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    I mean, where the fuck do you go with that? How Louis Theroux hasn't made a show about this fanbase yet I'll never know. "I asked Barbara to show me the proof that Everton were being victimised by UEFA and she showed me a picture from 2015 of Paul Robinson from neighbours wearing red socks. I explained to her that Stefan Dennis was just an actor and didn't work for European football's governing body, but that only seemed to make her more agitated and soon after, she asked me to leave her flat."
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    In my long distant youth there was always a more or less friendly rivalry between the clubs and when I first started attending matches the main taunt that they had was that we were second division while they were still in the first division. Of course then along came Bill and we were back to competing on even terms and regularly beating them. The 5 - 0 stands out in my memory. The last decade or so the shithousery has started becoming more of a part of both the team and their support. After Prickford and Richarlisons assaults last season I really started to detest them. I have started hoping they'd go down some months ago but after Sunday my contempt knows no bounds. I'm generally a fairly affably character (unless people post photos without captions) but complaining about Gordon wanting a penalty after clearly cutting in front of Joel and standing on his foot and that pinhead cunt Richarlisons assaulting Hendo (he clearly waits, takes aim and lays the studs in, a premeditated attempt at crippling our captain, cast iron red, should have been at least a 5 match ban) my bile has been riled and my piss well and truly boiled. I hope Richarlison does major damage to his knees/ankles/anything diving this weekend, something that puts the cunt out of action for months. This would have the triple advantage of keeping him out of the team, making him unsaleable over summer and being a black hole in their finances for next season. He's supposedly the target for many teams but really is only suited to Atleticos style of shithousery. I hope that fat Tory cunt has a contract that would break them if they try to sack him giving him the opportunity to go for quadruple - 4 consecutive relegations, and getting beaten at home to Tranmere in the last game of the season in the second division sending them to the Conference. Although I relish the 3 points and cementing them in the relegation zone, I don't think I've ever been this pissed off 36 hours after a win. Rant over, as you were chaps.
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    I used to think that and i used to be of view them going down was bad for the city too. But now - fuck them. I want them gone for all the vile shite so much of their support peddle about us - they way they behave towards us now at derbies and generally.....for shite like this... And so much more similar shite. For their buffets, bevvies and sing songs with the fucking mancs. For singing 'always the victim' when everyone knows what that song has been used for. For blaming us for all their woes. For way they use the tragic deaths of 39 football fans as a weapon against us. Is it all of them - of course not, but it is now such a sizeable chunk, especially of the younger generation - and frankly i've seen a big shift even with older what i thought were reasonable blues (they have become so twisted) that i can't ignore it/see it as banter anymore - it has long, long passed that point. It is ugly now and it is getting worse. Fuck them - get them flushed and i hope they never return.
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    Imagine how excited Blueshite, Mancs, Chelsea and all the other assorted bitter shitbags were at half time. Imagine how sad they are now. UP THE PISS-TAKING, PISS-BOILING REDS!!!
