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Skrtel rejects 'unacceptable' contract. So what now?

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Guest Numero Veinticinco

The club is losing the fucking plot. [sb]Our only decent centre back[/b] being treated as if he was Lovren or worse.

Sakho is being treated just fine.

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Made up they've sorted it out but it shouldn't have had to be done through the press in the first place, which could presumably have been avoided by not giving him a derisory offer.


As for this idea of Sakho being better, well I'll believe it when I see it which is a resounding "not yet". Perhaps he could start by proving capable of holding down a place in the team. He hasn't even played in half our league games in either season he's been here.

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Glad it is sorted out. Would have much rather it didn't enter the public domain - Skrtel giving an interview back home wasn't quite cricket, but then again his comment was prompted by a poor offer to begin with, so he used the media as leverage in getting a better deal. I suppose it's the new reality, but I don't have to like it.


Anyway, glad we've seen sense and improved his terms. Skrtel is our best Central defender (Sakho could be, if he could stay fit enough for long enough).

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Ha, it was bullshit apparently and he hasn't signed and is now seemingly even more miffed. Only at Liverpool. I'm going home for a Pot Noodle and a wank.

If only it was 'only at liverpool'. It'd be a damn sight easier to rectify if we were the only club where players are unhappy, agents mouth off and the press print stories about.



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There's quite a bit of confusion over the future of Martin Skrtel. This week the British media were led by the Liverpool Echo in saying that agreement had been found for a renewal, and this was after Skrtel had made it very public that no agreement had been reached. Whilst it would be expected that agreement can be found between the parties, with a transfer looking in the interest of neither, those claims have apparently been rubbished by the player and his agent.


Slovakia's Pravda newspaper have quoted Skrtel as saying that the renewal claims came from a Facebook profile which had nothing to do with him or certainly wasn't authorised information to put out "I have my own Facebook profile which I use to communicate with fans, and it's managed via Stars and Friends (Skrtel's agents). I strongly distance myself from the profile on which the information was made public... I don't even know who the admin is."

Skrtel's agent Karol Csonto was quoted as saying "At the moment I can only confirm that we are negotiating with Liverpool, but we have not yet signed any contract. As soon as that happens, we will inform the media and the fans." 


The same situation is also reported by CAS in Slovakia who reiterate that despite a renewal agreement being widely reported, it originated from a fake Facebook profile. All a little confusing, but the comments from Skrtel and his agent in the Slovakian media are certainly more positive than what was said last month about Liverpool putting forward an unacceptable offer.



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