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  1. buster69

    World Cup 2018 Round Up (Semifinals)

    Also Dave, disagree with the "anything can happen with penalties" line about England. If that's the case, how come Germany always win them, while other teams don't? I would give Southgate credit as to how the team did with set pieces and penalties. But I agree they are a very average side.
  2. buster69

    World Cup 2018 Round Up (Final)

    Good report Dave, there is a lot I agreed with. In particular the Trippier thing. If you're fit enough to play in a glorified friendly on a Saturday, you're fit enough to play the last 10 minutes of the biggest game of your life on a Wednesday. That he didn't do that was a dereliction of duty. Crazy stuff. On the penalty decision Dave, think it was a 50/50. The thing is, everybody is saying it wasn't a penalty because, if they're honest, they wanted Croatia to win. If it was the Champions League final and Sergio Ramos did it, everybody would say it should be a penalty. I think the ref thought he would have got more flack if he hadn't given it and Croatia lost. A tough call, but in a way, I can fully understand why he gave it. To be honest I really liked the tournament. I was disappointed how it ended (nobody wanted to France to win, except the French obviously) but I hate the flack International football gets. "It's not as good as club football" Yeah, I get that. You know why? Because the players have less time together and they don't have billions of pounds (Real, City, PSG) to throw around at their team. At least with international football you get to see new different sides and the possibility (although it didn't actually come to pass) of an underdog winning. I'd take that over Real winning the Champions League every year and Bayern winning the Bundesliga by 30 points any day.
  3. buster69

    World Cup 2018 Round Up (Semifinals)

    Good round up Dave. I wanted England to win but I can see the counter argument of why you might not. And yes the Henderson thing really pissed me off "Oh, look how shit this guy is". Well, pretty much EVERYBODY looks shit against Luka Modric. And you ignore the fact that he was after playing 28 England games in a row that they hadn't lost. Or that he played in a team that were in the Champions League final this year and reached England's first semi-final in 28 years. And finally, if you think Henderson's performance was bad, I can't wait to see the "highlight" reel of Eric Dire's tournament
  4. buster69

    World Cup 2018 Round Up (Days 15-18)

    Was going to make the exact same point about Danny Murphy and Otamendi At one point Otamendi inexplicably booted the ball out of play. Murphy was like "He was unlucky there..." WTF??? His agent wouldn't defend him that much
  5. buster69

    World Cup 2018 Round Up (Days 11-13)

    I too have a certain fondness for Cantona now. I mean, what about this for a quote "My best moment? I have a lot of good moments but the one I prefer is when I kicked the hooligan"
  6. buster69

    Premier League Round Up (Apr 21-23 2018)

    Do you think Wenger leaving is actually the worst thing that could happen to Arsenal Fan TV? Who the hell is going to watch if they're not losing their shit at someone? I guess they could always direct their anger at Kroenke. Maybe that might be next year's storyline.
  7. buster69

    Premier League Round Up (Apr 14-19 2018)

    Can't agree with you on Pep Dave. Remember this? That was after City had beaten Burnley last season. I think he's a bit of an arse most of the time
  8. buster69

    Manchester United 2 Liverpool 1 (Mar 10 2018)

    Excellent report Dave. Just a couple of things 1) I can't agree this is our best side in 25 years. We're worse defensively than the one in 2009 and worse in an attacking way than the one in 2014 2) I think the best, and perhaps, only way to beat Mourinho is by playing Mourinho football against them. That's what Rafa did in two champions league finals and he won twice. Don't attack, just play long balls up and rely on flick ons and corner kicks. Hell Rafa can still beat Mourinho even though he's managing a side that are basically championship level! The problem with Klopp, like Rodgers, is that he's a bit too much of an idealist. He not only wants to win, he has to win HIS way. I'm not saying he's not an excellent manager, or he's not better than Rodgers or Benitez, but the only way to beat that cunt is be an even bigger cunt than him and grind it out. Hell, even when Guardiola has beaten him it's been goals from corners and long balls.
  9. buster69

    Premier League Round Up (Feb 10-12 2018)

    I have to say I love Conte too. His celebration against Spain in Euro 2016 is one of my all time favourite football memories. And I'm with you on Vardy too. He's probably one of England's best players, but he won't get a sniff of a game come the World Cup because Kane will play non stop. And Jonjo Shelvey would be one of England's best players if he ever got his head right. Maybe it's only playing against United that really lights the fire in him. If only Ferguson was still managing there so he could tell him to fuck off again. Those were the days...
  10. buster69

    TLW Deadpool 2018

    Roll my list over please
  11. buster69

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 23-28 2017)

    I think Kane is still a bit underrated yes. And I think the fact that he's a bit ugly might mean that Real won't sign him. Remember they turned down Ronaldinho because of that. They'll probably go for Neymar in a year or 2 again. Just think of the shirt sales.
  12. buster69

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 23-28 2017)

    That is too good. TOO good. Old Ailsa.
  13. buster69

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 9-13 2017)

    Good stuff as usual Dave. I always prefer the weekend round ups to the match reports. The reports are just a general "Well, we're not that good are we?" whereas the roundup you get to flex you, not inconsiderable, comedic chops. By the way have you ever heard the "King" story about Pardew? Look it up online if you have the time. It's a cracker
  14. buster69

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 2-3 2017)

    I fully agree on Lingard. The guy is lucky there's no IQ test involved in being a footballer, as he's obviously borderline retarded. I can't figure out who I hate more actually. Him or Pogba? In relation to Bony, there's got to be a gag there relating to "Bony being hungry" I'll leave that in your capable hands