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  1. Mikecox1980

    Premier League Round Up (Jun 23-25 2020)

    Hey, Dave? I saw you before a game at the beginning of the season to thank you for doing a printed magazine issue and that I'd missed them, and with total confidence you told me there would be another one next year... Well?!
  2. Mikecox1980

    Featured: That was the week that was (Jan 5-11 2019)

    I'd be happy to see Coutinho back, but can't see it happening. He'd have to admit leaving us was a mistake (how many players say that?) and the cost would be stupid, Barcelona won't let him go for a reasonable price.
  3. Mikecox1980

    Liverpool 5 Arsenal 1 (Dec 29 2018)

    I might start believing after Thursday...
  4. Mikecox1980

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 22-28 2018)

    "Baby faced Gobshite"... Really hope that nickname sticks!
  5. "You ain’t got three European Cups? Sorry, you ain’t getting in. Ok, tell you what, maybe we can work something out, have you got two? No? Fuck off then…. You still here? You don’t give up easily do you. Ok, we’ll let you in with one European Cup. Each. Ok, between you. You don’t even have that? Get the fuck out of here before we call the police." Love it!
  6. Mikecox1980

    Porto 0 Liverpool 5 (Feb 14 2018)

    *takes mouthful of tea* *reads "50 shades of Mignolet"* *sprays tea everywhere*
  7. Mikecox1980

    Premier League Round Up (Nov 18-20 2017)

    I miss the diary...
  8. Mikecox1980

    Premier League Round Up (May 5-10 2017)

    I miss being optimistic
  9. Mikecox1980

    Premier League Round Up (Mar 18-19)

    Can't believe I watched that entire "Leave right now" video, but sheer fascination kept me going... Best bit, last few seconds! Go 'ed lad, pull yer hair out!
  10. Mikecox1980

    Hull City 2 Liverpool 0 (Feb 4 2017)

    90% psychological works for the other team as well, because they know we're vulnerable. I've been joking for a couple of weeks that now I know what it's like to be an Everton fan... Now I'm sick of knowing what it's like to be one
  11. Mikecox1980

    Liverpool 1 Wolves 2 (Jan 28 2017)

    Top four finish seems to be a priority, because the European football will attract better players. Didn't we miss a signing over summer because we didn't have it?
  12. Mikecox1980

    Southampton 1 Liverpool 0 (Jan 11 2017)

    Not one player stood out for me, maybe Karius and our defence felt a bit stronger, but possession means nothing without moving the ball quicker to the attack. We're not a team that just lumps it up front (because we don't have a striker able to control play like that) but we needed to put pressure on them before they manage to get six in the back line arranged with time for a cup of tea and a biscuit. I'm really really hoping they were saving themselves for Sunday...