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    My own wonderful mum passed away three days after Jurgen's. I'd happily walk in front of a train right now. I'm done. I have no idea how he's functioned this past month but there's no way he should be left to manage as normal. The club needs to give him exceptional support, someone else needs to do the media duties, and the players need to show their support really publicly - not because it will help him, it won't, but because they owe him.
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    At the age of 35, and having suffered from ulcerative colitis for 15 years, I've been told I've reached the end of the road with medical treatment. I've had a rough two years of trying different new medicines but ultimately none of them have worked, leading me to have many courses of steroids and to being hospitalised. Over the last 6 months I've been in discussion with my incredible healthcare team and we've decided that the best option is for me to have surgery. So, current pressures permitting, at some point in the next 2-4 months I'll be having my entire large intestine removed. This is effectively a cure for my condition but it's pretty scary (albeit fairly routine). The hope is that in a year's time my overall health will have improved but, more importantly, my long term way of life will be better, life expectancy longer and the significant risk of bowel cancer will be pretty much removed. They'll be rebuilding my insides so that I don't need an external stoma bag but if I don't take to it then it can be reversed to give me the stoma. Hopefully the new insides will work!
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    If the crowds were allowed he'd feel the love...and some. I didn't really wanna post my personal stuff on here, but I lost my dad over Christmas. The greatest man I have ever known (This thread has some info about him). I don't profess to know what Jurgen is going through - but I know it must be hard. God bless him and give him strength, whatever he decides.
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    Really sad news. Perhaps the BBC and other outlets that were promulgating the use of terms like 'cracking up' in relation to him should have a look at themselves, particularly when we are meant to be more aware of mental health within our society.
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    Fresh off of a fine Champions League away win against the evergreen Kevin Campbell’s current club, we now return to Anfield where, a generation and less flamboyant haircut ago, he became the last Everton player to score the winning goal for his team. While it’s fair to say that our league form has been dire with three defeats on the bounce, Everton also go into the derby on shaky ground, having lost two in a row after tomorrow's meek surrender to Manchester City.
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    We really have some utter shite following us.
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    I don't think we need to be sharing Katie Hopkins videos on here or anywhere else.
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    Excuse the long Everton-style post, I've been mulling on this for a while and I'm bored at work so thought I'd write it down. I don't think there's an agenda out to get us or anything, I don't know what's going on, but I'm pretty sure we're getting shafted, absolutely shafted, on marginal decisions. You know, the fairly soft "seen them given", "even themselves out over the season" type shouts? I've had a look back through our games at all of the decisions that have both gone for us and against us - I've tried to be as objective as possible, but even doing so I reckon we're about 12 decisions down (we've had 17 go against us and 5 go for us). I'd expect any team to be about even, possibly even a couple up or down, maybe even half a dozen up or down if they're having a good or bad year with it - but to have 12 more calls go against you than for you? It's like flipping a coin 22 times and it lands on heads 17 times, you'd feel pretty pissed off. Here's my working - some might disagree with some and that's fine (I've ignored things like the Salah offside at Brighton for example), and I should stress again that I really don't think all of these should have gone our way. I just think that we should realistically expect a few more of them to have gone for us. Leeds (H) – we get a fairly contentious handball penalty at 0-0. The other penalty was a stonewaller. We’re 1-0 on marginal decisions. Chelsea (A) – the Christensen sending off was a stonewaller. The penalty they got was debatable in my book, but I’ll be magnanimous and say it was reasonably clear. 1-0 on marginal decisions. Arsenal (H) – there’s a slight shout for handball on Jota’s third (it wasn’t decisive). Again I’ll be magnanimous and say we got the benefit of a marginal decision. 2-0 on marginal decisions. Aston Villa (A) – there’s a pretty strong shout for a penalty on Mo at 1-0, not given. 2-1. Everton (A) – right well fuck me, there’s the assault on van Dijk and a complete non-award of a penalty, let’s call that one bad decision, followed by the ludicrous offside shout at the death. 2-3. Sheffield United (H) – a very marginal penalty shout given against us. 2-4. West Ham (H) – we get a pretty soft penalty. 3-4. Manchester City (A) – they get a penalty of the type I haven’t seen given since. 3-5. Brighton (A) – they get a penalty when the VAR tit decides to stick his beak in at the death. 3-6. Fulham (A) – there’s a pretty clear shove on Mo in the buildup to their goal, the definition of marginal. It isn’t given. Don't think our penalty was remotely contentious. 3-7. Tottenham (H) – there’s a pretty marginal offside shout on Son’s goal and they don’t even draw the fucking lines. 3-8. West Brom (H) – their player has his arms all over Fabinho’s face as he climbs, less of a fuss than for their goal against the mancs that got Maguire all upset. 3-9. Newcastle (A) – Darlow grabs Mane’s legs as he’s stood in front of an empty net to stop him reaching a loose ball. 3-10. Southampton (A) – there’s the Stephens handball, the Walker-Peters tackle on Mane and the Walcott assault on Milner. Three marginal calls, all go against us. 3-13. Burnley (H) – I’ll merge these: that a foul on Mane after he’d got a shot off target away wasn’t given as a penalty, but then a foul on Barnes after he’d got a shot off target away was. 3-14. Tottenham (A) – a goal ruled out for them for a tight offside, and a goal ruled out for us on a ridiculous handball mockery. 4-15. Manchester City (H) – I’ll be charitable and say it wasn’t really contentious to not send off Dias, and the contact for the penalty was a bit soft, so call it 5-15. Leicester (A) – offside lines drawn with crayons to overrule the on-pitch decision for the equaliser, and a clear foul on Mane in the buildup to their second. 5-17.
