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    So what you're basically saying is they are f**ked? (Hi all by the way. Been lurking for years but recently bought a half season ticket).
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    Sorry, can't let that slide without a rebuttal. Not having a go, but I've seen this view spouted by pundits and lower league bods a few times, and in my opinion it's mistaking correlation for causation. The decline of the FA Cup has coincided with an increase in foreign influence - players, coaches and owners - in the English game, but the root causes lie elsewhere. The main spoils of the English game used to be the league title and the FA Cup, with a brief jaunt into European knockout competition as a luxury afforded to a select few. The money and prestige from the FA Cup was therefore prominent. As English sides started winning European Cups regularly, I'd argue the FA Cup had already begun the first stages of its slow demotion - as a greater prize was now achievable - and this would only really be abated in the period post-Heysel where it regained top two billing. However, the Premier League era, with the massive inflation in broadcast revenue turned domestic cup participation into something that needed to be weighed against survival in the league, hence clubs sitting towards the bottom of the table starting to risk fielding weaker teams. They'd be stocked with English players, English managers, but still facing a dilemma that no attachment to a sense of whimsical magic could alleviate. The money in the league meant regaining your place at the top table would become even harder than it had ever been. Get off the gravy train, and you may never get back on. Alongside this shift, came the expanded Champions League format, which offered both a greater workload, and a huge monetary incentive to the sides towards the top of the league. As such, they too would start fielding weaker teams as a calculated risk. The best players wanted a CL side, those sides had the best chance of winning the league, so things like mid-week replays in domestic competitions were pushed down the list of priorities. Most football clubs either planning or worried about the future are always looking upwards or downwards, and domestic cups became more of a lateral concern, a bonus for those who get near the latter rounds. This squeezing from top and bottom is what lead to the idea that only plucky mid-table - salt of the earth, English managers etc. - sides take it seriously; they do so because they don't face the potential to lose their position, either financially, or the players associated with their status. I'd argue there was a resurgence of a golden period for the FA Cup during the PL era, when English sides were shite in Europe. But, as one competition gains prominence and its prize attainability, the other inevitably slides into the background. Lower league sides, where the potential to go one round further, and maybe draw a big club, put in the effort because they don't get regular television or gate revenue of that magnitude, or the associated cache of playing a big side weekly, so it becomes important to them. It's a day in front of the cameras, their Rocky moment, and a free hit. This has been rebranded as "the magic of the cup", but in reality it's little more than the British obsession with the plucky underdog story. For the record, I'd love us to win the FA Cup, as I still want it to be a showcase event for the best of domestic football. I know, however, that it's now a faded star - the silent actress trying to feign relevance in the talky era - ignored by top directors and desperate to claim top billing again. If the FA want it to be what it once was, they need to consider the steps necessary to make it appealing to the best sides; it may sound arrogant and elitist, but in every sport it's the participation of the best that make a competition relevant. And, whilst we've got the two best coaches in world football in our league, I'd take their comments seriously rather than intimating they simply don't understand its magic. Apologies for the long post.
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    This bullshit should stop. On all sides. It’s the worst side of humanity. THEY didn’t. Some twats did. let’s hold the knobheads who behave badly to account, find our own and hold them to it as well. all this ‘yeah but you lot...’ stuff is ridiculous. i know man united fans and I’m pretty certain they’ve never killed anyone, not chucked flares at anyone’s house, etc. i know fans from lots of teams, and I can say the same with confidence for pretty much all of them. twitter and other social media is shit. It’s done this.
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    Second game this week I've watched from my hospital bed, despite two sloppy performances by our standards some strong and great drugs have kept me amazingly calm. (TBf I can't really remember much from the WH game apart from we were better than WH by far and never really had to leave 2nd gear. Southampton gave us a good game today but we kind of blew them away in the second half. How that wasn't a pen on Bobby is beyond me, so much for LiVARpool eh. Mane injured, Ox just slips in to the team and scores as well. Mo, Bobby, Gomez, Ox, Allison and Henderson were massive this week, Henderson has been massive since the start of December as well. Not into watching football on a mobile phone like, 2Gb a game gone and my fucking eyes feel like I've poured sand into them. Ah well, have some dinner then a power nap. 6 days without a tab so far, although I know I#ll have one tomorrow when I can actually get out of the ward, for a walk of course. We march on, enjoy it lads and lassies.
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    New statue of Bob (and Emlyn I guess) unveiled at Anfield today....Have to say think it looks pretty boss
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    He's right though, I wish we had conceded the same as wolves ... sorry, they've conceded 16 more than us. What about Man City they must have conceded less, oh no it's 13 more than us. Leicester then, they've had loads of clean sheets but it seems like they've conceded 11 more than us. Sheffield United 9 more, Man United 15 more and Chelsea/Tottenham 18 more. Okay, it would be nice if we had conceded the least amount of goals in the league. Hang on, we have with only 14 goals this season. I think what I'm trying to say is that Charlie Nicholas is a bellend and whilst there is always a chance of wolves scoring, there is a better chance of us scoring due to a better defence and a better attack.
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    Just finished watching the highlights of the United game.
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    Imagine that 20 years from now we hire Origi as manager in a moment of desperation, despite him never having any real success as a manager, and then when he was terrible we were all fine with it because of the memory of that Everton goal?
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    The Mountain cafe. Aviemore. Scotland. Probably the most expensive breakfast I’ve ever had apart from one I had in Byron Bay. Everything was cooked to perfection. Some may have wanted the fat on the bacon to have been a little crisper but I’m not fussy with that. I’m not normally a fan of beef sausages but these were very, very tasty. The black pudding was an absolute show stopper. It’s Grants of Speyside, and for me is as good and possibly even better than Stornaway which is consistently a people’s favourite. I’ve taken to bagging some up for myself from a butchers the last couple of times I’ve been to Scotland. The beans were tasty, well cooked and the sauce nicely thickened, as everyone knows they’re a staple part of any good all day breakfast. The hash brown was tasty, probably even more tasty because I know somewhere on planet earth Remmie will have sensed that hash brown on my plate and a little part of him will have died, for me Clive, you can’t put a price on that. The toast (not pictured) was a single solitary slice of something like a Hovis seed sensation. It was probably just shown a toaster and that was it, Lifey would have been fuming, I’d have liked another slice and for it to be a bit more than warm bread but once again I’m not overly arsed. Tea not included £1.90 Service was great, the girl serving (not pictured) had a very pert, round bottom, extra point for that. The ambiance of the place was great and the views on a good day over to the Cairngorm mountains are worth an extra couple of quid on the price. All in all all I give it 8.9 bitches out of 10. Expensive but great location and real good quality food.
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    For anyone who missed Statman Gaz on 606, prepare to cry laughing....
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    Our best signing of all of course is Jurgen himself.
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    W: Watch this, this is my favourite part. van Dijk is just about to try a volley on the edge of the box, and everyone thinks it's going wide. JP: .... W: Wait for it, wait for it
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    This is a good summary of the whole affair. https://www.independent.ie/opinion/analysis/the-battle-for-the-rock-of-gibraltar-26717914.html
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    "I bumped into Shaun before the game and noticed he'd made the effort to trim his little ginger goatee, I think this shows how far my team has progressed"
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    When God was giving out proportional arms, Pickford was in the queue for egos.