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  1. Thinking about it it was sooner than that I would say 4 years ago.
  2. I can barely remember my birthday mate and to be honest it was no big deal. In the grand scheme of things. I honestly have the memory of a goldfish.
  3. It is probably not the right thing to say and often we are guilty of excusing behaviour but a lot of the people locked up are cunts. Stupid and addicts yes but still cunts who would steel your clothes if there was a pound in it.
  4. Like it or not when you are locked up with a load of other people if you are weak it soon shows. Whatever that weakness is it will soon be exposed
  5. Just speaking from my experience. Nick was more a mental institution than a prison. Almost everyone without fail was addicted to something or other and would risk anything to get it. Fundamentally most were decent people but so far into addiction that not much else mattered. There were times when I got friendly with who I thought was a relatively ordinary bloke. had decent conversations about stuff only to find them later on bombed off their tits on whatever. It was depressing.
  6. Homelessness is simply a symptom. The real problem is addiction. Whatever it is booze vallies smack etc. Until you hit that you are wasting your time. Give addicts the stuff they use in a controlled environment with access to health care. take it from there.
  7. Have something to say mate say it, not sure what that means.
  8. Maybe a resource thing. I was in Scotland so maybe its different.
  9. The one thing that did surprise me is that the system is not one system. Each place has its own way of doing things. Not just little things but they operate as totally independent entities. The security in one place was suffocating while in the next non existent. Food great and then disgusting. Maybe he just drew unlucky. If it was Aintree have heard that is a shithole.
  10. Surprised by that mate. Was he open to help? Nice is the wrong word but was he open to it?
  11. One thing to be be taken on board is that don't think prison is something that doesn't concern you. I had never been in trouble ever in my life. Cops are OK no problem. Get pissed big Burt Reynolds carry on and I'm in jail. Beware.
  12. Not sure mate around 8 years or so ago.
  13. Most and I mean about 90% are addicts of some sort so spend everything they can on stuff. It was spice where I was. Can't remember exactly but on remand you cant do a 'proper' job so money is tight. This is when the weak get into shit with debt and the like with the nasty mob.
  14. You get wages in the nick depending upon what you do while in. Even if you do nothing you get a few quid a week 10 - 20 quid. Most spend it on shit but if you spent nothing and are released you may end up with a few 100 quid. You can get an advance on universal credit ( 1 months worth) which again will total several hundred quid. If you are determined i doubt you would leave prison to sleep rough, there are enough agencies desperate to justify their existence trying to help.
  15. Want me to lie? I was fighting off 'doogooders' and the help seemed endless. Maybe that is just me as someone who has never been given fuck all. I had a year of social worker meetings which mainly consisted of box ticking but was flagged because I did not take all of the free stuff they were offering. Food, Broadband, tablets, etc.
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