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  1. Nolongerathletic

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    They should be ecstatic! Although when I look at table and next run of fixtures they could be top of the bottom half in no time again. Their cry baby in chief ‘James’ has been out for last 3/4 games I think and Gylfi Sig has done well for them. Once he comes back and cold weather and losses kick in he will show why Madrid, Munich had no problem letting him go.
  2. Nolongerathletic

    Liverpool 4 Wolves 0 (Dec 6 2020)

    This guys is different class, that ball just sticks to his feet. The fourth goal he strolled out of defence and played a nice ball to Trent. He has oceans of talent and such a brain for the game. He is the one youngster I can’t wait to see develop...touch, composure, eye for a pass, brain, got it all.
  3. Nolongerathletic

    Andrew Robertson

    There are some tough games indeed, however team/squad has come a long way, the idea that we could still pop a very strong team out against Leicester is pleasing..granted things are short at back etc but Klopp has a habit of getting best out of players and in games like this we can almost go in as underdogs/less pressure etc and prevail. Only issue is no fans to get behind whatever team is put out. No matter what 11 start, when I think back to times under Hodgson with exception of a few obvious candidates our first team back then makes me shudder.
  4. Nolongerathletic

    Andrew Robertson

    We have 3 keepers, I'd be playing Adrian and Kelleher outfield
  5. Sky on Salah - "He is also a doubt for Liverpool's clash with Leicester on November 22 due to UK government coronavirus rules dictating a 10-day isolation period after a positive test" Anyone know if he may be out of woods by Sunday?
  6. Nolongerathletic

    West Ham (H) - Premier League - 31/10/20 - 17:30

    Moyesiah working magic
  7. Nolongerathletic

    West Ham (H) - Premier League - 31/10/20 - 17:30

    Agree big time, that 1-1 draw, when Lallana/Milner offside for our goal, he ran our defence ragged for the duration. That Anderson also was on form in that game, he seems to have gone off the radar big time, seemed like a v good player.
  8. Nolongerathletic

    West Ham (H) - Premier League - 31/10/20 - 17:30

    That is something...wouldn't be experimenting too much. Neither Trent or Gomez are great in the air. Sheffield Utd exposed us a for a while on that one and if West Ham play Haller I could see them doing similar. I think if need be Rhys Williams starts otherwise change as little as possible. Assuming Thiago is fit our possession/attacking stats should improve even more and if those up front click then hopefully they are so freaked about what we have going forward that the defence wont be under the cosh so much. I think Firmino will start because he scored against Sheffield Utd, if he is dropped after scoring wouldn't makes sense. Klopp loves him and backs him to find form. 4-0
  9. Nolongerathletic

    Diogo Jota

    He was superb, couldn't believe how impressive he was, looked a real world beater.
  10. Nolongerathletic

    West Ham (H) - Premier League - 31/10/20 - 17:30

    I think Williams is a better option than Philips, think the latter is just too slow. Antonio in particular can be a real handful.
  11. Nolongerathletic

    Virgil Van Dijk

    Correct. If possible I thinks it’s more attack attack attack as best form of defence and Fabinho taking a defensive role for the foreseeable! Only issue our defence not the same pace in it and we will be obviously more vulnerable in the air..why Firmino regardless of form might be chosen.. I think less ball knocked around the back the better and whoever manages our offside line (assume Matip) needs to show some leadership fingers crossed staying fit for 2.5 months. In for a tough ride but got to ha e faith in Klopp. Could really do with positive news on Thiago??
  12. Nolongerathletic

    Virgil Van Dijk

    Even if we did sign a replacement we would be in this mess. A replacement for Lovren is easy enough, finding one for VVD not possible.
  13. Nolongerathletic

    Virgil Van Dijk

    From what I recall that tackle wasn’t as bad as those two yesterday but it was deliberate!! Those two yesterday were not tackles..how Thiago got up is unreal and notthing from that brain dead prick Richarlison! Think Stevens went to the hospital afterwards to visit Beglin, to ease his conscience apparently against the advice of Kenny I think. Ancelotti can do one also...he sent that lot out yesterday to kick like fuck..Allan amazingly only picked up a yellow in the 84th minute!!
  14. Nolongerathletic

    Aston Villa 7 Liverpool 2 (Oct 4 2020)

    Maybe so, Arsenal lemons for the last 10 years do seem like a club that has great players in training! That Pepe!! Teams in PL dont have a KOP and I think any player with that behind them will potentially push themselves a little further, perform to a higher standard, just gives them the edge. In the same respect the away game heightens that awareness of them and us and I think some of our guys thrived on that, Firmino last year seemed to perform better in away games for some reason. The other theory is I'm just talking complete bollocks... which has been known on occasion... and our players are all crap!