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  1. Good report Dave. Nice and balanced. I do wish that the fight with you and the guy watching the game took place. That sounds like it would have been a sight to see
  2. buster69

    Liverpool 2 Wolves 0 (May 12 2019)

    Good report. Just on the Ben Johnson thing though, wasn't he actually penalized for cheating though and Carl Lewis won the gold medal? I don't think that's a fair analogy really. Also, I think Carl Lewis was actually juiced up nearly as much as Ben so again, so yeah, I don't think that's a comparison we want...
  3. Just reading this now, "How would we cope with 2 of our front 3 out?" Well, I reckon we got our answer on that one...
  4. buster69

    Premier League Round Up (May 3-5 2019)

    That Luke Shaw thing is interesting. It's amazing how many United fans slated him last week, and then he was given player of the year! It's incredible how bad they've been. Before they could at least have given De Gea the award, but he's been so bad now they can't even do that. By the way I know a way Chelsea can overcome the transfer ban and sign about 40 players, recall all the guys out on loan. And no, 40 is not an exaggeration, it's actually 43. I've counted it on Wikipedia (Yes, I know, my life is sad etc)
  5. buster69

    Barcelona 3 Liverpool 0 (May 1 2019)

    My one takeaway from all of this is the obsession of Dave with the size of Maradona and Messi's penises. They're Argentinian Dave, not Japanese, I'm sure their penises are perfectly normal sized! ***I would like to add the above was merely a joke and does not reflect my true feelings towards the Argentinians, the Japanese, or the size of their penises...
  6. buster69

    Premier League Round Up (Apr 20-24 2019)

    Just on the "Players who have completely fallen off a cliff" theme:Torres post 2010, Joe Cole post 2010, Ronaldinho post 2006, Benteke post 2016, Michael Ricketts... Think the 2014 loss would still be more devastating than this season. Considering it was only 3 games to go and it was Gerrard slipping after giving the "This does not slip now" Hard to get more grimly ironic than that. Also Dave it's Jeff HENDRICK. Jimi Hendrix was a guitarist. I don't know what Hendricks is, maybe a drink or something..
  7. buster69

    FC Porto 1 Liverpool 4 (Apr 17 2019)

    I think the karaoke helped us. And was it not Arbeloa that had Messi in his pocket, not Riise? Maybe Arbeloa has moved to Norway now, I don't know...
  8. buster69

    Premier League Round Up (Apr 6-8 2019)

    Just on the Roy Hodgson point I thought Joe Cole would be a great signing for us. But I guess he was signed by the wrong manager...
  9. buster69

    Liverpool 4 Crystal Palace 3 (Jan 19 2019)

    Every great defence has at least one or two days when things go to pot. Remember Houllier's team? Had a 5-4 Uefa cup final against Alaves. Benitez: 2 3-3 finals against Milan and, somewhat less forgivably, West Ham. So you can forgive an odd off day once it's the exception. It was a close game, and I remember a lot of close ones in the 2014 run as well. We only beat West Ham, Norwich and City by inches that year in the run in. So all this "Oh this is a sign it's their year", Danny Murphy saying we'll win it, is all bullshit. It's only your year when the season's over and your kissing the trophy.
  10. buster69

    Premier League Round Up (Jan 12-14 2019)

    So you didn't remember Cathcart, or Wes Hoolahan or even Darron Gibson back in the day. Something about us Irish you don't like Dave?? You're like Boris Johnson...
  11. buster69

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 29 - Jan 2 2018)

    Excellent report Dave. Just a couple of things. For me, Fraser looks like a long lost cousin of Shaqiri. Is that a further reason why he qualifies for "My Boy" status? Seeing as you "Love Shaq" and all... Also, you're saying Kane is unworthy of being in the honours list because other people are more noble than him. Eh, did you see the people who get honoured in these things? Jimmy Saville, Phillip Green, people who were involved in the Hillsborough cover up...Kane is probably one of the least worst people on it!
  12. buster69

    Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1 (Sep 29 2018)

    Just a thought, but how much can the form of the front three be related to them having a long summer at the World Cup, whereas Sturridge is fresh from having his best (or only) pre-season in years? I know the form of Hazard would kind of contradict that finding but he may be the only top player who is like that this season. I also think Salah is still feeling the strain from his run ins with the Egyptian FA. That sounds like a massive headache for him. The fact that he came back soon from that shoulder injury probably didn't help him either.
  13. buster69

    Liverpool 1 Chelsea 2 (Sep 26 2018)

    In fairness to Hazard that was a hell of a goal he scored. Sure he only had to beat Moreno and a few others, but Maradona only went past Terry Fenwick!
  14. buster69

    World Cup 2018 Round Up (Semifinals)

    Also Dave, disagree with the "anything can happen with penalties" line about England. If that's the case, how come Germany always win them, while other teams don't? I would give Southgate credit as to how the team did with set pieces and penalties. But I agree they are a very average side.
  15. buster69

    World Cup 2018 Round Up (Final)

    Good report Dave, there is a lot I agreed with. In particular the Trippier thing. If you're fit enough to play in a glorified friendly on a Saturday, you're fit enough to play the last 10 minutes of the biggest game of your life on a Wednesday. That he didn't do that was a dereliction of duty. Crazy stuff. On the penalty decision Dave, think it was a 50/50. The thing is, everybody is saying it wasn't a penalty because, if they're honest, they wanted Croatia to win. If it was the Champions League final and Sergio Ramos did it, everybody would say it should be a penalty. I think the ref thought he would have got more flack if he hadn't given it and Croatia lost. A tough call, but in a way, I can fully understand why he gave it. To be honest I really liked the tournament. I was disappointed how it ended (nobody wanted to France to win, except the French obviously) but I hate the flack International football gets. "It's not as good as club football" Yeah, I get that. You know why? Because the players have less time together and they don't have billions of pounds (Real, City, PSG) to throw around at their team. At least with international football you get to see new different sides and the possibility (although it didn't actually come to pass) of an underdog winning. I'd take that over Real winning the Champions League every year and Bayern winning the Bundesliga by 30 points any day.