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    I'd rather he proved himself at Southampton or Leicester first.
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    (Scene: Brendan Rodgers' house. Brendan sitting at computer.) Email: To Ian Ayre Subject: I'm back in the big time. Google search: "Marco Silva salary"
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    I normally sit in the corner cringing like fuck but I handed my resignation in yesterday so had a wee chuckle to myself knowing that I'll only have to listen to it for another month.
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    Our daughter was born in October 2017, she is amazing, though a total whirlwind. I also received the gift of Type 1 diabetes in 2017, so I've ended up with barely any posting time mate. If ever a shit joke needs posting though, I'll be here.
  9. 10 points
    Our nextdoor neighbours always fight and we hear them if we open the cupboard under the stairs and listen intently, which we do. The other week he told her to get out of bed and clean the house or he would stab her. She turned to me and says "I'm so lucky you know?" Keeping that bar nice and low.
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    I played Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition and ended up spinning bird kicking myself in the bollocks. You can't be too careful.
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    This is what a title winning side does, draws the big games away and powers through at home. I'm looking at our fixtures and we can get 27 points out of 27. The only two hard ones are at home and the crowd will be immense for those games because it has to be. I still think we're on here. City will drop at least 2 points somewhere. Get behind the lads 100% and lets see what happens. Fuck being negative.
  17. 9 points
    Fuck this these are shite, their home form is awful they've lost 4 out of the last 6 at home and their only 2 wins in 2019 are against Huddersfield and cardiff. Not arsed it's a derby there's no excuse for not twatting this lot. Make it as toxic as they like they're still shit.
  18. 9 points
    Just a word for Sadio. He never seems to get the love that Mo & Bobby do and he can be massively frustrating with his movement & passing , but goals-wise he has basically kept us ahead in the title race on his own over the past 6 weeks or so.
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    My missus unexpectedly went into labour during a party. Three weeks early. I was seriously pished at the time. I still remember the mother-in-law wartching at the window, tears in her eyes - as her daughter drove herself to hospital in labour pains, with me lolling about in the passenger seat grinning and trying but failing to stick the seatbelt in something. It went from bad to worse as I wore a bedpan as a stetson - in my drunken state I thought the humour might lessen the pains of labour (<sigh> - i know). Then I used up all the gas & air. We don't speak much about that day to be honest. Not footy related but |I thought I'd share anyway.
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    The last time I didn’t watch this fixture live, we beat them easily in 2014. As a gift to you all, I’ll take the same approach on Sunday.