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Premier League Round Up (Mar 16-17 2024)

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Short one this week as there were only four games and none of the big boys were playing. Unless you count Spurs in that, which nobody does.


Some weird goings on at Burnley v Brentford. The home side took the lead early on from the spot after Reguilon had fouled Vitinho. The ref didn’t give it initially, even though it was blatant. No idea who the ref was as I’ve never seen him before. Maybe that’s why Paul Tierney was happy to send him to the screen to show him the error of his ways.


So he then gives the pen, but also sends Reguilon off. What am I missing here, how is that a red card? I thought they scrapped the whole ‘double jeopardy’ thing? Does it only count on keepers? If so, that’s fucking stupid. That punishment does not fit the crime. It’s a clumsy foul but not deliberate and since when are red cards being given for standard penalty calls? Gross wasn't sent off for fouling Szoboszlai in the box and that was worse than this. 


And why is it different for keepers compared to defenders? Ederson wiped out Nunez last week and got a yellow. Now that was fair because I don’t think Darwin is reaching that ball and getting a shot away, but the point is that even if it was an area where he would have had an empty net it is no longer a red card.


Actually, the Jota one against Newcastle is a better example. A penalty is given against the keeper and Jota had an open goal, but that’s not a red card. So why the fuck is Reguilon getting sent off when the Burnley lad still has to beat the keeper? As I say, am I missing something here, because this seems wrong. So the decision was apparently right, but the rule is shit.


Anyway, Bruun Larsen buried the pen and Brentford were now having to play almost an entire game with only ten men. No wonder Burnley were able to finally win a game. Mind you, bombing James Trafford to the bench helped too. He’s been dropping clangers all season and Kompany finally ditched him in mid-March. Still, at least he was able to help City maintain some sort of pretence about trying to comply with FFP. Bulb headed cunt.


Some moustachio'd cat named Muric took his place and was almost embarrassed by O’Shea who played a blind backpass that the keeper needed to scramble across and clear off the line. Burnley have been doing this kind of shit all season. Absolute clown show back there, trying to play like Man City with Championship level players.


They do play some decent stuff though and Fofana should have scored after a nice move, but he somehow put it miles wide from three yards out with an open goal. Look at the goal he scored last week and then look at this. Some serious Darwin vibes about it.


He did find the net in the second half with a nice finish, seconds after Vitinho had made a goal saving tackle to deny Lewis Potter on the break. That kind of thing is a proper back breaker, Brentford thought they were about to get back level and then just like that it’s 2-0.


Brentford pulled one back through Ajer as a VAR check was taking place for two penalty appeals Brentford had. Tough game for the officials this because every time there was a corner the penalty area resembled a Royal Rumble. Usually that’s because of Brentford, who are one of the worst in the league for holding on set-pieces. This was mostly Burnley though, who got away with fucking murder. I don’t blame them though, unless you’re playing Man City then the refs are not calling these no matter how blatant they are so why wouldn’t you do it? May as well if they aren’t going to call them.


Brentford had an equaliser ruled out right at the death when Toney was adjudged to have fouled the keeper. Yeah, he did foul him, correct decision even though I’d have died laughing if that one had counted against Kompany. Never mind, he’ll be back in the Championship soon enough and we can forget he exists again.


Brentford are quite close to that relegation battle too and they’re on a terrible run, but I just don’t see them being in any trouble, especially now my boy Mbuemo is back alongside my boy Toney and my other boy Maupay.

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  • dave u pinned this topic
5 hours ago, sir roger said:

I wont bow down to anybody in my Everton hate, but once they realised Robinson's first name was Antonee, he had to go.


Petty and ridiculous.


Sounds just like something I'd say.

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You're not Lonely in Your Nightmare in finding the penalty/red card thing hard to follow, it's like a New Religion has just been made up. I daresay many people were left wondering Is there Something I Should Know after that. If I had My Way it would be a red card only if a certain goal had been denied. 

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  • dave u unpinned this topic

Finally caught up with last week’s MotD, as there was fuck all else on (except the women’s derby, which was dire). The double jeopardy rule only applies to a genuine attempt to win the ball…. yeah, define ‘genuine’. The Notorious decision by Taylor at Brighton still has me fuming and somehow has gone under the radar of Extremely Dodgy Decisions. The DOGSO foul by Gross was Invisible to Taylor, but he managed to give us a penalty for a challenge on Diaz that arguably wasn’t even a foul. Corrupt. We should have been 2-1 up and playing against 10. The fact they equalised from a dodgy free kick just rubbed salt in the wound. Another 2 points to add to the tally of points stolen from us this season. 

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