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  1. Thought I'd post a poll before campaigning gets going see if it changes
  2. Where do I start? I would love to learn but have no idea what to do/buy?
  3. Anny Road

    Islamic Positive Thread

    I am sick of hearing all this bad stuff about Muslims. About British lads going out there and fighting. Lets stop this and post here all the positive things about Islam.
  4. Anny Road

    Recommend a Podcast

    I started walking mad distances to improve my fitness and am bored shitless with the songs on my ipod. I recently discovered podcasts and have done 5 live 606 and radio 2 Russell Brand. Anyone got any good ones they could recommend?
  5. Anny Road


    Having never been a big fan, except when on holiday in the place where it is the local brew, I have had a revelation. I was given a case by a rep and have been working my way through it over the last couple of weeks. I am convinced it will be the next big thing. It is sweet strong, virtually no detectable hangover. You can mix it drink it straight in the sun or as a warming winter toddy. I love it, I love it more than cider. Well maybe not that much. But as someone that makes a living out of spirits I urge you to give Rum a go. I am halfway through a bottle of Jamaican, English Harbour 8 year old and it's ace. I had half a bottle of Angostura 12 last night and the Dark Lord said it's so nice you not drinking on a Thursday and seeing you reading. Ace
  6. Anny Road

    Female Vocalists

    It occurred to me yesterday that despite the fact I am a Misogamist I love listening to women moan in music. I'm not proud of the fact I dislike women's company I just do. They are a pain in the arse. Most men are too but I find that categorization too difficult a path to go down so women will do. Thats 50% sorted. Florence and the Machine, Alanis Morriset, Stevie Nicks, Debbie Harry all set my heart boiling but if that was the missus Id tell her to stop moaning. Who is the best female vocalist?
  7. If you have seen it all put it down in here. Please don't spoil it for the rest of us who have to work selling drugs and shagging
  8. Anny Road

    That there London

    Just spent 4 days there and have to say it is a most wonderful place.
  9. Off there for a week. Manhattan and N Jersey. 1/2 the time will be in with my family so fuck that I'm off out. Been before and done empire state, statue of liberty, etc etc but will have to do it again with the kids so all the obvious ones are covered. Thing is when she fucks off shopping i wouldn't mind seeing something different. Heard there is a museum of space and flight on an aircraft carrier, love to see grand central station. Want a run in Central Park and for some reason fancy a wander around Harlem and the village probably get bummed but hey ho. Any other different ideas from you superbly traveled and cultured members.
  10. Anny Road

    George Galloway

    Is a complete self publicising sanctimonious wanker. A traitor and a leech on a leech on the boil on a leeches arse on society. I would love to meet the cunt and punch the nose of his to the back of his head. Respect. Fuck off you odoius turd of a person.
  11. If this question is asked again I’d still have to say No. Shit as it is. Anyone changed?
  12. Anny Road

    Chemical Weapons

    With reference to the horrible events in Syria recently and the unmistakable feeling that we are going to go in and are being softened up. Can anyone explain to me where the disdain for chemical comes from? I'm not suggesting they are OK but when one considers it is perfectly expectable for 'shock and awe' purposes for us to fire depleted Uranium warheads from hundreds of miles away in the middle of the sea at areas containing civilians yet as soon as anyone mentions gas or agents we are set to go to war in a place we basically don't give a shit about against the wishes of China and Russia. Is this just usual hypocrisy or is there something I am missing here? We won't go in for humanitarian reasons so what is it?
  13. Obviously Russia would kick our arse. (UK) but we should call their bluff as allies. Fuck you let’s do it. Sort this shit out. oh yeh sorry Trump, May , Brexit, I forgot . Get it together West you knobs.
  14. Anny Road

    The NHS is marvellous

    My litle one (9 months old) has just had an opp today to remove a cist from her head. Big worry. She was a prem baby and after 9 months is almost the weight of a 3 month old. She is a beautiful strong fighter and I expect her to do wonderful things in her life. She has developed perfectly normal and is a stroppy blonde. However I must congradulate the staff who work in the NHS. Everyone from the consultant to the bloke pushing the trolley has come across as a wonderful proffesional and are to be congradulated on providing wonderful care. To smile like they do everyday in work when it must be routine to them whilst it is a parents nightmare is remarkable. If you work in a hospital I doff my cap to you. You are most excellent.
  15. Anny Road

    Prince is ace

    Been listening to him for years but only recently started to fully appreciate the mans true contribution to music. I think it was Paul who mentioned him in the underrated albums thread and I think he is deserving of his own thread. Soul, funk, rock etc it's all there delivered diversely and passionately. He may be a bit of a wee tit but I think he is one of the greats and massively underrated. [YOUTUBE]aYOLEF-N3oQ[/YOUTUBE]
  16. Anny Road

    Anthony Bourdain

    Thought this bloke deserved a thread of his own. Top man. I wasn’t actually watching him when I thought of posting this. I was watching the new Amazon Top Gear thing which as a fan of these type of shows leaves me bereft of interest. It’s that shit. However I have been watching Mr Bourdain in his travel series about Parts Unknown. It is brilliant. Wonderful man I’ve read a couple of his books but seeing him do the travel thing is wonderful. Never drank as much as he has. Great chap much missed. Watch his series. There is 50 odd episodes.
  17. Anny Road

    Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    Just finished his autobiography and have to say of is one of the most impressive I have read. Always like him but thought him was a bit of a right wing dimbo. Couldn't be further from the truth. The man is a legend. Read the book it's ace.
  18. Anny Road

    Shop lifter dilemma

    This is going to be a difficult thread We had a visit today from our only black family that live in our wee village. The mum has been coming into the shop for a while but today she came in with her daughter who I have seen a few times.. They spent about 50p but while they were in another customer came to me and told me she had seen the daughter put something in her bag. I let them leave and after they had left I was told by the rest of the customers that the mother was distracting me while the daughter nicked a load of sweeties. I've since been told that this lot have nicked from every shop in the surrounding area but I am at a loss at how to deal with this. It is a tiny town and if I get into a shit storm It will be known by everyone. I'm not going to call the police and if it was a bloke I would probably front them, but when the mother comes in next week do a kick her out because of the actions of her daughter. Most of all I am disappointed that the only black family are living up to the white perceived stereotype.
  19. Anny Road

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Who needs to go out for beer?
  20. Took a bird to a stock A & W thing at the empire. Kylie, Sonia etc she left as it was shit but I stayed as it was ace and I was bladdered.
  21. Anny Road

    Rate the last film you watched...

    If you had have told me Malik (sp) could play Freddie I’d have laughed in your mad face. A skinny nerd playing a muscled gay icon. Deserves his plaudits.
  22. Anny Road

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    The poor 48% who get constantly ignored. How about the majority. You know who in a democracy are the the winners.
  23. Anny Road

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    I voted leave. Like it or not so did more people than you.