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  1. Frank Dacey

    Featured: That was the week that was (Jan 5-11 2019)

    Good calls on Mahrez and Tarkowski. Hopefully Mahrez will be to City this year what Rodney Marsh was to them in the 70s (one for the old timers there). I watched Tarkowski a lot when he was at Brentford. He was a footballing centre half and encouraged to take risks in Playing the ball out from the back. Decent player but he made some howlers. Once Dyche got hold of him he obviously told him to cut out any risks and he got into the England squad doing that. But that's not how Klopp wants his defenders to play and if he came to us he would be terribly exposed. If we were looking at a championship player then Kemar Roofe would be a better bet. He's come on a ton this season and could be good cover for any of the front three.
  2. Frank Dacey

    Manchester City 2 Liverpool 1 (Jan 3 2019)

    Sane's shot for the winner seemed to take a nick off Trent, which may well have taken it away from Allison. Another bit of bad luck.
  3. Frank Dacey

    Peter Thompson

    Met my uncle coming back from getting his paper one morning in the summer of 63 and he told me, 'We're gonna win the league this year. We've just signed Peter Thompson'. How right he was. Great player, pacy, bag of tricks and always worth watching. I always remember some fella in the crowd shouting out, 'show him yer arse, Thommo', whenever he had a full back lined up.
  4. Frank Dacey

    Burnley 1 Liverpool 3 (Dec 5 2018)

    Dyche is getting above himself. He obviously believes that Burnley finishing seventh last season is evidence of how good he is, when everyone else sees it as evidence of just how awful the league was last year.
  5. Frank Dacey

    Liverpool 1 Everton 0 (Dec 2 2018)

    The Sandy Brown own goal is my all-time comedy classic but that goal might be up there with it.
  6. Frank Dacey

    I saw him play.

    Another derby classic.
  7. Frank Dacey

    I saw him play.

    For comic value, this takes some beating
  8. Frank Dacey

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    I usually only watch United when they play us but today was an exception and I was astonished how utterly mediocre they were. They're a bit like us in the mid 90s, still picking up results because of the name. It can't be long before teams realise that while the shirts say Manchester United the players wearing them say mid-table.
  9. Frank Dacey

    Premier League Round Up (Nov 3-5 2018)

    Or it could be that Lee Probert is just an appalling referee. I watched him ruin a game in the Championship last year, culminating in him ruling out a goal in order to give that team a penalty, which they then missed. The sad thing is that he's not the worst of the bunch; East, Friend, Mason, Attwell - take your pick. Another point is the similarity of Morata's first goal for Chelsea to Mane's disallowed goal on Saturday. Difficult to see why one was given and the other not.
  10. Frank Dacey

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    More to the point, how did they miss as big a target as Bruce's enormous head?
  11. Frank Dacey

    Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1 (Sep 29 2018)

    As I recall at this stage last season there were a lot of comments about how good Salah would be if he started taking his chances. Hopefully, history will repeat itself..
  12. Frank Dacey


    A lad in my class at school lived quite close to Shankly and when he was coming home from school met the great man in the street. Shanks asked him if he had a ticket for the Cup Final and when he said no, gave him one.
  13. Frank Dacey


    Here's your Uncle scoring a couple of late goals to get us a win at Leeds
  14. Frank Dacey

    Forever the legend - Sir Roger Hunt.

    Scored a hat-trick in my first game at Anfield. That season, the promotion season, his figures were Salah-esque, 42 goals in total in 46 games.
  15. No, lost 2-1, I think. If England won it might shut the West Ham fans up from proclaiming how their team won the world cup in 66.