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    1st you call me thick, dumb cunt etc. then simple search engine search and you think I'm stalking you? This isnt really high level OSINT, not after you have told us how many internet directorships you hold, bearing in mind I've been a member of the site for >15 years, and you have a name that is not so common. I did tell you I was in Security, if you need any pen testing done (real stalking) this takes time and effort, so costs a few quid - hopefully such a top exec would know this as you would have had all of your sites, apps etc tested. and verified and if you are running regular contracts with the NHS - I'd hope there is a contractual obligation for regular vulnerability assessments and penetration tests. Do I know what you do? No, but I do know you have worked in a sales role - is that still the case? fuck knows, but I'm willing to bet you have not completed a medical degree since you left your sales role, ergo point carries looking at the evidence - prima facie - sales Yes, they can (btw Fibonacci, what is with the numbering sequences here? they need context) what would be useful is to know why? we have had no issues with surgery closures over here to my knowledge, but we also enforced strict quarantining for overseas arrivals, and halted incoming flights from problem areas - another question for your side of the globe (another reason to be negative I would suggest). So we can take confidence on why (local?)surgeries are closed, why people are not getting the required referrals from your family members and friends, how far does their network spread - are you aware of numbers in the NE, London, Watford (which I think was (almost) out of Oxygen in march/early April. Again context man, what the fuck is this referring to?? Well hello there - Dr Leo Spaceman in the house! "Hospital are by and large empty in the UK" - ok, provide the evidence (I'm not disputing the fact, but its a fucking sweeping generalisation, as Wom mentioned previously, he believes, consultants are unable to work as ancillary staff are busy on covid wards - so what is your suggestion here> stop treating the Covid patients and redeploy the staff? Seriously this is a question I have asked previously, what do you do?) Yes DR Leo - its for you to provide reasons, as you have previously stated, this is where you can provide insights, provide something insightful, rather than bland apathy. "Urgent suspected cancer referrals are down 75%" Globally? UK wide? Wales, England?? down your fucking street?? you work in Healthcare, an old favourite, so you are using this to legitimise a statement, as you have done previous to 27/04 - for the sake off brevity I looked only at the last weeks worth of posts as there is an awful lot of bad statistics and bollocks on this thread (including my own wasted bits and bytes). BTW, is it Dr Leo Spaceman or Siralan Sugar - difficult to pin down such a talented felafels, how do you fit it all in as well as post on here and manage your digital currency portfolios? Now, Scott posted that he work as a data analyst for a large bank - I have confidence now that Scott is going to be useful for analysing data, I will take on board what he says and compare to other data analysts, Col works in care (in a defined role) -again I have confidence in what he is talking about, but old Dr Leo - all we know is you work in Health Care, and you think everything is going to be just fine, just need a good positive attitude - what's that old boy you're dead? well at least smile you're through the worst now. come on now mother, put on a brave face and give us a smile whilst the nurses use FaceTime to have a last goodbye. this preoccupation with my mathematic ability? Are you getting confused with Carl Hiassen's neighbour? Do me and Howie have to form a tag team against the Siralan Dr Leo Spaceman Galvatron beast for the Berlin Countdown? (Final countdown - that was by Berlin as well wasn't it, maybe we can get Carol Vorderman out of retirement to do the round cards) Ok Dr Siralan, lets look at the positive / negative aspects - let's try and have some perspective: "It could be a lot worse" "Maybe its not as bad as we think" there are ~50,000 dead in the UK, we have 95 - we are ~33% of the population size and with lower population density, it still doesn't account for the difference in recorded deaths. How much fucking worse could it get?? the country and it's inhabitants have been shat upon by the government once again, and people are out banging pots and pans because the fucking burst Albino Humpty Dumpty who has a responsibility for the situation is alive and out of his fridge. I stated in early March this was going to be a monumental fuck up in the UK, RP was trying to look at the positive aspects of it, here we are ~50,000 early death caused by a failure to act, lives sacrificed by government policy, policy that appears to be heavily influenced by an unelected Randian oddball who has a team adept at