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Suarez: I think the warmth from the Liverpool fans is still there for me 

Ahead of the second leg of the Champions League semi final clash with Barcelona, Luis Suarez has guaranteed that he will not celebrate scoring a goal in front of the Anfield faithful.

The antics of the Uruguayan was up for much debate after the first leg at the Nou Camp where he was at his antagonistic best and looking to get in the faces of the Liverpool players wherever possible.

As Liverpool fans, we know better than most what Suarez brings to the table.


 Basically he is a competitive beast and will do whatever it takes to see his team claim the victory.

However the striker who left Liverpool under less than desirable circumstances in 2014, has poured on the charm ahead of the second leg.

Sky Sports reported Suarez as saying:

"People who know about football know the importance of the goal I scored in the Champions League semi-final.

"I have all the respect in the world for the Liverpool fans. Because I scored it and celebrated it with my fans, I say sorry.



"I am very thankful to Liverpool, to the fans and to the club, and obviously it's clear that if I score a goal against Liverpool [at Anfield] I won't celebrate it. 

"The same way I didn't do in Holland when I scored [for Ajax against Groningen]."

It is undeniable the brilliance that Suarez has. 
During his three and a half year stint at the club, he took the fans on a journey that they will never forget.

It was the sublime to the ridiculous and everything in between.

Suarez believes the fans still cherish the fond memories and therefore will cut him some slack.




"I think the fans know the work that I did here.

"I am thankful to the club. I think there will be more applause than whistles and I think if people want to whistle and it makes them happy… there will perhaps be quite a few that aren't happy.

"But I think people will be more thankful and grateful. 

"There were people in the kitchen waiting to give me a present for my children.

"I think the love and warmth is still there for me."

The 32 year-old has been around the game long enough not to be complacent ahead of the second leg especially as Barcelona were on the end of a comeback for the ages by Roma in the quarter-final last season.


He also knows first hand how the Anfield crowd can come into play and influence the outcome.

"You have to be conscious from the first second, they are going to come out and put us under pressure.

"We cannot give away silly fouls. They have fast players who can make the difference.

"(The Anfield atmosphere) is an added extra for them. If you are not on your game for a second things can change.

Luis Suarez will always be part of Liverpool folklore, you cannot deny that.

He left every last bead of sweat on the pitch for the course of the team and his reaction after the collapse at Crystal Palace said it all about what he is about.

However his departure certainly left a bad taste in many supporters mouths especially as it set the team on a downward spiral that took a good few seasons to truly rectify. 


It was undoubtedly amplified by his antics last week.

Regardless what Luis thinks, there is little doubt he will cop a great deal of heat from the crowd as while his impact at the Reds will never be forgotten, he is in the enemy camp now.


But in typical Luis Suarez fashion, you can guarantee it is going to be an interesting evening.

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He doesn't deserve to be booed individually. The whole Barcelona team should be booed from the opening whistle for the full 90 minutes. Him and Coutinho should get a loud cheer when their names are announced though.

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If he can feel the warmth then someone lit the bonfire too soon. 



(christ I almost forgot, we live in an age where I have to add that this is obviously a joke)

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5 minutes ago, Jennings said:

He's fucking great. I love him. The fucked up crazy magician!

He's no Glenn Murray.













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2 hours ago, El Rojo said:

No issue with his goal celebration. He can do one for trying to get Milner carded and antagonising Robbo and Alisson though.

I actually think that was Robbo that instigated the latter, something i'm hoping he continues with! Just let him know you are there!!

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Almost every professional footballer and manager is a mercenary, in it for what they can get.  He agitated for a move for ages, but put the effort in on the pitch, whereas coutinho whined, bitched to his teammates, then pretended he was ill and downed tools.  Really, neither of them should have breath wasted on them, but let’s not pretend anyone else is that different. 

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