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    Bobby's definitely on the wane but it wouldn't hurt to have a little respect when pointing this out. This player has been instrumental in our recent success and whilst no player is above criticism, a couple of the comments on here are way out of line.
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    Was great to hear Coleman speak about Liverpool and Klopp with respect and a constructive opinion rather than the shite uttered by the likes of Keane trying to garner cheap headlines .
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    It takes some time, but it does get a little easier, and I’ve learned to allow myself all the time I need to come to terms with it. I don’t wallow in it, but self permission to express the loss, is paramount. I feel for you - be tenacious of spirit. That little photo up there under my user name is Five Lamps Waterloo. That picture keeps me close to my Mum and Dad. It’s one way I deal with things. Just opposite there is Bramhall Road, where they set up their first flat together, newly married, their world in front of them. 1954. My Dad stood on the Kop in between voyages as a merchant seaman. I drive a 1990 Toyota Corona Sedan. Red. It’s 30 yrs old. It was my Dad’s car, from new. I drive it because I can put my hands on the wheel just like he did for 24 yrs. It brings me closer to him. These are the things that keep me going. We need to support Jurgen now more than ever before, as well as the team, even while we feel our own pain. YNWA
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    Thats me done fellas. Nothing against Jurgen or the boys and the things we have dealt with. No, VAR is the most fucking sinister thing I've ever seen and we are royally being targeted, absolutely no question after that today. They couldn't wait to give a pen, couldn't and then decided to fuck us over on the next play. I am done. This is not the game i grew up with. It has nothing to do with out form. Its everything about the game. Fuck it all.
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    I went for a Covid test this morning. (Just the lateral flow test for people with no symptoms.) They gave me a swab and told me what to do: rub it for 10 seconds on each tonsil (fighting the gag reflex) then rub it for 5 seconds about 2.5 cm up your nose (fighting the sneeze reflex). I was a brave little soldier and I proudly handed my swab over (hoping they might give me a lollipop or a sticker) only for them to say "you used the wrong end. Do it again, but this time don't shove the handle up your nose."
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    I’m no conspiracy theorist, but the gulf in our treatment from officials in domestic and European fixtures is fucking staggering.
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    There will still be many people who are either extremely clinically vulnerable or clinically vulnerable, yet to be fully vaccinated. My father isn’t in the most at risk category but spent 6 weeks in ICU, then two weeks in a high dependency ward, is still in hospital and is unable to sit or stand unaided. He’s making good progress but isn’t out of the woods just yet. Covid-19 knocked him for six, causing him to have a heart attack and develop sepsis and blood clots.
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    I don't think older fans appreciate what Klopp means to those of us that have only ever known false dawns before he showed up. All my life I've only known the Liverpool that flatters to deceive, the team that is one puzzle piece away from the finished article, the team that only performs when the pressure is off. I grew up watching the relentless Utd machine that never said die win everything in sight while our lot shit the bed every time they were in with a shout for the title. And then we got Jurgen, I'm still shaking off the PTSD from the preceding 25 seasons but it feels good being able to believe that we're in with a chance to win the league so long as he stays, which much to the disappointment of the bloos is probably going to be for a couple more seasons.
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    Really shaken by all this. If you can't trust rumours on WhatsApp and Twitter, who can you trust?
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    When you walk through a storm Hold your head up high And don't be afraid of the dark At the end of a storm There's a golden sky And the sweet silver song of a lark Walk on through the wind Walk on through the rain Though your dreams be tossed and blown Walk on, walk on With hope in your heart And you'll never walk alone You'll never walk alone Walk on, walk on With hope in your heart And you'll never walk alone You'll never walk alone
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    It is also absolute bollocks to say people only come on here when we lose to blame FSG. People have been calling out FSG for years, but had the argument just won the CL, spent no money won the League, you can't slag them off. Then wait until summer, wait until the end of the window, wait until next summer. This injury crisis, with players being burnt out, having been run into the ground, has been coming for a while, but anyone predicting has been called out, now it is happening the same people are being called out for having a go now it is going bad. If we win in mid week and then I come on here, I will get pulled for slagging FSG when we have just won. So when exactly are you allowed to call out the owners ?
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    Imagine having all that going on, the sadness, grieving, being away from family etc and then having to deal with Geoff Fucking Shreeves live on TV.
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    The main benefit is to bring colour to this thread with whimsical anecdotes! I'm married, in fact we had 3 parties for it; 2 in Ukraine, 1 here. The 2 in Ukraine were brilliant, bringing together our 2 families and friends in a scenario that wouldn't have otherwise happened. Both cost £500-600 for venue, photography, all food and drink plus the ceremony in the first one. I think wedding presents easily turned both into profits actually - though this wasn't due to deliberate mingebaggery on my part. The one in the UK was also great, cost £2.5k for venue, food and some booze but not all and even a bouncy castle (was meant for kids but almost none turned up). Did well to keep the budget that low with a lot of help from friends with food, decorations, DJing and photography. This time I wasn't quite in profit but the wedding presents paid for our honeymoon. We had 3 belting parties and a honeymoon for negligible profit/loss, it meant my then girlfriend could come and live with me here but most importantly we devoted ourselves to one another. When I was younger, I didn't really see the point in weddings until I went to several of my friends ones and had a great time. I guess it could bite me in the arse in the future if we separated and she took half or whatever, but we have 2 kids now so they would need support anyway. Each to their own, I can see why it seems unappealing to some but it's one of the best things I ever did.