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  1. Jonny83

    The shitness of modern football

    Not sure for how long as I hadn't watched the channel in years, but SSN's transfer deadline countdown clock is now to millisecond precision.
  2. Div's goal in the final. Until (very) recently I'd have been shitting it up until the final whistle, or at least until the number of seconds left were physically impossible for them to score, kick off, get it down the pitch and score again but (and it it's a very recent development) had belief that this team wouldn't shit the bed from there. At 1-0 you're just a piece of shite luck away from it being level no matter how good you are.
  3. Jonny83

    Football opinion amnesty thread

    All other things being equal I'd agree with CL > League, or at least equal to it, but not currently. Maybe if I was a decade older or younger I might feel differently. But while we've won the league in my lifetime but I wasn't old enough to have clear memories of it. I don't have clear memories of the aftermath of Istanbul because I legally got shitfaced.
  4. Jonny83

    Emotional Hedge

    It never feels right betting *directly* against my own team. That said, I tried something this season, to try and make use of my general shitness at gambling. Stuck 30 quid on City to beat Newcastle back in January, with the desired effect. Thinking there might be something in this, I bet on City in every game since and I'm now 200 quid richer. Fucksake.
  5. Jonny83

    South Park - Season 20

    allsp.com works well for me, but yeah I genuinely make a habit of downloading stuff any only stream when I'm impatient to watch something
  6. Jonny83

    Profound sounding bollocks

    You only do two days in prison. The day you go in, and the day you get bummed to death in the showers.
  7. Jonny83

    Formula One...

    A1GP's problem was despite making a big fuss in their promos about having all equal machinery, this actually put them in a group of approximately 9567247483028 other racing series that had one make of car so there was really nothing special about it at all. F1 for all its other problems at least kind of still retains the idea of man and machine, even if the "machine" part gets more and more neutered as time goes on. Modern F1 can still suck on my fat one though, more synchronised overtaking parades interrupted by mandatory pit stops to replace their bubblegum tyres, than a good old fashioned race from A to B like it used to be. The WEC (LMP1 category in particular) pisses all over it, IMHO. F1's problem has been in endlessly chasing the "sports entertainment" shit with endless changes and gimmicks, but the casual sports fan still thinks its boring while they've pissed off lifelong racing nerd helmets like me as well, and they wonder why ratings are tanking and sponsors are running a mile.