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  1. Ipplfc

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 22-28 2018)

    Great report that. the hodge apologising to pep at the end for winning was funny as fuck
  2. Ipplfc

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 1-5 2018)

    Great read that,not sure I’m comfortable with that Ryan Frazer cunt having my boy status though
  3. Ipplfc

    Liverpool 1 Everton 0 (Dec 2 2018)

    Good report that,there is definitely something missing in our overall play but we’ve only scored one less goal than at this stage last season
  4. Ipplfc

    Liverpool 3 Southampton 0 (Sep 22 2018)

    Michael Antonio in February, last goal conceded at Anfield.
  5. Ipplfc

    The Jurgen Klopp appreciation society

    Great to read all these really positive comments,can’t wait for the season to start. Come on you fuck’n reds
  6. Ipplfc

    Michael Edwards

    Until he gets shut of Markovic for 15 mill I’m out
  7. Ipplfc

    All hail our new Number 1

    He looks too much like Steven warnock
  8. Really good that,love the ev in Europe attendance thing. One of my customers wrote a book about Everton in Europe called das ball iis rund,I was working on his house when he told me about it and I said to him I’ll have that read before my tea goes cold!!! He’s actually a lovely fella and funnily enough his name is Michael Owen
  9. Ipplfc

    World Cup 2018 Round Up (Days 1-3)

    Great round up that but very surprised there was no mention of the fantastic jet black hair of the Peru team
  10. Ipplfc

    At least they've stopped pretending

    This is spot on,my son is 26 now,we still go the match together and I still tell him this every season,they never have and never will give a fuck about the fans
  11. Ipplfc

    Fekir Alternatives

  12. Ipplfc

    Liverpool 1 Real Madrid 3 (May 26 2018)

    I only got home today,didn’t have an ounce of sympathy before,during or after my near 24 hour journey,just seen the goals on the news and I will never feel sorry for him,why should I? He has shown an awful lack of professionalism on both counts,as you say in your report (which is a great report by the way)when have you ever seen that happen so to do it in the European cup final is totally unforgivable,having just seen the second from behind the goal it is fuck’n horrendous and brutally exposes his total lack of the required ability,this was the fuck’n European cup final so no,i don’t feel sorry for him and never will.
  13. Ipplfc

    roma away,

    Mo will sort these bastards out
  14. Ipplfc

    Midfield Injuries

    I’d put Clyne right back