creating and distributing misinformation via digital media. Again, the war analogy fails with relation to Covid, the closures of the pits in the 70's and 80's is a much better analogy, as those who are excusing the deaths (whether they be a month early or 60 years early, whether the person has underlying issues or not, these are deaths that could have been reduced or prevented by better handling). The argument then was the same as now, it was a financial cost, to try to save them would have impacted other areas - we don't know how true that was as we have no direct comparison, with Covid - its all around the world, the comparisons are easy. Still got to keep on smiling eh, nearly over, only ~50,000 down? https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/apr/16/number-coronavirus-pandemic "People are understandably looking for good news. But the truth is, we’re nowhere near controlling coronavirus" This is my reason for referring to epidemiologists - I was not suggesting you should add another string to your heavy bow. "There have been more than 93,000 cases of Covid-19 identified in the UK. Let’s round that up and say it is 100,000. So if the reports from the BMJ editorial are accurate, the actual number would be that multiplied by five, in which case there would have already been half a million infections in the UK. If this really is the peak and we see as many cases on the way down as on the way up, that would total 1 million infections from the initial surge in the UK – hopefully all of those people would then be immune. That would leave about 65 million people in the UK still without immunity. I am going to be unusually optimistic here, and assume that everyone who has Covid-19 becomes fully immune (not a given), and that the virus is towards the less transmissible end of the range of estimates currently available. If this is the case, you would need half your population to have been infected to achieve a level of population immunity that would stop the epidemic continuing to grow and overwhelming healthcare systems. As I write the UK is reporting more than 10,000 deaths from Covid-19. Due to the realities of collecting data during an infectious disease emergency like this, that is likely to be an underestimate. Again, if we assume this is the peak and there is the same number on the way down that’s 20,000 total from the initial surge. And to get to population immunity you have to multiply that by at least 30: based on the current data, that’s about 600,000 deaths to get there, minimum. Play Video 3:27 What the UK's coronavirus death toll is not telling us – video explainer Finding a vaccine to offer a complete solution to this pandemic is, even in the best scenarios, still a long way off. But it is not hard to see many ways we can slow the pace of the pandemic and save lives. One of them is greatly improved testing to identify cases and their contacts, which could be supplemented by clever digital methods to spot who has been at risk. Governments around the world are attempting ways to keep jobs and businesses afloat while lockdowns are in place – but the pressure remains to swiftly end such shutdowns. I get that this is going to be a mammoth strain on the economy. But the deaths of many thousands of people would be too: it is simply not possible to thoroughly insulate an economy from the impact of a pandemic of this kind. Where I live, in Cambridge Massachusetts, I keep hearing sirens. This crisis is not close to over, quite the reverse. The pandemic is only just getting started. • Dr William Hanage is a professor of the evolution and epidemiology of infectious disease at Harvard" Now - if this fella is not too optimistic and looking at his numbers, you can see why, then neither am I. So onto a non-antagonistic, serious question - Do you think that your positivity could in anyway be influenced by your ties to the NHS and the need to see it return to "normality" - I'm not having a crack, asking a serious question if most of your family is in one way or another involved in the supply of good and services to the NHS - are they being impacted? Could this provide a subconscious bias? of maybe yer just a salesman at heart who always looks at the bright side. I just don't see an upside to the way the UK has dealt with this, and people need to be fucking angry, I'm not talking about constantly angry and fucking sullen, there are some great things happening from Tim Burgess ditching the blonde locks and hosting listening parties to Tim Booth doing free gym classes and countless comedians, band, writers doing free gigs etc, but people need to get angry with the government and the press who helped install them. There should be a fuck load more angry voices than the lefty socialist corbynistas, because if there aren't it means things are going to have to get much worse for things to change, so fuck apathy, look at the state of the nation, get angry, define yourself, fuck positivity. This took a fuckload longer than it should have.
