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Featured: That was the week that was (Jan 5-11 2019)

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Saturday Jan 5:


Lots of interesting bits from Klopp’s pre-Wolves presser today. The 16 year old Dutch kid might play against Wolves, as might Curtis Jones and Rafa Camacho, who is a target for his former club Sporting Lisbon apparently. We might need him on Monday though because we’ve got no back up right back after Clyne was allowed to join Bournemouth on loan.


Something doesn’t really add up here. Clyne apparently asked to leave, but why would he want out when there’s a chance of him playing a role in a title win and / or Champions League success? Ok, he’s not first choice, but he started against United and he’s been on the bench ever since.


He’s not a million miles away from getting a game. Trent could get injured, Gomez is regularly injured, and Clyne might even be next in line at left back. He’s giving that up to go and play for Bournemouth? It’s not even a World Cup or Euros year, so it’s not like he needs to worry about an England spot. 


Just seems weird to me, but then Clyne’s entire situation for the past couple of years has been weird. There was barely ever any updates on when he’d be fit again after his back injury, and when was the last time he did any kind of interview with the TV channel? Usually injured players are on there all the time, hell, Ox is on there more than Peter McDowell, but Clyne has been nowhere to be seen.  Like I say, just a very odd situation. 


He’ll be joined at Bournemouth by Dom Solanke, who made a permanent move there for £19m. Michael Edwards drives a harder bargain that Daniel Levy these days. Credit where it's due, we do great when it comes to bringing in big money for players we don’t want. I like Solanke though, he’ll be a good player for someone but it's been clear for a while it wouldn’t be for us. Just not a great fit for how we play.


Klopp basically said we needed to do right by him and let him leave because if you want to attract young players to the club you have to show them that they’ll either get a chance or they’ll be allowed to move on. Keeping hold of Solanke would have served no purpose at this point. £19m though? Bournemouth are great aren’t they?


Other snippets from today were that Moreno and Mignolet will both start in Monday night’s upcoming defeat at Wolves. Moreno is “an unbelievably professional person” apparently, and as for Mignolet, well Klopp said “I could write a book of all the good things I could say about Simon”. Yeah, and it’d be in the fiction aisle, amirite?


Sunday Jan 6:


Fulham want Origi and we want £25m. Neither is happening and here’s why: Fulham have got Mitrovic, Shurrle and Sessegnon, so they’re fine up top. They need defenders, not a centre forward. And as for us, well we’ve just sold Solanke so why would we let Origi go as well? 


Unless we’re bringing someone in of course, or promoting a kid. Bobby Duncan is making big progress but fuck knows where Rhian Brewster is. He was meant to be back in November and there’s still no sign of him and as far as I’m aware there’s been no updates. He’ll be at Bournemouth before we know it.


It’s easy to say Clyne, Solanke and Origi are all expendable and won’t be missed, but I don’t like the idea of us coming out of a transfer window significantly weaker than when we went into it, especially when there’s so much at stake in the next five months. Mind you, I'm still pissed we sold arl Ragnar in the summer.



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I'd be happy to see Coutinho back, but can't see it happening. He'd have to admit leaving us was a mistake (how many players say that?) and the cost would be stupid, Barcelona won't let him go for a reasonable price.

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I agree about Clyne, all very odd. I thought the same,that it’s not World Cup year.


Can’t agree on Coutinho though, he left us in the lurch and was starting to create some bad feeling in the squad. He’s made his bed he can lie in it!


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Good calls on Mahrez and Tarkowski. Hopefully Mahrez will be to City this year what Rodney Marsh was to them in the 70s (one for the old timers there). I watched Tarkowski a lot when he was at Brentford. He was a footballing centre half and encouraged to take risks in Playing the ball out from the back. Decent player but he made some howlers. Once Dyche got hold of him he obviously told him to cut out any risks and he got into the England squad doing that. But that's not how Klopp wants his defenders to play and if he came to us he would be terribly exposed. If we were looking at a championship player then Kemar Roofe would be a better bet. He's come on a ton this season and could be good cover for any of the front three.

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The Tarkowski story started in The Sun. They’ll just have been recycling the summer rumour as they get fuck all from the club.

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