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  1. Frank Dacey

    Springsteen - The River

    Apparently it is with the E Street band; 9 new songs and three reworked oldies. There's lots more about it on the Backstreets site.
  2. Frank Dacey

    GCSE results

    I'm out of the loop now but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be UCAS predictions that were used. Exam boards often complain that predicted grades are inaccurate, but which would you rather trust; an examiner who may spend 20 minutes marking a candidates work, and may not know much about the topic being examined, or the teacher, who has known the candidate for two years? Doesn't seem to me a difficult choice.
  3. Frank Dacey

    GCSE results

    This is an Ofqual fuck up. The algorithm was used in Scotland and was going to be used in Wales, neither of which have Tory governments. Of course, Williamson should be sacked, not least for ignoring the experience in Scotland but heads have to roll at Ofqual as well. All of this nonsense stems from the fact that Education Secretaries for the last 40 years (of both major parties) have taken the view that teachers are part of the problem, not part of the solution. The result is that teachers are the most marginalised profession in the country. These people were simply never going to accept Teacher assessed grades and instead came up with this algorithm which was a predictable disaster. Any teacher will know that children don't progress in neat straight lines; some can't step up to a higher level, some flourish when they drop subjects and can focus on those they enjoy, some sail through puberty, others don't. The list is endless and the idea that an algorithm could detect that is ridiculous.
  4. Frank Dacey

    Actors who do boss accents

    I used to teach him. We laughed when he said he wanted to be a comedian, we're not laughing now.... (c) Bob Monkhouse
  5. Frank Dacey

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Second longest. The Arse have been in the top flight the longest, I'm not sure they've ever been relegated. The Blues haven't been relegated in my lifetime. Let's hope they can put that right sometime soon.
  6. Frank Dacey

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Is that French for 'Nil Satis, Nisi Optimum'?
  7. Tony Hateley. I was thrilled when we signed him to get on the end of all the crosses from Cally and Thommo. He actually scored 27 goals in the season he was with us but there was a feeling that he was not suited to us and made us play too predictably. He was sold to Coventry after a year.
  8. Frank Dacey

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    This is a good read; https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53662458
  9. Frank Dacey

    Other Football - 2019/20

    The fume would be unsurpassed if he did injure either of those two as he is suspended for the game
  10. Frank Dacey

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Bees shouldn't be counting their chickens just yet; their record in play-off finals is abysmal. Their new ground, Lionel Road has a capacity of 17,500.
  11. Frank Dacey

    Premier League Round Up (Jul 7-9 2020)

    To be fair to Traore he did dislocate his shoulder in about the first minute. Although it was popped back in, it's the sort of thing that is bound to have an effect on a performance. Of course, he could just be playing poorly to get his price down so we'll be able to afford him
  12. Frank Dacey

    Featured: That was the week that was (Jun 2-8 2020)

    Leaving aside Barnes' genius as a player, he more or less single-handedly educated our support about racism. Before he arrived, I can remember being on the Kop and cringing as it belted out racist abuse at visiting players, after there was no more of that and genuine outrage at how he was treated, by Everton fans especially.
  13. Frank Dacey

    Fascinating Liverpool pictures

    No wonder they did so much damage when you see how closely packed everything was.
  14. Frank Dacey

    This VE Day thing.

    Slaughterhouse 5? I seem to recall reading abut Dresden that it was a combination of consecutive RAF night raids and American daytime raids that made it so damaging. That, and the fire storm. The justification given at the time was to show the Russians we were playing our full part in the war.
  15. Frank Dacey

    Dog Pics

    Aye. He seems very placid to me, but he's a big unit and chases everything. He caught and killed a squirrel recently and was only with some difficulty stopped from eating it.