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Israel - A Rant


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On 11/02/2024 at 16:02, TheHowieLama said:



I know this is a huge stretch but did you read the article?


A bigger stretch would you to write a post without coming across as a condescending little cunt. 


The answer to your irrelevant question  is yes. Now back to the point. Certain headlines by certain news outlets are framed differently for certain subjects and certain people. The BBC being but one  







Spot the difference?


This now being acknowledged by CNN themselves at the bottom of the article and they've subsequently changed their headline. 






You may notice the headline in this post is slightly different than the one I originally posted. Which was the point being made. 





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Those poor fucking kids, why is nobody taking action? I try and avoid this thread because I look at my little one and imagine being in that situation. It makes me feel physically ill.


A lot of people in power right now should not be able to sleep at night but they will because they don’t give a shit and have not a shred of humanity. 

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Just running out of words to describe the inhumanity involved in this. Desperate, frightened people. 




Another medic in Rafah, who did not want to be named, told the BBC that many people were living in cramped and unsanitary conditions.


"I live here with 20 people in two rooms... and I know people that are 100 people in three rooms."


"We don't have water to wash, we don't have clothes, we don't have the option to do hygiene stuff," he said.


"My friends, all of the people I meet... all of them are having at least flu, cholera, diarrhoea, scabies, hepatitis A - which is a newcomer for us - and it's getting worse and worse."

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Zionists ALWAYS conflate Zionism with Judaism.


Not all Jews are Zionists.


Not all Zionists are Jews.


Many many jews all around the world refuse to be associated with Zionism. People like Ilan Pappe, Norman Finkelstein, Miko Peled, and many many others are heroes that have exposed and debunked Zionist lies with facts and documents that show the truth to anyone who cares to read or listen.





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Right wing nationalists tend to be hateful and racist people. That’s why normal people don’t want to date such people.


Then Zionists take it up another level. They largely are happy to go to bat for an Apartheid perpetrating state and will advocate anything they do, including the murder of 15,000+ children. That’s sociopathic behaviour. Who’d want date a sociopathic racist? Not to mention one who looks like a free range egg wearing glasses? 

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