wits against some of the most formidable and sexy TLW forumites know to man. You can go head to head with Elmyn Noos, test yourself against the trophy-laden Owen, compete against the mighty Monty or send a letter to the authorities questioning if Kurt eating babies is performance enhancing cheating. So many glamourous and feared foes. RiS also plays. The league will be starting up for another season in the next few days and I thought this was a good time to open the competition up for a bit of new blood and a league expansion. Anyone who likes the sound of a footy management game which you can play in a browser with as much or as little commitment as you want (15mins a couple of times a week could see you fine) then follow the link below and jump right in. You get a fictional team, name it what you want, pick your kit, your stadium name, your player names if you want; then you try and humiliate Skidders and Neko in their comeback seasons. It is time to sort the half-decent chaff from the quite-a-bit-worse chaff. It is time for giants to make a name for themselves and the weak to run and hide. Look, a nettle! Dare you grasp it? http://www.xperteleven.com/?lid=54622 (The sooner you get involved the less likely you are too miss the last helicopter out of Saigon) (It'll be a cold day in hell before those bastards get me to call it Ho Chi Minh City!)
  22. Stu Monty

    Xbox 360 Gamertags

    Just add your gamertag to the list. Copy and paste the list as we go on. If you fail in this simple task then I may well neg the fuck out of you. Stu Monty - Simian Justice Jules, get this shit stickied or I'm calling Offking to regulate your ass.
  23. Right then you bunch of degenerates, it happens that I have a couple of openings for teams to be taken over in the most sexy thing you can find on the internet (aside from all the actual sex stuff) The TLW Xpert 11 League! If you like footy management games, fantasy football, or just pissing about online a bit (I think we have clear proof on that score) then get yourself over and get involved. Some of the biggest legends (worst wankers) on TLW are over there strutting their staggeringly incompetent stuff so why not pop over, try it out for a bit and see how it goes. If you don't like it you can fuck it off and all you'll have lost is your face amongst people who you suspect might respect you, a bit, sometimes. http://www.xperteleven.com/?lid=54622 Take a look, hit me up. Sound.
  24. Stu Monty

    Manchester night out places to go

    One thing I'd say is that you might not be able to move 40 people around very easily. Book somewhere. Maybe two destinations.
  25. Stu Monty

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    But this is the real world we are talking about. You have to at least acknowledge the fact that you are trying to knock down the fossil fuel and nuclear power industries at the same time; and that, as nice as wind power might be, you might as well suggest we run the power stations on unicorn tears if you think you're doing that in the time required.