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  1. Ipplfc

    Liverpool 0 Fulham 1 (Mar 7 2021)

    These players have been given a walk over for far too long,they need to be told in no uncertain terms what an embarrassment they are to this football club,us fans and mostly to themselves,feeling sorry for themselves and just being weak cunts has to stop now!!!! Thanks,as usual for a great report Dave,lose or lose
  2. So,just what the actual fuck was Leno doing?
  3. Ipplfc

    Premier League Round Up (Jan 16-20 2021)

    Keep up the good work Dave,you have to take the rough with the smooth, at least you haven’t had to write about the ev for a couple of weeks
  4. Keep up the good work Dave, you are (just about) keeping us sane
  5. One positive from the u23’s game was the return of Adam Lewis after three months out injured,really hope his luck turns now
  6. Ipplfc

    Burnley 0 Liverpool 3 (Aug 31 2019)

    Good report that,Sadio was right to be so pissed off,shite by Mo that. what about Millie though? posted a picture of the bench with the caption, Sadio getting upset because the boss didn’t put me on, fuck’n love James Milner
  7. Ipplfc

    Premier League Round Up (Aug 10-11 2019)

    Good report that,I sort of get the lampard thing but I will never forgive that cunt for doin Xabi at Anfield,the shithouse
  8. Ipplfc

    Hall of Fame - Class of 2019

    That is really difficult
  9. Ipplfc

    Liverpool 2 Wolves 0 (May 12 2019)

    Fantastic stuff that, wouldn’t the Sadio 11mm thing had given us the lead? might have turned out differently, i just hope for all our sakes we win this fuck’n European cup,by god do those boys deserve it
  10. Ipplfc

    Liverpool 4 Barcelona 0 (May 7 2019)

    That was the ref when Bobby scored the winner against PSG in the group stage and when we beat Dortmund in the Europa semi
  11. Ipplfc

    Liverpool 4 Burnley 2 (Mar 10 2019)

    Great report that,if any perspective were needed, after 30 games we have scored 68 goals, after 30 games last season we had scored 68 goals, we now have 73 points, we finished last season with 75 points, with 8 games remaining whatever happens these players deserve great credit. it will still hurt like fuck if we do miss out though
  12. Ipplfc

    Premier League Round Up (Feb 2-6 2019)

    Wasn’t fat Sam the palace manager when the hornet trolled Zaha?
  13. Ipplfc

    Liverpool 4 Crystal Palace 3 (Jan 19 2019)

    Great report that, lets hope the players handle the pressure better than us because its going to be fuck’n bonkers this run in