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    If nothing else, it’s impressive that he’s still finding new excuses to miss international friendlies.
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    Just heard from my lad. Both him and his partner are much better today, still a bit breathless if they try to do too much, but better and improving all the time.Sent My Grandson seems to have flown right through it after the initial panic. He has hurdle after hurdle in front of him but he just carries on doing things they say he would have difficulty doing. A real little fighter. This being a huge relief is an understatement. Thank you all for your concern and best wishes. As I said in an earlier post, it was very much appreciated. This place and the people in it are just brilliant.
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    My mother has more lives than a cat, she had a brain haemorrhage in her early 30's and spent 9 months in a hospice before defying all expectations and medical prognosis and leaving that place. Anyway, some 40 years later, during the worst health crisis since the Black Death she's only gone a found various other ways to get herself readmitted to hospital. The first time she was in overnight but this time she's now been in for 4 weeks. I took a call from one of the hospital staff about an hour ago to tell me that me ma has now tested positive for covid. This is on top of the pneumonia and COPD, a CDIF bowel infection (caused by hospital surgeons when they botched my ma's gall bladder operation 18 months ago), extreme weight loss and dehydration and the hallucinations and delirium which go along with that. We aren't allowed to visit, we cannot speak to my ma, we are completely in the dark. To be honest, we're in need of a miracle if my ma is to beat this one.
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    Just found out that my dad has tested positive. His wife works in a care home and is positive as well. A nervous couple of weeks ahead as my dad is one of the vulnerable people who need to shield due to pre-existing conditions (he has to wear an oxygen mask at night to sleep due to issues with his diaphragm).
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    I'd love see the heart rates of all these blues who hear YNWA at family weddings. It is almost like a form of HIIT for them. 10 minutes drinking and snorting coke in the bogs. 1 minute of flying into a rage hearing the opening lines. 5 second sprint across the floor to shout at the DJ and threaten him. 30 minutes imaginary fighting with Kopites, knocking about 20 of them out. 10 second brisk walk back to where you were drinking. 2 minutes arguing with family members about how playing YNWA at a family gathering is inappropriate and will cause shit. 10 seconds walking round pretending someone is ringing you so Z cars gets an airing. 2 hours typing furiously on the GOT phone app about how many Kopites you've twatted. If that doesn't get the heart rate up nothing will.
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    Thanks for all your messages of support guys, it's very touching and greatly appreciated. Still been unable to speak to my ma but I've just spoken to a nurse who said that she's still hanging in there and she's sleeping peacefully atm. A consultant phoned yesterday, we had the DNR talk and she explained that in most people who test positive, the battle is won or lost inside 5 to 10 days. Because my ma caught it in Thursday, this weekend should be decisive in which way things go, but with my mother's other health conditions and infections the prognosis isn't good.
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    I don't want to have a go at Skidders as I remember him as being an excellent poster and I'm sure he's going through a fucking terrible time financially but, fuck me, how do people get sucked in to this shit? That Yeadon cunt is dangerous Was talking to my dad earlier who has terminal Cancer and had am ambulance last night as the glands on his neck ruptured and they thought he might bleed to death Me and my brother can't come up to see him... he was very specific not to come up as he doesn't want any spreading or breaking lockdown. I'm in pieces but I understand his wishes and respect them even though it's very difficult... might not ever see him again This isn't made easier people spreading shit and believing lies spread by cunts like Hartley-Brewer, Farage and their pathetic hateful cronies This isn't aimed at anybody on here... everybody deals with this in their own way and we're all suffering but I'd happily twat that Sikora and his gang
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    Got my papers this morning. Party tonight.
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    One of my oldest mates and a big Reds fan has had it recently and I spoke to him on Facebook a couple of days ago after he got out of hospital and he said he'd phone me in the next few days. Just found out this morning he's had a stroke and been rushed back in,only 54 too. I'm a bit gutted at the moment.
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    In the gloomy aftermath of Villa and the Goodison derby, you would have offered me consecutive wins over Ajax, Sheffield United, Midgetland, West Ham, a 5-0 at Atalanta and a draw at City I would have ripped your arm off at the roots, never mind snapped your hand off.
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    On another day he would have been ripping into us for attempting to stop Gomez going on international duty.
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    I suppose it was inevitable that once the title was in the bag the performances were bound to tail off
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    Chauncey did the video of it.
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    Apparently that was that Istanbul teams first win in Europe. And it was against Utd. I remember when shit like that used to happen to us. Fuck them for all eternity, the horrible cunts.
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    This is like watching a match thread. "Threw it away" "Total shite." "Florida injured, ffs." "MICHIGAN!!!" "Well in motor City." "Looks like it's going to Supreme court VAR." "Never in doubt!"
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    It does look like Trump's presidency is going to end, not with a bang but with a WI/MI/PA.
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    I’ve just signed up and been selected for a vaccine trial. You may begin hero worshipping me in 5,4,3,2,1 now!
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    Lewis Hamilton is a cunt.
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    My lad saw him on the campaign trail in Harrogate and called him a cunt .