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  1. I'd suggest you do more reading but not sure it'd help. Though it does prove transfers get easier the further down your list you go.
  2. Wasn't being entirely serious, it just happened to be a world record for a lame, decrepit cart horse.
  3. The willful celebration of ignorance in football from the lauding of personalities like Charlie Nicholas, Richard Keys and Paul Merson down.
  4. I trust in Klopp though at some point you'll realise that I don't care whether it's FSG, DIC or WTF I'll still say things as I see it rather than follow the baying mob and play to the crowd.
  5. I think he'd be fucking embarrassed at what he read and wouldn't want any part of it, and I think his comments throughout his career would bear that out.
  6. Short of the year we sold Suarez we've barely broke even, sorry, correction, i think we may have hit the heady heights of 1 million profit one year. Edit - 2013-2014 accounts was the first time we'd made a profit in seven years with a mind blowing 900k, 2014/2015 it was 60 million before tax, 2015/2016 19.8 million loss (before Tax).
  7. If the will wasn't there there's a hell of a lot easier ways to go about it. The bullshit we saw about intentionally tapping up van Dijk to sabotage the deal was bizarre. Assuming you have kids whats the easieat way not to take them to Disneyland, is it to not mention Disneyland and book somewhere else or tell them they're going string them along and book somewhere else at the last minute? We might sign Keita and Van Dijk, we might sign one, we might sign different players but it doesn't make the interest any less real.
  8. We also have to realise that if you want to buy a player on a long contract that the club doesn't want to sell then it's not going to happen on a supporters timescale but on the selling clubs doesn't matter how much money you have or what order you speak to the club and player. It'd be interesting to know how many times a club is approached before a buying club reaches an agreement with a player/players intermediaries.
  9. It would be right to aspire to a position where a club submits a formal bid for a player and, once given permission to speak to him, then agree terms. It would be wrong to assume we're an outlier in the way the system currently works with the players interest tested before the clubs. People hang off every word Paul Joyce says then slag off the club for leaking the information to him yet, in his own words, the majority of the information on Keita, as an example, is coming from abroad. Infact I believe he said very little is cominv from the club at the moment, Van Dijk was obviously different. We say the club should shut up shop then complain that the absence of information is proof of the absence of work being done. We criticise the club and say how disgraceful it is that we've tapped up a player and how our best players would be well within their rights to want a move to a less morally dubious club then try to ship them off to Barcelona without a hint of irony. We judge the efficency of other clubs signings by the day they're signed and ours from the day they're first mooted as a target all while ignoring the endless headlines and assuming we should just put the money on the table like they do. It's an endless stream of contradictions and willful ignorance to whats going on around us, we don't exist in a bubble, we aren't leaving players in limbo and jeopardising their futures, it isn't the most embarrasing thing to ever happen to a club, we're just going the the messy process of transfers the same as everyone else to varying degrees of success.
  10. If thats what we were talking about the answer may have been different. But I agree we should act more like the big clubs, maybe take our lead from the Barcelona's and Madrids on how we should conduct ourselves.
  11. A) not defending FSG defending the mechanics of transfers and how it applies across the board. B ) playing to the mob, as I said given you don't like detail then agreeing with you and others was the easiest option especially when the answer is neither flat yes or a flat no as a Yes would have had people descending into madness. The best thing about all of this is it isn't the detail people don't like it's the detail when it's perceived to be defending the club. When it's neutral or in reference to whats happening at another club people have far less of an issue with it but god help anyone who says exactly the same in relation to us.
  12. How so, I think everyone would benefit from a little perspective on here.
  13. Our way is virtually identical to how most clubs (without a specific sporting director/DoF) do it. More so with Klopp having more power.
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