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  1. Pony Princess

    Darwin vs The Bible

    May I throw a cheeky one in here for the sake of god/no god bants and ask if anyone feels our existence shows any indication of intelligent design, or is the intelligent design millions of years of selective reproduction. Regardless, what do we do next?
  2. Pony Princess

    Midlife crisis ideas

    38 in January and thinking of buying a BMW R1200RT Been off the 2 wheels for a few years and ready to get back into it
  3. Pony Princess


    Next month there are gonna be fuckload of magic mushrooms growing on the horses fields. Any pro-tips on gathering and preparing and not going full Syd Barrett? I know how to identify them as we had tons last year but didn't gather or take any.
  4. Pony Princess

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Echo website is an absolute disgrace especially on mobile. Loads of pop ups and surveys, then serious articles mixed with 'Doctors hate this Liverpool grandma who just made a 50p skin cream that made her look 25' shite.
  5. Pony Princess


    Weed - Was mad into it when I was about 20, was all over the place having a spliff after waking up. Took about 10 years off and started using it with the respect it deserves about 3 months ago. Just got a couple of grams of Northern Lights off the DarkWeb. Next day delivery from London. Great service! Weed is just medicinal to me now, never smoke during the day. About 10pm worknights just have a quick blast on the bong and hit the sack. Sleep like a baby Ecstasy - Had about 5 or 6 mostly in the Krazyhouse in town when I was about 25. Amazing but always feels like a bit of a lottery. Wouldn't do it now. Speed - Nibbled a whole wrap years ago and didn't sleep that night. Interesting but next day I felt like shit. Never done anything else I can think off. Ask Paulie Dangerously about his M-Cat experiences. Well funny
  6. Pony Princess

    Are you a sad cunt? Examples of your sad cuntedness

    There is a podcaster on BlogTalkRadio who I love but he also does my head in. He gets a ton of listeners but most of them are trolling him. Before christmas he started selling pics of a signed cartoon version of him for ten dollars. The plan was via forum to do awful stuff to the pics and then email pics of it to him during show as he gets really angry about it. Some people video'd wiping their arses on it, some bought it and gave it to homeless guy and recorded it to annoy him. I bought one via paypal, he sent out the scan of it to my email before he posted it, I cancelled the PayPal, printed it and then did a wank on it and took pic of his signed cartoon with my spunk on its face. He raged for about 10 minutes about it on his show and I was delighted with myself and people were commending me on the forum but then I realized that was a bit sad.
  7. Staying off the booze for 5 days on the bounce would be a miracle for me this year.
  8. Pony Princess

    Little things that you love a little.

    Opening a pack of earl grey teabags and catching the first whiff of it
  9. There is some quote by a horror movie director and I don't remember who said it, but it is something like 'The real meaning of horror is when the situation is completely caused by the victim'
  10. Pony Princess

    Corporate bellendary at work.

    I just started working as an IT contractor at a digital agency and it is amazing. Never worked in a place with so many skilled people dead behind the eyes. Couple of things I have seen which were enforced by the management: They have a little device thing on the way out that the employees are supposed to press when they leave. It says 'How was your day at *company name*?' with a 'smiley face' button, 'doing ok' button and a 'sad face' button. The info screen in reception shows the results as poll over the last year and the average is sad faces over the last year or so. I asked someone about it and he said they used to do an inquest at the end of the week to see why morale wasn't good, but then management lost interest. I wanted to say 'perhaps turn it off?' but wasn't my place to suggest something sensible. Everyone is stressed to fuck working on projects where the deadline is the previous day. But they dragged one of their best software developers off a crucial project to write a program which hooks into their timesheet system and a raspberry Pi which opens the beer fridge and plays 'Friday' by Rebecca Black at 4pm on a Friday if everyone has submitted their timesheets correctly.
  11. Pony Princess

    Bailiffs question

    I've got small claims court case in November for private parking fine (UKPS or something). I had visitors pass waiting for me and fella slapped it on while I went to pick it up from office (parked by back door so it was about 1 minute). Found hastily scribbled ticket and saw fella in van driving off and nearly hitting another car on the way out. So I've been getting letters with my name spelled wrong for months which get increasingly threatening. Ignored for ages. Got small claims court date all sorted now (it is legit, called court and checked, its for £90) and I'm working in town anyway so just gonna go and will be interesting afternoon. They still haven't got my name right so I'm wondering how that will pan out for them. Read loads of stuff on moneysupermarket about how company will just go for small claims settle and hope person backs out. They pay £50 or something for the small claims court fee, and if neither defendant or claimant turns up, then it is awarded to claimant. I'm only round the corner so will turn up and see what the fuss is all about.
  12. Pony Princess

    Chelsea (A) 31/10/15

    When benteke scored I jumped around so much my kecks fell down. Luckily I am watching it at home