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  1. buster69

    Watford 3 Liverpool 0 (Feb 29 2020)

    Excellent report Dave
  2. buster69

    Premier League Round Up (Jan 31 - Feb 1 2020)

    "A frustrating afternoon for Newcastle as there was nothing to cheer or get your cock out to in this one (was that the most Newcastle fan thing ever by the way? I think it might just be)." This has got to be a close second
  3. buster69

    Liverpool 1 Shrewsbury Town 0 (Feb 4 2020)

    "I have to say though that in general I’d like something to be done to help ensure the lower league clubs get more cash as football is definitely weighted too heavily in favour of the top flight. It’s basically a reflection of modern society. The rich get richer and fuck everyone else." This is the most pertinent paragraph in the report. Capitalism in football has benefited English football, and in particular, the top 6 and Premier league teams. In society though, the gross capitalism of the country has caused massive societal inequality and led to Brexit, when a vote against what the "elites" wanted was the only weapon the deprived working class had left. And the way things are going it's not going to get any better over the next decade.
  4. buster69

    Shewsbury Town 2 Liverpool 2 (Jan 26 2020)

    Gary???? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkNoNjCyrCU
  5. buster69

    Shewsbury Town 2 Liverpool 2 (Jan 26 2020)

    How about scrapping replays but giving lower division sides the decision whether they want the game played at their own ground or not? Then lower league league sides can decide if they want to get a better chance at winning, or the gate receipts
  6. buster69

    Wolves 1 Liverpool 2 (Jan 23 2020)

    Very good report Dave. Just a couple of things 1. "I want to have my cake and eat it. Never understood the point of that saying" Exactly. As Billy Connolly once said "What the hell is the point of having a cake if I can't eat it" 2. Traore is terrifying, but was he more terrifying than Zaha against Milner this time last year? Also, I remember a game in 2002 when Gronkjaer absolutely destroyed Carragher. I thought that day he was going to be one of the all time greats. Obviously, the 2 careers went in different directions after that....
  7. buster69

    Premier League Round Up (Jan 18-22 2020)

    If Jordan Pickford is a pile of shit, does that mean he's Theo Walcott????
  8. buster69

    Tottenham 0 Liverpool 1 (Jan 11 2020)

    Nice report Dave, but why all the shitting on the Baldies? Did Pepe Reina, Mascherano and Gary McAllister not do enough for us? (sad face)
  9. buster69

    Premier League Round Up (Jan 1 2020)

    I thought the deliberate mistake was when you said West Ham won 3-0?
  10. buster69

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 26-29 2019)

    Well we had one of the best defensive records in qualifying :) Admittedly the rest of the side is pretty poor. Connolly, Obafami and Parrott though ;)
  11. buster69

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 26-29 2019)

    Well you did call McGoldrick a chump in the round up last week for not scoring. Sounds like a bit of a slight to me. It's probably just me. Being bald and Irish are the 2 things I have a chip on my shoulder about. But anyway, as you say, the Irish, like the Chinese, are a great bunch of lads
  12. buster69

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 26-29 2019)

    Got to take issue with your slating of Obafemi Dave. He's Irish in fact. Yes I know he's black and he doesn't look proper Leprechaun but he's one of us. Your slating of Irish strikers (McGoldrick, Jon Walters) is a bit of a recurring theme actually. Now I know we may be a bit shit but in the immortal words of Erasure please.....give a little respect......tooooo me...
  13. buster69

    Liverpool 2 Monterrey 1 (Dec 18 2019)

    No man of the match or did I miss it?
  14. buster69

    Liverpool 2 Watford 0 (Dec 14 2019)

    Have been away the last few months and have not seen as many games as I would have liked. Saturday was the first game in a while and I was shocked by how poor we were. Either we're hanging on and we're going to get our comeuppance soon or this is our actual blip period and we're going to go into overdrive in the new year.