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  1. Before VAR, the flow of the game on every decision was so much better.
  2. We are in November and Manchester United have lost more than 50 per cent of their matches this season. The last time they experienced that many defeats in their first 17 games of a season was in 1973/74 - the last time they were relegated.
  3. The question about extending Oxlade-Chamberlain's contract to get a future transfer fee! Mind blown.
  4. I have seen this signing increasingly as fanciful. Bellingham's status as a complete midfielder has grown just as fast as our status as an incomplete club. There are other talented players available on the market. If the recruitment team can't find three better first-team midfielders than the current ones, Klopp should bin it off.
  5. Welcome to Liverpool. Don't be shit.
  6. I know. I can't take it any more though. Many pundits seem so utterly shocked that decisions have to be taken by referring to the rules they haven't bothered to read once. Then making a far better guess than the old type of guess. Humans can edit genes but we previously had an official running down the side of the pitch with a flag whilst pretending that they could simultaneously look at a ball being played half the pitch away, as well as down the line of the last defender.
  7. I think VAR should be scrapped because I don't want to see a gang of ex-pro pundits embarrassing themselves on every highlights package with their wank bad knowledge of football laws.
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