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    On we plod, towards the inevitable. A recurring dream: the narrow Liverpool victory, the pointless expectation of a City lapse that lasts barely 10 minutes. A nightmare continually fuelled by the three cruellest words in football; you never know… Newcastle was strangely a more convincing win than Everton, yet they still have to put you through it. Such a creative team just can’t seem to put anyone away early these days, but the games come thick and fast and it’s a wonder they’re still standing, never mind winning. As with Houllier’s treble bid, you can see Klopp beginning to persevere with key players and hope they can last out a while longer. There’s always been a fear that rotation would do for us eventually, but it hasn’t happened yet. You’ve seen certain names in the side and assumed the manager’s taking the opposition for granted. Gomez, Milner, even Keita. It must have been gratifying to see those players competing for man of the match. The main doubt over Naby has always been fitness, and I still can’t believe the usual bone-crumble isn’t due soon, but he was brilliant on Saturday. Milner looked ragged against Benfica but towered above everyone else at St James Park. The man’s a force of nature. Of course, his tackle had the usual conspiracists frothing on social media. The worse they get, the funnier too. I still can’t help being alarmed by the number of chances to settle the nerves we needlessly squandered. That must scream of my usual pessimistic doom-mongery. It’s important to point out that this isn’t based on the reds, certainly not these reds, but football’s caprices and its eternal vow to annihilate us all. The key moments are scars that still seep. Sanchez, Thomas, Pardew, Cantona, Demba Ba, Bale/Karius. Not that many in the scheme of things, but there are other pinpricks that still itch. Thank God all of our nemesises (nemesisi?) are footballers, and not referees. Imagine how bleak that existence would be. Actually, we don’t have to imagine it. We just have to listen to family, friends, and workmates in our own city. It’s been a week of incessant Blue complaint, with another letter sent – written in blood, perhaps, or one of those newspaper & paste efforts that kidnappers send. This isn’t Point Of View, dickheads. Why oh why oh why oh why… Discussion is futile with anybody who begins with Anthony Gordon doesn’t dive, or it was a blatant penalty or there is a referee/VAR conspiracy to hand Liverpool every trophy and relegate Everton for a succulent bonus. You don’t argue with the madman on the bus who says he’s Napoleon. “You look good for 450” “How’s Josephine?” “Where’s your funny hat?” – you just go “riiiiight” and move. No argument back means they believe there isn’t one, and the insanity becomes entrenched. “Stop being a gimp” stopped working a long time ago, if it ever did. Enough about them. We are on the verge of avenging their failed, lonely Champions League campaign for them, but would they be grateful? Would they fuck. We focussed too much on Emery’s extraordinary European record, but in truth they did little to hurt us. Again, Liverpool could have done more to ease the tension, but I think they get a kick out of torturing us. We’d have been far happier if the away goals rule still applied, with the home clean sheet fortifying the two we scored. We’ll be straight into it after Newcastle, and the big fear is the possibility of one calamitous, tired night when everything that can go wrong does. These players have been giants - but big enough to circumnavigate exhaustion and fate? We shall see. Villarreal will come out of their shell at home, they must, and that should suit us down to the ground. Saturday’s finishing is the only thing that makes you pause for thought. No matter what happens for the rest of May, we luxuriate in the knowledge Jurgen is hanging around for a while longer than expected. That’s great, obviously, although a tiny sentimental part of me would have preferred him leaving on his own terms in a blaze of glory. He still might, of course, and his wish to embed a boot room mindset deep into the core of modern Liverpool has to be welcomed, given what’s happened to United after neither of their titans were replaced properly. There won’t be another season like this one, of that I’m (almost) certain. It’s incredible how the signing of Diaz completely altered the landscape. It’s like we went from wonderful team/questionable depth to best squad on the planet with just one (admittedly excellent) player. The fervent, realistic hope of more excellent recruits to come can give us all a semblance of calm for our current trophy hunt. Yes, even me. This isn’t an all or nothing season. It’s only the latest chapter. Steve Kelly @stekelly198586 View full article
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    Seems the FA are going to investigate Richarlison chucking a lit flare into the crowd. I hope the cunt gets a massive ban. This, though, from the club: A club spokesperson also added that they will be investigating the matter. They said: 'We will look into the matter but, as far we we are concerned, Richarlison was attempting to throw it out of the ground.'
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    I was sat right next to them in the lower main yesterday and they were all at it with the wall pushing. They were singing a chant about Curtis Jones’s sister being a slag as well. When we scored the first, Jones shot off the bench and skipped down the line as if to start warming up and just laughed at them all the way down to the corner flag. They were all fuming it was fucking boss!
