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  1. Ipplfc

    Liverpool 3 Wolves 1 (May 22 2022)

    Great report that Dave,as they have been all season, thanks Dave. up the fuck’n mighty reds
  2. Apparently during sir Bob’s 9 years in charge the top three spenders were 1 man u 2 man c 3 Liverpool
  3. You and all the family take care Dave
  4. Ipplfc

    Man City 2 Liverpool 2 (Apr 10 2022)

    Good report that. the worrying thing for me was in that first half we looked like Arsenal at Anfield against us
  5. Ipplfc

    Man City 2 Liverpool 2 (Apr 10 2022)

    Some really good points there
  6. Ipplfc

    Premier League Round Up (Mar 13-20 2022)

    Great round up that but can’t believe you didn’t mention in the last second of the Leeds Norwich game Pukki hit a volley that looked a sure equaliser but hit the Leeds goalie right on the fod
  7. Ipplfc

    Liverpool 3 Cardiff City 1 (Feb 6 2022)

    Good report that,let’s hope in the next round we see the new Luis terrorise Norwich like the old Luis did
  8. Ipplfc

    Arsenal 0 Liverpool 2 (Jan 20 2022)

    Great report that, Kloppo will have been buzzing how good Gordon was tactically without the ball,Tierney hardly got over the halfway line,really good from someone so young
  9. Ipplfc

    Premier League Round Up (Jan 15-19 2022)

    Great write up that, I definitely wanted spurs to win after the antics of Leicester’s cunt fans and seeing that Maddison prick nearly in tears at the end was funny as fuck
  10. Ipplfc

    Brentford 3 Liverpool 3 (Sep 25 2021)

    Good report that,Robbo has also developed a concerning habit of being weak as piss in the tackle and turning his back,he needs to knock that on the head too,his attempt to block the cross for the first goal was abysmal
  11. Ipplfc

    Liverpool 2 Palace 0 (May 23 2021)

    Great last report Dave,thanks for soldiering on through all that shit, have a good summer everyone, up the fuck’n mighty reds
  12. Great report that Dave,could sense the spring in your fingers. I thought it was Carra who screamed Bobbbyyy when he scored
  13. Ipplfc

    Liverpool 0 Fulham 1 (Mar 7 2021)

    These players have been given a walk over for far too long,they need to be told in no uncertain terms what an embarrassment they are to this football club,us fans and mostly to themselves,feeling sorry for themselves and just being weak cunts has to stop now!!!! Thanks,as usual for a great report Dave,lose or lose
  14. So,just what the actual fuck was Leno doing?