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  1. [YOUTUBE]rdGe28r-KJg[/YOUTUBE]
  2. Reminds me of space. More over here
  3. Shifty

    Insua £5 mil - bid accepted

    That would be correct.
  4. Shifty

    Isn't there an age limit on Youtube?

    God I love the internet.
  5. I'm not quite sure Dave wants his board to be used as advertising space for your games piracy.
  6. Shifty

    Rafa to finally pen 5 year deal next week?

    Correlation not causation.
  7. Shifty

    Ungrateful Wife...

    Do this to her
  8. Shifty

    Portsmouth Away

    Cause getting sarcasm on this board is really easy these days...
  9. Shifty

    Portsmouth Away

    Isn't winning the league the fucking goal? What does it matter what flaws our team has, if we can win the ultimate prize?
  10. Shifty

    Portsmouth Away

    Top of the league you mean?
  11. Shifty

    Everton. FA cup.

    About the same as with Keane then.
  12. Shifty

    What is your favourite thread ever?

    http://www.liverpoolway.co.uk/forum/gf-general-forum/47750-funny-pics-arent-worth-starting-thread.html :whistle:
  13. Shifty


    Selling Finnan for cash, bringing in Degen for free, and then potentially selling him next summer for a profit, hoping Darby is ready for the first team?
  14. Shifty

    I want Luis Garcia back

    Don't hate Christmas, people.