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  1. Gym Beglin

    Alisson Becker

    Dothraki bastard. He has the opposition forward suck his cock before the game starts, in exchange for leniency.
  2. Gym Beglin

    Champions League Draw 2018-19

    So mad that we would be in pot 3. My choice, in that scenario would be: Paris St Germain, Borussia Dortmund, Club Brugge. But I bet we get: Atletico Madrid, Napoli, AEK Athens.
  3. I think we've had a pretty good opening to the season, albeit I acknowledge that we haven't got into third gear yet, apart from a short spell maybe here and there. I thought the Brighton game was largely poor, from both sides. However, I'm not overly concerned because we did much the same last season, with the 4-0 win at Arsenal coming in the third game, following two below-par performances against Watford (a)(3-3) and Palace (h)(1-0). But even the Arsenal win was followed by the 5-0 loss to City, and a 1-1 v Burnley at Anfield, and even then we only one won of the next 4 games... First 9 games last season: WATFORD (A) - 3-3 DRAW PALACE (H) - 1-0 WIN ARSENAL (H) - 4-0 WIN CITY (A) - 0-5 LOSS BURNLEY (H) - 1-1 DRAW LEICESTER (A) - 2-3 WIN NEWCASTLE (A) - 1-1 DRAW UNITED (H) - 0-0 DRAW SPURS (A) - 1-4 LOSS During those first 9 games we conceded 16 goals. Salah got 5 goals, Mane got 3 goals, Firmino got 2. It was hardly a blistering start, Salah's form aside, but even without a World Cup year we struggled to get going right up until the end of October, perhaps one decent performance. I think this season we've been sharper from the start, overall, and the impetus for that has come from Van Dijk, Gomez, Robertson, Milner, Keita, Wijnaldum, all players who didn't go to the World Cup, which I don't think is a coincidence. We may or may not get going against Leicester, a week of training and no games may just kick-start the movement and intensity, but away to Leicester isn't a game to take lightly, a win will be deserved not gifted, regardless of the score. Leicester have scored 5 goals so far this season, and 2 of them have been after the 90th minute, so take nothing for granted.
  4. Gym Beglin

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    I’m sick of the whole semitism circus. Baddiel has made a cottage industry out of it in recent years, and yet you listen to him with Gervais and he’s having a laugh at the same things he had previously thrown people in front of the bus for on Twitter. Can we stop wasting our finite time on this planet talking about this senile bollocks, and maybe we can stop Trump destroying the world instead.
  5. Gym Beglin

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    How can any sane person defend Hodge now? This bullshit just jumped the shark, backwards, in slo-mo. I feel sorry for those who have nailed their colours to this mast, there’s a lot of very embarrassed people out there now, I hope they’re with people they love right now.
  6. Gym Beglin

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    If I was having a drink with Corbyn and said something anti-Semitic he’d finish his drink and tell me to fuck off. If I said something around Israel’s domestic and foreign policy he’d engage. They are not the same thing, and I have zero time for anyone trying to trick me into thinking they are. Save your breath, wanker.
  7. Gym Beglin

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Corbyn is evil, that’s a terrific synopsis of the political issues we face. If you focus intently on one viewpoint, and take it to the extreme, then you’re not really seeing the bigger picture here. Zzz.
  8. Gym Beglin

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Wow, that’s a lovely opinion you’ve got there, mind If I ignore it and carry on with my life?
  9. Gym Beglin

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Sick of this Palestinian cunt now.
  10. Gym Beglin

    Sadio Mane

    >Dembele Is 12/1 for top scorer. Think Salah will want him to get it.
  11. Gym Beglin

    Someone's having a real laugh - shitcoat to Utd.

    Shithouse grock-farmer. Jonny 20 centre backs.
  12. Gym Beglin

    Someone's having a real laugh - shitcoat to Utd.

    They’ll lose to Leicester tonight, nailed on, so he gets to depict himself as ‘told you so’ in a press conference.
  13. Gym Beglin

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    Just ask me?
  14. Gym Beglin

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    Yes, that's what I opined in an earlier comment. Do you have a slightly different opinion to me? Or do you just repeat opinions back to people? If so, it's a mad MO, and a crazy use of your time in my opinion, but that's just my hot take on it. And you can quote me on that.