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  1. Frank Dacey

    Featured: That was the week that was (Jun 2-8 2020)

    Leaving aside Barnes' genius as a player, he more or less single-handedly educated our support about racism. Before he arrived, I can remember being on the Kop and cringing as it belted out racist abuse at visiting players, after there was no more of that and genuine outrage at how he was treated, by Everton fans especially.
  2. Frank Dacey

    Fascinating Liverpool pictures

    No wonder they did so much damage when you see how closely packed everything was.
  3. Frank Dacey

    This VE Day thing.

    Slaughterhouse 5? I seem to recall reading abut Dresden that it was a combination of consecutive RAF night raids and American daytime raids that made it so damaging. That, and the fire storm. The justification given at the time was to show the Russians we were playing our full part in the war.
  4. Frank Dacey

    Dog Pics

    Aye. He seems very placid to me, but he's a big unit and chases everything. He caught and killed a squirrel recently and was only with some difficulty stopped from eating it.
  5. Frank Dacey

    Dog Pics

    My niece's chocolate lab. Her husband is working from home so the dog is getting lots of extra attention. He's loving lockdown1
  6. Frank Dacey

    Tory Liverpool fans

    Wasn't it Michael Heseltine who helped to find the money to regenrate the Albert Dock area and kick start a revival of sorts? And wasn't it a Labour government that launched that sham of an inquiry into Hillsborough, headed by a judge who insulted the families?
  7. When it comes to the Dildo brothers, it shouldn't be a surprise that they're trying to shaft people.
  8. Frank Dacey

    Premier League Round Up (Mar 7-9 2020)

    Your contempt for Moyes would have deepened if you realised he'd just described Martin Atkinson as, 'one of the best referees in Europe'. David Moyes is a football genius indeed.
  9. Frank Dacey

    Liverpool 2 Atletico Madrid 3 (Mar 11 2020)

    Good point about conceding their first goal so soon after we'd gone in front in the tie. It'a vulnerability that was obvious a couple of years ago, so it was disappointing to see it resurface just when we least needed it to. As for the tie overall, we put ourselves in great difficulty after the terrible performance in the first leg.
  10. Frank Dacey

    Other Football - 2019/20

    I remember the 1972 team missing out on the title on goal difference, having had a last minute winner in the last game chalked off for offside. They reacted by winning the league the next season and then went on to even greater things. Let's hope history repeats itself.
  11. Did Wednesday not happen? As I recall, that was when United got beaten by Burnley and United fans were making death threats at the game against Ed Woodward. I thought you'd spread yourself on that.
  12. Frank Dacey

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Amazing that we could as a club be considered to have forgotten Heysel. If you go to the home page of our website and scroll down there's a big banner link to details of Heysel. You can't miss it, it's right next to one about Hillsborough.
  13. Frank Dacey

    Everton (H) FA Cup - 05/01/2020 - 16:01

    Clive Thomas, of blessed memory. A couple of years before I finished teaching in 2013, I had a lad in one of my 6th form classes who was a Blue. Not unusual if I'd been teaching in North Wales, but as I was working in London, he stuck out like a sore thumb. Naturally, I quizzed him as to the source of this affliction and he put the blame squarely on his dad. I mentioned Clive Thomas' name to check on his credentials and was regaled with chapter and verse about the Blues had been robbed of Wembley glory in 1977 etc. I did wonder about mentioning Collina's name but thought better of it.
  14. Frank Dacey

    Everton (H) FA Cup - 05/01/2020 - 16:01

    There've been some good 'uns, Rushie's 4 at Badison, clinching the double at Wembley and my personal favourite, the Sandy Brown derby, which was a bit like yesterday as the Blues were favourites and came a spectaculat cropper. I was at school at the time and recall that many of my Evertonian classmates were mysteriously off sick on the Monday. It will be interesting to see the attendance stats from Merseyside schools today.