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    He can't do what he does for his club because Scotland play nothing like his club do, and the Scotland fans simply cannot understand that what he does for Liverpool is light years ahead technically and tactically and also part of a team framework. John Barnes used to have the same problem when playing for England. He was played as an orthodox left winger when his Liverpool role was more like what Mane does for us now. Barnes used to get all sorts of abuse from England fans, much of it racist, because he couldn't reproduce his club form for the national team.
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    Downton Abbey. Bunch of posh twats playing a bunch of posh twats in a show written by a posh twat that celebrates class slavery. Thankfully such days are gone. Oh wait.
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    And as an aside, this forum is poorer for the loss of the Rev.
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    It’s significantly worse since she’s taken over Mick. Which takes some fucking doing.
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    I've had nothing against the Lib Dems until they became anti-LGBT. It's just sad to see the party of such upstanding parliamentarians as Nick Clegg, Chris Huhne, Mark Oaten and Cyril Smith stooping to the politics of hate.
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    He's got a history of turning a blind eye to Lib Dem homophobia. Don't worry.
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    The Daily Fail are running a story about recently uncovered photos of Corbyn and McDonnell at the wedding of one of the Guildford Four. Do you know, the Guildford Four, who didn't bomb anything and were wrongly convicted? Oooh Jeremy, you are awful!
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    Australia get another change of ball after 58 overs that suddenly has more bounce and movement. It's fucking shit that isn't one of the points of batting in test cricket is to negate the new ball and make it easier for later batsmen
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    Parasite Best film I've watched this year and one of the best I've watched this decade. So cleverly done and just fucking brilliant in every sense. Restored my faith in filmmaking. I think I'm going to stay away from Hollywood guff from now on as most of it has has gone so stale and has fuck all creativity/originality. 9.5/10
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    We can now add "funny tinges" to homophobia...
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    Got to the western episode yet? That's the best one in the series, it's basically what they created or plagiarised the whole David Carradine Kung Fu series off of.
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    Pineapple on pizza is ace
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    Milner’s worth ten of him!
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    Are we signing Yeste, then?
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    This thread is littered with criticism of Corbyn and overly dramatic commentary regarding his dictatorial tendencies because of the possibility of Labour introducing mandatory reselection. It's duly noted that the makers of those comments are largely silent today when a Tory ACTUALLY deselects 20 plus MP's. It's almost like the reselection proposal wasn't their real issue, but they were instead finding fault for faults sake. Hypocrites.
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    Her Majesty fulfilling her constitutional role.
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    To be fair he's only as homophobic as their last leader but one.
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    Everything she has been criticised for has been on her political output over the past 10 years or so as far as I can see , so don't see the relevance of the childhood comment.
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    It's always worth looking at contemporary coverage of Mussolini and Hitler (without the prism of WWII) to see what can be learned. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/how-journalists-covered-rise-mussolini-hitler-180961407/?fbclid=IwAR2m1JkmW_-4Jn5kZzdwEE_-gYVzdNoD7KMQzYsJYiRXdmlIz1ImxYTVZ-E#9V15z3LgvskQsymc.01 Benito Mussolini secured Italy’s premiership by marching on Rome with 30,000 blackshirts in 1922. By 1925 he had declared himself leader for life. While this hardly reflected American values, Mussolini was a darling of the American press, appearing in at least 150 articles from 1925-1932, most neutral, bemused or positive in tone. The Saturday Evening Post even serialized Il Duce’s autobiography in 1928. Acknowledging that the new “Fascisti movement” was a bit “rough in its methods,” papers ranging from the New York Tribune to the Cleveland Plain Dealer to the Chicago Tribune credited it with saving Italy from the far left and revitalizing its economy. From their perspective, the post-WWI surge of anti-capitalism in Europe was a vastly worse threat than Fascism... Mussolini’s success in Italy normalized Hitler’s success in the eyes of the American press who, in the late 1920s and early 1930s, routinely called him “the German Mussolini.” Given Mussolini’s positive press reception in that period, it was a good place from which to start... But the main way that the press defanged Hitler was by portraying him as something of a joke. He was a “nonsensical” screecher of “wild words” whose appearance, according to Newsweek, “suggests Charlie Chaplin.” His “countenance is a caricature.” He was as “voluble” as he was “insecure,” stated Cosmopolitan. When Hitler’s party won influence in Parliament, and even after he was made chancellor of Germany in 1933 – about a year and a half before seizing dictatorial power – many American press outlets judged that he would either be outplayed by more traditional politicians or that he would have to become more moderate... Yes, the American press tended to condemn Hitler’s well-documented anti-Semitism in the early 1930s. But there were plenty of exceptions. Some papers downplayed reports of violence against Germany’s Jewish citizens as propaganda like that which proliferated during the foregoing World War. Many, even those who categorically condemned the violence, repeatedly declared it to be at an end, showing a tendency to look for a return to normalcy. Journalists were aware that they could only criticize the German regime so much and maintain their access. When a CBS broadcaster’s son was beaten up by brownshirts for not saluting the Führer, he didn’t report it... Dorothy Thompson, who judged Hitler a man of “startling insignificance” in 1928, realized her mistake by mid-decade when she, like Mowrer, began raising the alarm. “No people ever recognize their dictator in advance,” she reflected in 1935. “He never stands for election on the platform of dictatorship. He always represents himself as the instrument [of] the Incorporated National Will.” Applying the lesson to the U.S., she wrote, “When our dictator turns up you can depend on it that he will be one of the boys, and he will stand for everything traditionally American.”
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    Latest copy of Jane's Fighting Ships is pretty good then?
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    Jealous? Generally speaking, there are a lot more cunts cutting people up and driving like pricks in those two car makes than any other make. A family member drives a BMW, proudly speaks how he shaves a lot of time off his commute over to Liverpool every day by being a cunt. I.e. cutting in at the last minute from a lane that is straight ahead when everyone else is queuing for the turn. The broad grin as he describes his acts of fuckwittery to the family, my kids all quite recently passed their tests and they just shook their heads. I'm honestly expecting the cunt to kill someone one day. If you are a sensible considerate driving BMW or Audi driver then beware, they'll kick you out of the club and remove the badge from your car, you are letting the side down. (your experience might be different from my 36 years of driving)
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    It's been a tough year financially after getting made redundant as it took several months to get a new job and still slowly recovering. My Mrs also had to go from working 3 days to 2. Our daughter is 19 months old but in all honesty she doesn't really cost much money. Anyway, last week I got a letter from the tax office who want to give me £591 back in overpaid tax. Family holiday sorted thanks to that. Today my wife got a similar letter, she's getting £441. Fucking result!