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  1. Saw that the other week, along with this which I thought was equally impressive: Massive talent and it's hard not to root for him having read up on the shit he's been through (Lyme disease repeatedly misdiagnosed as mental illness, leaving him with severe health problems by the time it was correctly identified and treated, which he's still undergoing).
  2. Big call leaving Keita on. Would've bet anything on Henderson starting the 2nd half.
  3. Did you watch it? She spent half the match slicing every forehand because she couldn't hit the ball properly.
  4. I'm not into basketball and the girlfriend isn't into sport but we both enjoyed it.
  5. The bloke from Imperial College who put out the report last week predicting 250-500k dead in the UK spoke to MPs yesterday and said with the measures in place he now believes the NHS has the capacity to cope and we could be looking at "substantially below" the 20k deaths previously mentioned by Patrick Vallance.
  6. China were initially denying its existence and caught completely by surprise. We've had weeks of knowledge that an outbreak was inevitable and months to learn from cases elsewhere. Sporting events and large gatherings are now being cancelled, people are being encouraged to self isolate and more stringent measures will surely be introduced shortly. It just doesn't seem remotely plausible that 0.5% of our population will die when no other country on earth (including those now over the worst of it) have got anywhere near 0.1% of their population being infected.
  7. China are down to single digit new cases per day with less than 0.006% of their population having been infected and less than 0.00023% having died. Short of pumping the virus directly into the national water supply how the fuck are we going to get anywhere near half a million deaths?
  8. China have effectively eliminated the spread with 0.006% of their population being infected. South Korea have slowed it's growth drastically with a 0.02% infection rate. Even Italy are only at 0.021% of their population being infected. Considering we're a first world island nation with plenty of warning (though you can argue how effectively we're heeding that warning) these doomsday scenarios with millions dead seem a bit far fetched. A 0.1% infection rate would seem drastic given what's going on in the rest of the world.
  9. Great pass by Henderson for the goal but the move started with him calmly controlling a ball into our box and then running it and passing it out of danger. Would've been the easiest thing in the world for him to just aimlessly hoof it clear as soon as it came to him.
  10. Having never heard of it before I gave The Detectorists a go after reading the previous page. Got through the first series in 3 nights and now I'm looking forward to the rest. Wonderfully pleasant viewing.
  11. In the event of a draw the team with the most boundaries across the whole day wins, which was England.
  12. After watching for 8 years and at one point being quite invested in the world and its characters, the finale managed to evoke about as much emotion in me as reading the instruction sheet for the toilet seat I fitted on the weekend. Actually, probably less because I had a moment of panic on Sunday when I thought I was missing one of the plastic stoppers, whereas Game of Thrones just had me wondering how long was left and whether or not it was worth opening the packet biscuits in the cupboard (I didn't but the internal debate was more intense than anything happening onscreen).
  13. There's a world of difference between adapting existing material for TV (even if it involves adding the odd original scene or changing a few details) and having to create an entire third of the story yourself from scratch. Prior to this the biggest writing gig either of them had ever held was Wolverine Origins, which is widely considered the worst X-Men movie and one of the worst super hero films ever made. That's the level of writing we're getting now. We've gone from an acclaimed novelist to a pair of unacclaimed Hollywood screenwriters and it shows. They can still produce some big budget, visually spectacular action scenes but the writing, world building and character development has gone to complete shit.
  14. Get Wijnaldum on at half time, we're missing his presence in the side.
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