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Premier League Round Up (Oct 25-27 2019)

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With most of the big boys in action on Sunday, the unthinkable happened this weekend - Everton were given top billing on Match of the Day. Amazing scenes, a truly monumental event for the Blues. They could have had a parade, if they’d won. But they didn’t.


I joked last week when Children in Need sponsored their game that maybe Everton should get Comic Relief to do it next time if they wanted to get top spot on MOTD, and it looks like they did. Wouldn't surprise me if people were ringing in to pledge money after how funny this was.


They were on first because they lost in the most controversial - and hilarious - circumstances imaginable. As the game went into it’s closing stages the Blues led 2-1 only to be undone by a VAR assisted penalty equaliser and then a slapstick last second own goal from “the best left back in the league”. I almost felt sorry for them. Almost.


Brighton took the lead with a free-kick from Gross. Once again, I found myself saying “what the fuck is Pickford doing there?”. I keep telling you all how bad he is but he might be even worse than I’m saying. This one went right through his hands. Schoolboy stuff.


Incidentally, the free-kick came about because of Andre Gomes losing the ball cheaply. A week ago he was getting rave reviews, but this is what I wrote last week:


"After the game there was all sorts of fawning about Andre Gomes. Yawn. He’s a myth - a Great White Pogba. He’ll have a few games where he looks boss and that’s enough for some to think that’s who he is and that’s his true level. It isn’t. If it was, ask yourself this; what the fuck would he be doing at Everton??"


He was back to normal this week. All style and no substance.


Richarlison headed them level from a corner (its been given as an own goal though, which seems harsh to me) and then thought he should have a pen when he was dragged to the ground from another corner. It was probably a foul, but as we know VAR doesn’t over-rule when refs don’t give them. Or so we thought....


Calvert-Lewin’s neat finish put Everton in position for a rare away win but then it all came crashing down around them when VAR said “no away win for you dickheads. Not today.”


When that incident happened nobody appealed for anything. Connolly was rolling on the ground clutching his shin but there didn’t look like there was anything in it and the ref initially waved play on. Next thing he’s giving a pen.


Maupay scored from the spot and then started yelling in the face of Mason Holgate for some reason. Wants to watch himself there, there’s no telling what that cunt might accuse him of saying. Holgate then went right through him on the edge of the box. He was booked but it could have been red, and Pickford made an unconvincing stop from the free-kick. 


The VAR thing knocked the stuffing out of Everton and gave Brighton an extra spring in their step, and deep, deep, deep into stoppage time they got in down the left and Digne could only divert a low cross into his own net. The Comedy Club strikes again.


Silva wasn’t happy at the inconsistency of the VAR and rightly so. That being said, Richarlison is up there with Danny Rose and Dan James when it comes to diving and although he was held around the waist, he went down holding his head. I wouldn’t have given him the pen just based on that alone. Cheating twat.


Mind you, Connolly had his foot trod on but was clutching his shin. That’s a little less egregious though as players will often hold their shin even when it’s a foot or ankle that’s been injured. He might have been pulling a fast one but I don’t think so.


That pen decision is a tough one though. I still can’t make up my mind on it. I’ve gone back and forth several times. Initially I thought it was a disgraceful decision. Then I saw another angle and changed my mind. Each time I see it now I just don’t know.


Keane definitely stands on Connolly’s foot. That isn’t in doubt. Both players are looking upwards at the ball though and so the collision is entirely accidental. Does that mean it’s not a foul? No, it can still be a foul regardless of intent. Should it have been a foul though? I honestly don’t know. 


The ref was within his rights to give it, but he didn’t. The video ref did. Again, he’s within his rights to give it as there is contact, but should that really be a penalty? I know if that was awarded against us I’d be fucking furious about it.


Most pundits say seem to think it wasn’t a pen but some have said they think it was. Therefore it’s not “clear and obvious”. We’ve seen loads of pens not given that were much more obvious than this and VAR did nothing. So for them to intervene on this, for the first time all season, seems pretty unfair and Evertonians have every right to be angry about it.


Some of them were accusing the Premier League of conspiring against them though. Conspiring against what? Why would anyone care if they finished 15th instead of 12th, or 16th instead of 14th or whatever? Have a word with yourselves you fucking weirdos. You’re not important enough for anyone to conspire against you.


What has happened here is the refs have gotten together through the week and decided that it wasn’t working and they needed to lower the threshold for overturning decisions. A good move, but the problem is they didn’t tell anyone they were doing it. If they had, then we would all have known why the decision was overturned and the outrage wouldn’t have been there from anyone other than Evertonians, and no-one would care because they’re permanently outraged anyway. 


The other problem is they lowered the threshold so much that at times it looked like the VAR official was just making it up as he went along. The Brighton pen was actually nowhere near the worst overturned call of the weekend, but I'll get to those in due course.



This is just a teaser, click to view the full article


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Just looked at John McGinn and he indeed does look like he could be Andy Robertson's brother.


As regards worst refereeing decisions of all time, at least 3 spring to mind



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Jordan Pickford has got a great big fat arse which won't help him leap for anything with those tiny little T-Rex arms.

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Missed MotD last week, and didn't take much notice of the reports on the weekend's matches, only that I knew Utd had been awarded a penalty and missed it. I'd no idea until now that they actually got and missed two! HAHAHAHA


The other side of that coin is that refs are apparently falling over themselves, pretty much like that cheating shit, James, to give them pens. That's three in a week, they've got, added to the stupid amount they've already had in the league up to this point. Old habits die hard, I suppose. Thankfully they're still utterly shite enough that they won't really matter. If they get pens and score from them to win when they shouldn't, that's all the better, as it keeps the Rice Krispie in a job longer than he might otherwise be, without the dodgy face-saving results.

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There is nothing remotely funny or amusing about Troopz. "Troopz" for god's sake, what even is that? Blud, fam, y'unnerstan. The anger, the hatred, the venom.


The passion I get. Nothing else. Good grief. 

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