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    Thiago completed more passes than the entire Everton team. 120-94. Honestly they’re a fucking disgrace; I said it earlier in the thread but it really bears repeating: nothing about them is likeable whatsoever, and why the pundits are spinning this fucking yarn that poor Everton have been hard done by is beyond me. They weren’t, and for 90 minutes (but the first 45 in particular) they were absolutely horrific - offering nothing except rancid shithousery. Atletico did it against City earlier this month (and at least they almost had something to show for it in that game and have something to show for it over the last few years) and BT Sport almost had a collective coronary. Fat Frank and his team of scrotes do it though and it’s all plucky underdogs - rather than a side which has broken rules to burn their way through half a billion quid in the last few years. They’re all bad, but Richarlison and Gordon might be two of the worst footballers I’ve ever seen. Gordon just charges around a lot to get the “look at how much he cares” vote, and hits the deck to win set pieces. He’s shit - the only danger he causes is if he gets into space and you need to make a challenge you risk a set piece or worse. But look what happened when he needed to do some actual footballing: a weak shot dragged well past the post and a cross which ended up near row T close to the corner flag. Richarlison is a hopeless case though. He’s generally a nothing footballer but he’s cottoned onto how to steal a living at Everton - just be a massive shithouse, hate the redshite and kick out at people to be a faux hard case. Their hoardes love him for it though and he just trousers a wage every week for fuck all. The Championship is too good for them, I quite frankly want them fucking out of business.
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    He's taken same money but got his staff a raise. What a guy.
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    A fellow blue replied to Josh’s vile (and now deleted, as is his whole account) Charlie Austin tweet to tell him off for his “kopite behaviour.” Nope. It’s not kopite behaviour. It’s angry, aggressive, scummy Everton behaviour. Own it. Stop trying to give the impression that Evertonians are superior to us and all other fan bases. We go the game. We’re mysterious and being an Evertonian is a totally different, more special experience than supporting any other club is. But, I’m not going to tell you why as you’re not clued up enough to get it. Get to fuck with your invented and entirely unwarranted sense of self importance and superiority. A sizeable proportion of your fan base are deluded, aggressive, nasty shit chatting pricks and it’s boss that everyone else is getting on to what us Reds have known for yonks.
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    They should go for a Marvel-style anti-hero overkill. Recruit Woy, Sam, Dyche, Mark Hughes and Pulis. The Tight Five. It would be great. For their 'reveal' video, they could show them being tracked down and enlisted one-by-one: Woy slumped in his study staring at his watch collection after relegating Watford, Sam puffing on a cigar in a night club in Ibiza, Dyche scavanging for worms on a rainy night in a farmer's field in Dunstable, Hughes huddled deep in his cave with a shotgun and a sheep, and Pulis selling ice-cream from a battered-looking van down a side-street in Oswestry. They could then be filmed (cue rousing music) striding side-by-side down Sir Matt Busby Way, all dressed in the same shiny suits, nodding at each other as Sam shouts: 'Let's DO this!'
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    Thanks to JB for stepping in on this. It's my mum's funeral tomorrow so got lots of last minute running around to do and after doing the pod I was pushed for time and John kindly offered to help. Some random thoughts: Trent's defending in one v situations was outstanding. Again. It's just lazy to trot out the daft "great going forward but poor defensively" shite. There aren't many better defensively and there are none better offensively. Robbo was sensational. Pogba couldn't get off that pitch quick enough after we scored. Last time he got himself sent off so he didn't have to deal with us, this time he just feigned injury. I wish he'd stayed on because in a game like this when you need to work, run and show some pride, Jesse Lingard is a much better player than that absolute fraud. The applause and YNWA for Ronaldo was pretty much the entire stadium. The away end will have HATED that. They behaved the way I expected. Vile. Sadio at centre forward has been a revelation. I read that he's just matched the career goal tally of Giggs despite playing about a thousand less games. Sadio is great and Giggs may well be the most over-rated player in history not named Scholes. Thiago. Fucking hell. Thiago. Unbelievable again. He was so good that at one point Robbo just stopped playing and was applauding like the crowd were. Diaz has had such a massive impact and not just with what he himself has done. Everyone else has had a lift with him coming in. Thanks Spurs, because if you hadn't gone in for him we'd have waited until the summer. Hendo was brilliant. I knew he would be.
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    There are few finer sights in football than Pickford diving into his own net, little arms flailing vainly as an Origi header sails past him into the goal.
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    He sent this to my mum and my step-dad when she got married a few weeks before she passed away (she didn't have a clue who he was and assumed he was one of my mates, her fella was delighted though). He's a class act on and off the pitch. The absolute epitome of the work Klopp demands from this side. IMG_8513.MP4
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