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Dyche: Klopp needs to look at own team before pointing the finger

It has been a week where Jurgen Klopp has made his fair share of the headlines.

Fresh from the 'outrage' surrounding his unbridled passion in running on the pitch to celebrate with Allison after Divock Origi turned home the winner in the 96th minute of the Derby, he now has come under fire from Clarets manager Sean Dyche. 

The two managers greeted each other with a big smile and warm handshake before kickoff, but by the end of the ninety minutes, the relationship was as frosty as the weather on a cold Wednesday night in Lancashire.

Klopp and Dyche exchanged words at the final whistle with the German saying he was unhappy with some of the tackles that the Burnley players were putting in.

In response, Dyche was unapologetic about how his team went about it and actually pointed the finger at a Liverpool player for an incident on the evening.

The Express reported Dyche as saying:

He [Klopp] didn’t reference Daniel Sturridge’s cheating when he went down, nothing near him, and he got a free-kick for it.

“I watched Liverpool as a kid, I was a Liverpool fan growing up in the 70s and they had a fantastic side, one with skill, will and a physical edge.

"Now if that has gone and been replaced by cheating, I’m absolutely happy to be old-fashioned.

"There’s no way I’d want to see good proper professionals challenging in the manner that ours did and replace it with cheating.”

In responding to Klopp's accusation about the tackling, Dyche did concede there was one tackle which was questionable, however he was more than happy with the one which has seen Joe Gomez sidelined for six weeks with a lower leg fracture.



"What I would say is this, and it’s important to register: there were some excellent tackles in the game.

“The only one that was questionable was Bardo’s (Phil Bardsley on Alberto Moreno). Ben Mee’s was a fantastic tackle (on Gomez).

“I imagine a player who seems to be an honest player, in Gomez, realised that. That was the message we got after and we send him our best.”

These squabbles are commonplace in the world of football management and Klopp will by and large brush off the response as every manager worth his salt is going to fight the cause for his own players.

However the cheating reference regarding Sturridge will grate somewhat for the manager and player concerned as it is something you never want to be known as.

Just like teams managed by the likes of Sam Allardyce, Neil Warnock and Tony Pulis, you know exactly what you are going to get when coming up against Burnley.

That is plenty of physicality, long balls and set pieces to deal with.

If you come out the other side with a victory, you have certainly earned it as Liverpool did on Wednesday night.

Now they will put this behind them as the team have much bigger fish to fry in the upcoming months. 

However you suspect Dyche will be sure to receive a interesting reception when the Clarets come to town in early March.

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As I said in the match report thread:



Sean Dyche is like Nigel Pearson in that he looks like he should be one of the minor character coppers from The Bill, who once a year get to be a part of the explosive A-plot that involves shooters and Burnside going rogue.


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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has hit back at Burnley manager Sean Dyche’s claim that Daniel Sturridge cheated during Wednesday’s Premier League clash.


Dyche was irked when Sturridge went down easy to win a free-kick in the first half of the Reds’ 3-1 victory at Turf Moor.

But Klopp said: “Sturridge is no cheat. I’m not sure if he [Dyche] spoke about the challenge of (Phil) Bardsley on Alberto Moreno.


“The game is really hard and sometimes a striker expects a tackle by jumping.”


Already without England defender Joe Gomez for up to six weeks, Liverpool will also be unable to call on Dejan Lovren at Bournemouth on Saturday due to a concussion.


On Virjil van Dijk’s workload, Klopp added: “It’s not the same intensity but with Joe out and Dejan out we don’t have to think about that.”


Forward Sadio Mane is also set to miss out on the south coast, but Georginio Wijnaldum and Andrew Robertson will be fit.


Klopp added: “Sadio tries to run first time. It doesn’t sound like he will be ready for tomorrow. Gini is fine. Robbo is fine.”

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He had a good point regarding Sturridge' dive but that pales into insignificance by ignoring the catalogue of appalling tackles his side did. The referee was poor again too. Its amazing how many English managers revert to type when under pressure and then wonder why its overseas coaches who get the best jobs.

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I hated the free kick they got that led to their disallowed goal. THAT was cheating.


But if you take out the fact that I am a Liverpool supporter and a Klopp fan, nothing the Burnley manager or their team did was much wrong.  They are fighting for their lives.  There were some very strong tackles going in, and that Bardsley should have been red carded, but it was up to our players to step up to the physicality and start matching them.  Moreno needed to pile into Bardsley back.  The truth is we were getting bullied.


Anyway, it did all work out and it was a great result in the end, but I wasn't happy about us letting them get physical with no response.  Sometimes you have to fight and earn the right to play football.

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