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  1. He's a good player, used as a Scapegoat by Mourinho. Believe it or not Klopp has a habit of turning players careers around. If there was even a chance of getting him on loan I'm sure Klopp wouldn't have the 'supposed issues' that Mourinho inferred. Probably 1% chance of signing...need to build that squad though.
  2. Never understand why people listen to Gary Neville, the guy spouts the most obvious agreeable tripe. Monday night he entertained the idea that Aubamayeng is now world class....the whole family are busy bastards that crave recognition. I salute them for making it in football...after that...I'd rather listen to Elton Johns 'Candle in the Wind' on endless repeat!
  3. Nolongerathletic

    Naby Keita

    Well he should be overjoyed with that given his performances over the last few seasons. Strangely enough, he does seem to play ok in certain games, in the Barca 1st leg last year he looked like the best player on the pitch until that rat Rakitic tackled him from behind. Having said that he was only on the pitch for 25 mins or so... he seems to start brightly and then gets progressively worse. I can't see many takers for him at minute...maybe Leipzig would have him back...perhaps as part of a Werner deal. In the end I think Klopp is a fan and will persist with him...if he is to improve, he has the best manager in the world to help him do so.
  4. Nolongerathletic

    Premier League Round Up (Feb 14-19 2020)

    Fat Jon Moss was the VAR and he got it right, no doubt while saying “it’s not VAR’s fault you’re in a relegation battle”. 9/10 for that one...you lose a mark for gloating about it!
  5. Nolongerathletic

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Melissa Reddy would have an issue, she'd have nothing to talk about apart from regurgitating the same old crap... If Firmino got injured or sold his only like for like for me is Raul Jiminez...cracking player, albeit think he is about the same age...can't see club signing £120m players for a while...
  6. Nolongerathletic

    January 2020 Transfer Thread

    Too slow...doesn't win ball back...Jose has also done a Luke Shaw on him...fine player but wouldn't be guaranteed place at Liverpool although money not bad...
  7. Nolongerathletic

    January 2020 Transfer Thread

    Would perhaps be a useful addition to backroom team or wherever...sure he could add value somewhere in club..great pro!
  8. Nolongerathletic

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 26-29 2019)

    Enjoyed that...one thing not mentioned in any of media was the Deli tackle v Brighton... akin to Shumacher on Battiston in 1982. Very quickly glossed over it seemed...then the rat got the equaliser (albeit class finish)...cant find a clip to it but looked as cowardly/deliberate as they come!
  9. Nolongerathletic

    Boris Johnson

    Disaster...horrible bastard... Can do what he likes, full focus on NO deal and blame the EU...
  10. Nolongerathletic

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Jesus, £90m - It makes me feel 0.01% better about paying £35m for Andy Carroll...
  11. Nolongerathletic

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Maybe...I think he has been lauded a little too much, done well given the purse strings and football at times easy on the eye but not convinced he is the real deal...Rafa at Spurs I think would have got a higher points total!
  12. Nolongerathletic

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    I care! Do you remember Zaha zooming past Milner..Milner cares!
  13. Nolongerathletic

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    I wouldn't say its threadbare but at times last year it wasn't far off, but we were blessed with injuries...need to address issues like having to pop Milner in at RB against speedsters like Zaha...squad can be somewhat deceptive at times with respect to depth..but to compete competently on all 4 fronts you would think we need to up the quality in numbers outside of first 11/14.....
  14. Nolongerathletic

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    They were a point ahead of the worst Arsenal team in oh so many years...agree doesn't take a lot to improve but not really hard to improve from losing 33% of games in fairness.
  15. Nolongerathletic

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Im not sure they will be seriously strong, albeit Ndombele will be useful but they lost 13 PL games last year and could have actually lost out on top 4 if any of the others were a little less shit! Agree no choice but to strengthen though, think we will but not convinced will see huge money signings.