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    They don't seem to do as well when the opposition gets to take as many penalties as they do.
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    Ha ha, just realised, my lad is now in the youth set up of a Prem team!
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    This season was absolutely terrible until those cunts got that game called off. We've been perfect since and they've gone to pieces. You love to see it.
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    Took the boys to the beach today with the missus and her mate and kids. Playing water balls with the kids and the family next to us on the beach turn around and said “it’s lovely to see Grandad playing with them”. Fucking cunts.
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    They are there to stop penalties going in and to be fair to De Gea, he stopped one going in.
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    You have five years left of having a mum, make the best of it. Move to New Zealand in 2019.
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    “So, Raheem, how you uh, how you comin' on with that Champion’s League Winner medal you're working on? Huh? Gotta a, uh, little gold disc there? Gotta, gotta nice little gold winner disc you're working on there? Your Champions League Winner medal you've been working on for six years? Huh? Gotta, gotta winning run? Yeah? Gotta obstacle that you overcame? Huh? Little story brewing there? Working on, working on that for quite some time? Huh? Yeah, talking about that six years ago. Been working on that the whole time? Nice little narrative? Beginning, middle, and end? Some losses become draws, some draws become wins? At the end you’re a winner and financially richer from the experience? Yeah? Yeah? No, no, you keep fucking it up.”
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    Came home the other day to the news that the light bulb in the bathroom had gone and the fixing was broken and couldn't be removed. I simply unscrewed the light bulb. She had been trying to pull the fixing out of the ceiling it seemed. She immediately orders 4 lightbulbs off amazon which duly arrive with the wrong fitting, these are the skinny screw in ones instead of the standard. Rather than send them back, we're keeping them in case we need them despite there not being a single fixture in the house which accepts this kind of light bulb. She complains she's not a bulb expert, I explain that neither am I but I would've simply looked at the bulb I took out and bought the same one. It's obviously been thrown out She goes to the asda the next day and buys a bulb with the correct fitting, puts it in and everything. I assume it has about 2 lumins because it's so weak that I felt like I was showering in a cave last night. Her response: "It's not the brightest but it'll be OK during the day." Yes, of course. The day time when one traditionally needs to use a light bulb.
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    Managed to call him a despicable lying cunt before he hung up.
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    My grandson, in his new Allison kit, 'getting us'.
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    Another day, another brekkie. Been at a wedding at a place in Coventry, but the name escapes me. Coombes Hall maybe. Food has been immense all the way through, so was expecting big things from the breakfast and I wasn’t disappointed. Solid solid 8. Youll notice I’ve dropped some cleavage in the background there, as well as Mrs Bela’s breakfast which doesn’t contain beans, all in the quest for approval like a dirty little rep whore. I’m not sorry
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    Me and Alexa in the garden playing songs for bad blues next door, last three Leaving on a jet plane, Please don’t go and If you leave.
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    Where’s the vid of the fat lad eating his breakfast in a VW camper van in a diner in batley? anyway, just pretend I’m replying to that... went this morning with my missus and my little girl and, in the fat lad’s words, “it were lovely, that” one significant issue is that on all three of ours (they both had pancakes with bacon and syrup, I had the skillet hash thing fatty had, with added sausages) they barely cooked the bacon. wasn’t such as issue for me cause there was plenty of stuff for it to hide behind and thankfully there was chopped up crispy bacon in the mix of potatoes and cheese anyway, but seriously I was sad for those two. my eggs looked like they still were a bit jelly on the top at first glance, but they weren’t. Very good eggs in the end, though I wish I’d asked for over easy as they’d have looked better on arrival of I did. if they’d have cooked the bacon properly, would’ve got a 8/10, but can only give it 5 cause it was so far away from being sufficiently cooked, and you can’t get away with that at all with streaky bacon. Place was great though. Could easily be tacky and shit, but absolutely wasn’t. Would go again, but will be sure next time to ask specifically for any meat to be cooked.
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    The Class and dignity shown by this lady over the years has been humbling. She deserves so much better.
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    Cheers gents, in Whiston now, the clot in the main vein has gone she has some thrombosis and phlebitis in the smaller veins, seems on the mend. Some blood thinners should see her right.
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    To be fair they’ve had some titanic battles down the years
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    Ancelotti not so long ago declared if there was anyone at the club that didn't want to be there then they should go. At least he's a man of action and not words.
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    Genuinely disappointed for the couple of decent City fans I know. But, them aside (and even with it being Chelsea), I'm chuffed they lost. The sportswashing stuff. The desperate attempts to artificially create a rivalry with us. The acting like a couple of bottles hitting a bus was like the Battle of Omdurman. "Pep" and his selective championing of human rights. Their whole victimhood when it comes to all things UEFA, despite them bring serial cheats. And, mostly, that song on the plane. I can understand fans singing it about a team they're desperate to manufacture a rivalry with. But, players singing mocking songs about a fellow professional getting injured and supporters getting beat up? Nah. Classless cunts. Six fucking nil, you financially doped Wigan Athletic shitehawks.
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    Great games and achievements have gone before and come since, but this is still the pinnacle for me, not just in terms of the manner in which it was achieved, but the gap between us and our opponent, I'd argue we were not a "great" side then, we had no business doing what we did, but we did, pure Liverpool FC - gets your hopes up, lets you down, then at the last minute reminds you why you love it again. Gladiators, I salute you. And Rafa, I will always love you too.
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    We could basically replicate what Neves would offer us if we just ask Thiago to stop running and pressing.