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Southampton (A) - Premier League 04/2021 - 20:00

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    • Why do we need to play more games though? We shouldn't be embarking on any madcap scheme without a review of the entire fixture calendar. And with that I mean domestic cups and leagues, European and FIFA with whatever fucked up WCC plans they've got around the corner. And then internationals. Players need guaranteed rest. It shouldn't be at the expense of the clubs. Stupid shit like the Olympics needs to be sorted - it's U23s or it isn't. Personally I wouldn't allow any players to take part, football is just a distraction to the Olympics and is another way to damage key players.    We need to find ways to to level the playing field or at least close the gaps. Creating the CL as it is has made a situation you have to be in it or you're fucked. If it was a smaller league of just champions, the EL or whatever replaced it could be a great competition again. The same is true of the PL. That idea you fail for 1 season, fall off a cliff and your club collapses, is just fucking mad. It's fine teams can go down, but it shouldn't be to eternal detriment like it is now.    Instead of randoms running around doing their own thing and in their own interests, there needs to be a more considered approach. And cunts like angelli who one the one hand is representing 250 clubs across Europe while embarking on a project like this? It's just incredible.    Football is rotten - it's not just the top of the game here, just look at all the FIFA stuff from a few years ago. There corruption and dishonesty  everywhere. In a time it is so easy to track finances electronically, we should be thinking about a new governance process that ensures there is clarity around football finances and activities. 
    • I’ve never been less interested in a game that still actually has an affect on our season. Our players looking like shadows of their former selves.. Lack of fans coupled with the VAR disaster has left me disenfranchised. The ESL betrayal was the final straw.  I won’t be watching. I hope I get my enthusiasm back one day. It’s hard to still love a club that clearly holds me with such contempt.
    • You know the "I wish I knew how to quit you." line from Brokeback Mountain.    Aaron's wish finally came true.
    • I see the 14 no marks demanding the removal of the chairman and the chief executives of the big six..........have fun with that  
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