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    Personally I don't feel any national pride. I don't have any identity in that regard, it's not something that's important to me and I'm not invested in this country on that sort of emotional level. If anything, I feel a sense of national shame but that's a fleeting thing and not something I would permit to define me. You talk about perception, well my perception of what the Union Jack represents is that it's a tarnished brand. Britain is the country of austerity. It's the country of sneering at the vulnerable and unemployed and victimising them, demonising Muslims with a phony war on terror, it's a country where a Prime Minister who calls Muslim women "letterboxes" wins an election comfortably, it's a country that gives Nigel Farage the platform to spew his hate-filled politics, it's a country where black footballers get booed if they have the nerve to play for the national team, it's a country with great institutions like the BBC but when you scratch under the surface it's all a bit Yewtree, it's a country where a load of people can be left to burn in a tower block and the powers that be don't give a fuck, it's a country with a Royal family boasting the likes of Prince Andrew. It's a shitty insular little island nation with an even shittier insular island nation attitude. As for that facebook thing telling me what to do on VE Day, it comes across as a bit heavy-handed do you not think? Here's the itinerary, you must do this to be a good Brit and if you don't then you're not a proper British person and not as great or British as me. The whole thing has to be turned up to eleven, you need to spend the whole day being British and if your neighbour doesn't join in then shame them on Facebook (you just know it will happen somewhere). Fuck that. Besides which, it just sounds like a really shit way to spend the day. What if I catch the Covid and die in a couple of weeks? I'll have wasted one of my last days watching old Churchill speeches and standing on my doorstep for two minutes like a twat. And do you know what, I wish people would just forget about the world wars. They're gone, get over it. I'm thankful for the sacrifices made and all that but it was an awful long time ago, can we not move on or does it always have to be a thing? To me it is out of touch with what's happening in reality, which is that 30,000 or so are dead and we're well on course to have the worst death toll in Europe. So celebrating VE Day with such zealous enthusiasm just seems out of touch with what's going on at the minute, to me, because really there isn't much to be proud of. We're in an absolute mess.
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    Clap on the step, have your rainbow and your tacky door decoration. Don’t stand right by your neighbour by the railings and don’t have your grandchildren staying over. Why are you so special and fucking stupid. A lot of NHS workers in our Crescent, these aren’t. Just look at me twats. Sorry but people do my fucking head in. Update on my Auntie, she is far better now. Thankfully.
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    The only way to keep the "integrity" of the sport is to finish the competition that is 75% complete. Fucking idiots
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    Shite at football and a stupid cunt. Another year of this twat, great.
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    After that you deserve a lovely old song to relax and enjoy, and judging by that post this should do the trick. Try singing/ humming the words
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    Thy might know if I'm at work and come and nick the carrots I've been growing.
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    Asked her to get some peanut butter for the mouse traps. She came back with this because "they're more likely to go for the expensive stuff" Snooty fucking mice in mine.
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    I think lots of posters on here are cunts, me being probably the biggest. But that’s an awesome attention to detail mate!
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    I haven't asked for your views on my comedic ability - I was using sarcasm as I didn't want to stoop to your childish "dumbfuck" or "6 year old" level of wit, I have stated I don't need you to verify my intelligence, I have that done by third parties when I interview, or take exams, so thanks anyway. good to see you shit out of some very simple questions.
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    F.U.C.K.I.N.G H.E.L.L
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    One of the great many variables leading to an uncertain world indefinitely is going to be how the rest of the international community ultimately try to sanction China for this outbreak, and how they respond to that. Get the feeling we are just at the starting gun phase of a very different reality to that pre-Wuhan.
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    Someone in the replies has linked an advanced Twitter search for posts with the words ‘cough’ and ‘virus’ in between November and January. I’m sorely tempted to scroll through them all replying. “CORONA AIDS” “YOU KILLED OLD PEOPLE” ”WHY DIDN’T YOU WARN US?”
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    If @Cath is still knocking about she'll be able to point you in the right direction.
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    I’m soooo fed up with this! On Sunday supplement today some of them saying the only thing is to null and void!! Going on about players being ‘afraid’ and they don’t want to bring it home to their families! What about my husband? Works in a warehouse, he had to keep working and their social distancing isn’t great!
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    I wasn't sure where to put this but it seems apt for this thread. Does anyone else feel warm inside when they see an old person ponderously walking a comparatively old dog? Both ambling along, fucked by the rigors of life. It's the epitome of companionship by man's best friend.
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    My 10 year old has taken a massive interest in cooking during lockdown. He's obsessed with making pasta from scratch at the moment, so today we made cheese and chorizo ravioli - his own recipe. I was expecting to taste it and nod politely but it was actually really fucking good! Presentation not a strong point though.
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    Just become a Grandad for the first time today when my daughter gave birth to a bouncing 9lb 5 ounce baby girl today. I should feel old but it has given me a Cocoon feeling of feeling younger than I should. Will probably be run ragged in a year or so and feel twice as old!
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    No. It’s the impact on the knees from running. Road running is even worse than playing the unmentionable. 3 ACL’s in 5 years and knee surgery doesn’t help.
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    We was in a pub one day had bags of shopping, this cat kept coming over round the bags sniffing round, I was fumimg, then it started walking up and down the bar, this soft cunt at the bar talking to it and doing idiotic noises, then the manager says we are starting doing breakfasts tomorrow etc, I thought fuck that eating in here if you let a cat on the bar, the minty cunt,