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    Loris Karius

    Exactly. The idea that it’s a knee jerk reaction to the champions league final is ridiculous, he’s never been good enough and never will be. We don’t need to spend our entire budget on a new keeper, just get someone semi reliable who doesn’t kick the ball out for a corner from his own goal kick and it’ll be an upgrade. Any mistakes this clown makes next season (or Mignolet) are on Klopp. He’s had long enough to see how poor they are.
  2. Original202

    Loris Karius

    Has he not had concussion since we signed him?
  3. Original202

    The shitness of modern football

    I'm sure I brought this up last year after the pathetic exit against Wolves meant the players were rewarded with a midseason break in the sunshine. You wonder if going in to the West Brom game the players knew there was the possibility of a holiday if they lost... Seeing all the players laughing and joking while they have their 'team bonding' training camp stuff is all well and good but it seems to be forgotten about in the club media stuff that the only reason they're there in the first place is because yet again our FA cup efforts were laughable.
  4. Original202

    Chase for the top 4

    I'm resigned to us being in the Europa League now. Arsenal will pip us and even if we got 4th I think we'd struggle in the qualifiers. An absolutely disgraceful collapse given we were top of the bloody league on New Year's Eve. No way we should be in a position where a place in the top 3 - never mind the top 4 - is still in doubt with 2 games left.
  5. Original202

    Chase for the top 4

    We can't play Celtic, we'll only be up against other non-Champions. This spreadsheet is worth keeping an eye on: https://excel.officeapps.live.com/x/_layouts/mobile/mXL.aspx?Fi=SD4FE4712A1E3EA4FA!276&H=emul&C=5_810_BN1-SKY-WAC-WSHI&ui=en-GB&rs=en-US&wdo=2&wde=xlsx&wdp=7&su=5756850649396323578&ad=en-US&sc=host%3d&cy=canary&ak=t%3D0%26s%3D0%26v%3D%21AAEY2%2DpeVXk6VaI%26aid%3D5965a5f0%2D17dc%2D4f5e%2Daebd%2D00bf923d6798%26m%3Den%2Dgb&wdMobileHost=2 Napoli, Dortmund and Sevilla would be a real possibility for us.
  6. Original202

    Watford(a) match thread

    Roy Evans was doing it before it was fashionable back in the 90s. Though we were more 3-5-2 than whatever it is these fancy foreign managers are doing now with 3-4-3 or 3-1-3-2-1.
  7. Original202

    Watford(a) match thread

    How are they 10th? Where have they been picking up all these sneaky points? Have they had all of those Monday night games nobody watches? We should be getting 3 points from this but we all know what's likely to happen.
  8. Original202

    Warrior Kit Deal - Not bullshit

    Best kit we've had for decades. Saw it and instantly wanted to order it but realised I'd never wear it and it'd be a waste of money. Might still get one as a souvenir though.
  9. Original202


    No idea what was going on behind the scenes but from the outside it didn't look like Klopp handled it very well. He had to make his point but freezing him out and playing Lucas at centre back? Can't see him playing for us again but if he does well with Palace we will at least get a good fee for him off somebody.
  10. Original202


    Not being in Europe is awful. Apart from a couple of the group stage games last year I absolutely loved the Europa League. The Dortmund game was a classic and there's something amazing about night games in the Spring. All this talk of not being able to compete in more than competition is so depressing. If our stye of play means we can only play one game a week then maybe the style of play needs to change. We're never going to have a squad of 20 world class players so having a system which requires so much running and physical effort from the players is maybe what needs to change. We finished 3rd in 2001 and won all three cups that we entered. That was an extreme season but it shouldn't be an impossible dream now either. This indifference to the cups from our fans is as much to blame for the loser mentality that runs through the whole club these days as any indifference from the owners - we've won as many trophies in 10 years as each of Wigan, Swansea, Portsmouth and Birmingham. How could anyone not want us to have a chance of winning in Europe as well?
  11. Original202

    Other football 2016/17.

    Maybe spoke too soon, a few of them have filled up now but it's certainly not a sell out.
  12. Original202

    Later, Melwood, lad.....

    Have a look at the new training grounds that Spurs, Southampton and others are building. And look at City's complex. All way ahead of Melwood. You can argue it doesn't make that much difference but Melwood is from a different era. A long overdue move.
  13. Original202

    Other football 2016/17.

    I wonder why some people call it the Emptyhad. Ridiculous seeing so many empty seats and zero atmosphere for a Champions League knock out tie. They don't deserve it on this showing from the fans.
  14. Original202

    The shitness of modern football

    Yep, throw the FA cup and get a mid-season break taking the players to Spain/New York/Dubai etc. It's pretty depressing seeing the club put such a positive spin on this break when it only came about because we dicked about in the FA Cup. https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2017/feb/15/fa-cup-self-destruction-liverpool-leeds-lincoln-sutton
  15. Original202

    The shitness of modern football

    Yep, we're just as guilty. Though this is the Champions League last 16, you can accept it if it's a game against a lower league team in the early rounds of the cup but not in such a big game. Ospina will probably play a blinder tonight but it's seems such an arbitrary decision.
  16. Original202

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Guy in the office sniffing all day today. Someone asked him if he wanted a tissue and he said in a completely surprised tone "No, I'm fine, I don't need any". Er, yea ok then. Kids have snotty noses and sniff and wipe their noses on their sleeves, that's fine, it's what they do. But a grown man working in an office? And he constantly clicks his pen as well. Irritating shit.
  17. Original202

    The shitness of modern football

    David Ospina playing in goal for Arsenal tonight against Bayern Munich. What sort of club rotates their keeper for the Champions League? It's bad enough for domestic cups but doing it in such an elite competition is ridiculous. Just play for your best 11 and give yourselves the best possible chance of progression. Arsenal aren't alone in this either - I know Barcelona rotated their keepers in 2015 and won the bloody thing but it's still a bizarre thing to do. How can a manager decide he's going to have one keeper for one competition and one for another?
  18. Original202

    Spurs (H) - Saturday 11/2/17. 5:30pm BT Sport

    Would love to see us try something different, though our system has worked well enough against the better sides.
  19. Original202


    It was just the league games against Bournemouth and Swansea he played in but he didn't look out of place in either of them. I've not heard or seen much of Huddersfield recently but he's still their number one and he impressed at Aberdeen (and at the Euros). He'll be 24 at the start of next season so he's going to have a big decision to make as I doubt he'll fancy another loan move. I can't see how he could be any worse than what we have here but the worry for him is if we go and splurge £10m on someone else.
  20. Original202

    Hull Away 4/2/17

    And that would be worse than 8th and two finals. At least last year our league form bombed in part because we had a good run in Europe. Thankfully I think we'll have just enough to stay above Everton but 6th place will still be a failure. I'm not saying Klopp should go or anything and it's about the longer term, but I do wonder where we'd be now if Rodgers was still in charge. Easy to say now of course but we couldn't be doing much worse could we?
  21. Original202

    Adverts you hate.

    The Monarch one with the do-gooder unconditional niceness cabin crew. You know the one with the guy on the bus who gives up his seat because he's suddenly realised he's sat between an elderley man and his wife. Smug 'look at how nice we are' twats.
  22. Original202

    Hull Away 4/2/17

    Sakho is on the bench to be fair!
  23. Original202

    Hull Away 4/2/17

    Oh well, there's still the FA C.. oh fuck.
  24. Original202

    Hull Away 4/2/17

    Cunt off. Blueshite reject of all people.
  25. Original202

    Hull Away 4/2/17

    How many's that now, 11? Would love to see our stats this season for goals per corner awarded.