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    I wouldn't be apologising for anything. Not to that lying cunt. Compare the version of events he gave that initially led to the charges being brought, to the actual findings in the report. There is a discussion to be had about whether what Suarez said was racist or not (it's a nuanced conversation), but there is no debate whatsoever that Evra continually changed his story and lied about what words were used and how many times they were used. He's a twat and deserves no apology.
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    3 sausages 5 bacon 2 black pudding 2 fried bread 2 toast 3 hash brown 1 whole tomato Home made spicy beans HP Tea Beer Keys & Conker. Obviously no egg or mushrooms as I can’t stand them but apart from wanting those I can’t see how anyone could criticise it.
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    Fuck me. What an abomination. I'm early for a flight at Manchester airport. Against all my better instincts, I had time to kill, so went for a fry up in something called "bar mcr". Rather like the name of the bar, this meal has absolutely no redeeming features, I deserve a medal for trying to eat it. It somehow photographs better than the reality. 2 bacon 2 sausage 2 egg Black pudding Hash brown Fungus Tomato Beans. Even the bean haters here would have liked the beans best as the rest of it was that shit. The eggs were so fucking greasy. The bacon cooked ok one end but almost raw the other and tasted of nothing, how is that possible? Hash browns were again too greasy, clearly cooked in a deep fat fry that wasn't hot enough. And the last comments are saved for the sausages. Sausages are my favourite bit of a breakfast. I love a great sausage, but I'm not a sausage snob, I like some pretty crap quality sausages too (I can even enjoy a Richmond sausage). But these, what the fuck were they? They were somehow worse than a chippy sausage and managed even less flavour and again, just so full of grease. Without doubt the worst breakfast I've every paid for. And 12 fucking quid and the toast and coffee was extra, so 15 quid in total. 0/10. Shit manc cunts.
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    You know you're a cunt when you have a tax named after you.
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    Always liked BGB. He’s the last of the old school owners in the division. He’s totally passionate about football. He’s totally passionate about his city. He’s properly daft about his club. He’s a perfect comedy character on many levels. He’s presided over one of the great comic institutions in terms of Everton under his tenure and just how woeful they’ve been. He’s a man even Gnasher could correctly identify as a luvvie. He’s never been one of those poisonous bitter blues, even when wankers like Moyes have turned up there with no connection then done all they can to pollute the rivalry, incense their fans’ attitudes towards us and turn it into a pure grudge-fest. His class, good judgement and light touch delivery of Everton’s various heartfelt tributes towards Hillsborough is what really becomes him I think, being a world away from most of the other tribal shite football throws up. The best compliment I can pay him is, if Everton ever won another trophy, and particularly during his time there, it would be a consolation to see him drink it in when the proper mutants in their fanbase were spitting bile over it. Anyone who loves football would be able to relate to the pure joy he’d get from it, and god knows he’d have earned it after seeing out decades of pain with a smile mostly on his grid.
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    If they're 7 & 9 they're probably pilled out their nuts most weekends anyway. Fuck it.
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    Looks like you tried to cook the bacon through the medium of thought.
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    They can always use the moral high ground that they've built up over us down the years to fill the dock in.
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    I awoke this morning and left our bedroom which leads into the main front room and then in to the hallway where we have two bathrooms. Dressed only in my Boxer shorts and scratching my parts in that early morning ritual known only to men... This was a perfectly innocent misunderstanding....
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    On French radio after that game Evra said that Suarez had called him 'nigger' ten times. That was a lie. Evra is a liar. Why would anyone feel the need to apologise for taking sides against a liar? Evra and Ferguson both lied to the referee after the game. The resulting hearing found that Suarez, based 'on the balance of probabillities' did abuse Evra. So no racism was ever acrually proven against Suarez. What exactly is Carragher apologising for? Wearing a t-shirt that supported a team mate who was at that time being condemned throughout the media as a racist, without a shred of reliable evidnce to prove that allegation? Evra had a history of calling out racism where it didn't exist - remember the Chelsea groundman incident? -and for the FA to condemn Suarez on the word of a proven liar merely on some dragged from their arse criteria was as shameful as racist abuse. Carragher is now Sky's bitch and he will do anything that he feels may please his paymasters. It makes you want to spit.
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    Carragher finally completes the meandering journey from club legend to witless balloon.
