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  1. billypilgrimnz

    West Ham (A) 4/2/19 - Match Thread

    Firmino is easily our most overrated player. I would love to have a proper striker up front for a change.
  2. billypilgrimnz

    Dejan Lovren

    I knew we were fucked tonight before a ball was kicked when an interview with Lovren about the game appeared in my Facebook newsfeed. That bloke is the kiss of death.
  3. billypilgrimnz

    Alisson Becker

    Big if true.
  4. billypilgrimnz

    Man City (a) 3/1/2019

    I agree. It is a bitter, spiteful place that has made me wish nothing but ill-will on their team, who otherwise I wouldn't give a fuck about. I'm sure there are plenty of decent City fans about, but none of them are found on that shithole forum.
  5. Henderson, Milner, and Wijnaldum are possibly the most beige and boring midfield trio that has ever existed. I mean, I get that Klopp has tried to fix it with Keita and Fabhino, but my God, just seeing their names on the team sheet has my eyes hooding over.
  6. billypilgrimnz

    PSG (A) Champions League 28/11/2018

    It's like clockwork. Do you get a notification each time Lovren is mentioned in a negative light?
  7. billypilgrimnz

    Fulham(h) PL-Match Thread

    Shaq rules.
  8. billypilgrimnz

    Fulham(h) PL-Match Thread

    I never paid any attention to Shaqiri at Stoke (I mean, it's Stoke) so I'm pleasantly surprised at his fight and workrate. Some nice passing as well. Our front 3 are too profligate for us to ever be consistent competition winners IMO unless we get back to last season and just keep feeding the ball down their throats so often that they can't help but score.
  9. billypilgrimnz

    Red Star Belgrade (6/11) Champions League

    I think we need to actually win stuff to be classified as "spoilt".
  10. billypilgrimnz

    Red Star Belgrade (6/11) Champions League

    So, is it apparent to anyone else now that our midfield kind of sucks a bit?
  11. billypilgrimnz

    Mohamed Salah

    Our front three are all guilty of shitty passing a lot of the time. The thing is though, we get them the ball enough, it ends up not mattering. But as the margins get tighter....
  12. billypilgrimnz

    Roberto Firmino

    I think Firmino is probably our most overrated player at the moment. He escapes criticism because he does a lot of work in midfield, but this is only because our midfield is one-dimensional and lacks creativity. If we had better balance there and Firmino was asked to play as a proper forward, his limitations would be more obvious. I would be looking for a world-class starting striker right now. Firmino would be fine off the bench.
  13. billypilgrimnz

    Cardiff (H) 27/10 Premier League

    I like Shaqiri - good buy. Top bloke.
  14. billypilgrimnz

    Cardiff (H) 27/10 Premier League

    It’s always surprising how shit our passing can be some days