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    The worst part of that whole thing, is we're talking about centre of gravity and such shite for a law that says you can't be goal side of the last defender when the ball is played. It's a rule designed to stop goal hanging and we are now completely and utterly missing the entire spirit of that law in some bizarre bid to rule goals out of the game and let the computers take over. I just don't get what they're trying to achieve. If the law was ever designed to need to be so accurate, we wouldn't have expected the lino to be looking down the line and watching the ball being played at the exact same time. We've managed to get on ok with offside for about 150 years with some slight variations, but always based on its best guessed management from the lino was enough to stop goal hanging. Now we want millimetre accuracy and need a players centre of gravity to prove it? Just fuck off. In my lifetime it has never been more controversial and created as many refereeing talking points as it has this season, but we don't seem to get any more right than we did before and the game is shitter for it. I wish they'd just fuck it off.
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    He's got a point like, we were awarded 6 penalties in that one single game. 5 in a row right at the end. Refs bent as fuck.
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    No. He’s left something of a vacuum.
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    Anyway, back to our 24th anniversary celebrations (film, food and an early night.) Enjoy your Sunday evening all.
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    Could have solved that with a good dollop of beans.
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    Jamie Carragher is in no way a "shithouse", an "embarrassment", a "witless balloon" a or a "cunt". Although I sometimes disagree with parts of his commentary, he comes across as thoughtful, compassionate and knowledgeable. I'm sure he has good reason to say what he said. To attack him like this reminds me of the way another local team can turn on their own. You'll never walk alone eh?
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    The Norwegian media has been in overdrive for the last year (since Solskjaer's appointment at Utd). They are now present with several reporters at every single game both us and the Mancs are playing. Norwegian TV2's female reporter is particularly active, and often gets access to both clubs managers/pressers. Near every single question the Norwegian media poses also has a Norwegian "angle" to it, it's super tedious. When Klopp retorted with Origi as a Liverpool legend, the Norwegian reporter was really just fishing to get Berge's name mentioned. It was the same when we were playing Salzburg and they wanted Klopp's endorsement of him. Berge seems like a level-headed and well-spoken lad, so it's a bit out of character for him to drop information like this to the media, unless he was really flattered (which he probably was). He called us the best team in the world both prior to the game and in the aftermath. If true, I agree with Klopps comments, though. Berge is indeed interesting. He's a lot quicker than you'd think for a player his size (1.95m), he's pretty calm on the ball and has a good range of passing. Early in his career he would take people on more often than he does at the moment, but I think that's something that he could redevelop (I guess he's just been told to play it a bit more safely at both Genk and Norway than he was for Vaalerenga). There's a lot of hype surrounding Haaland at Salzburg atm, I personally think Berge will have the better career (at a more prestiguous club). Haaland has the benefit of playing at a club completely dominating its league, as well as having some really talented attacking players playing him in. He's a bit of a beast physically at 19, but I think he's pretty limited in terms of general play. He'll score goals with his left foot if set up in the box, though. Watching him play for Norway will give a better impression of his overall ability than for Salzburg. Anyway, along with Odegaard, he's someone I wouldn't be adverse to seeing at Liverpool. That's a pretty big compliment from me, as Bjornebye and the subsequent influx of Norwegians into our great club was always a bit of a moodkiller for me (Heggem being the lone exception, but he was made of glass). I remember swearing and shouting much of the day Bjornebye signed for us, back in 1992, and going absolutely ballistic when we signed Kvarme, Kippe and Leonhardsen (shudder). F**k I'm getting old., remember reading about Bjornebye's debut like it was yesterday, 5-1 we lost to Coventry. Truly dark times. Back to Berge, he rejected an offer from Sheffield Utd this summer, I'm guessing he'll leave Genk either in January or in the summer. Not saying we should be all out trying to buy him, but he's definitely someone we should keep an eye on.
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    I’m due to get my kidney transplant tomorrow. Me and my auld man checked into the hozzy today. had one op cancelled at the end of September due to a fuck up over booking surgeons, which was a bit of a bastard as I had given notice at work. Luckily work let me rescind and I finished up last Friday. had a bit of a rough week last week, as they found some blood in my urine in last set of tests, which resulted in an unwarranted finger in the hole, along with canes down the bellend, though thankfully it was nothing to prevent surgery going ahead. 3 months of sitting on my arse watching the unbearables beckons, just a dodgy next 48 hours to get out the way first, hopefully the morphine is up to scratch and will settle with the spiritualised / L’Épée soundtrack I have planned.
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