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Man of the match - Game 7 - Napoli - Away - CL

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Result:  Game 7 - Napoli - Away - CL
1. Fabinho Tavares --------------------38 votes--------------5 points
2. Adrian san Miguel -------------------35 votes--------------3 points
3. Jordan Henderson -------------------16 votes--------------1 point.
A bad day at the office.
We weren't bad generally, but it happens sometimes.
Current table:
1. Roberto Firmino ------------------3MOM------12nd---------23rd-----BB*-----23
2. Sadio Mane ----------------------2MOM------12nd--------------------------13
3. Mohamed Salah ------------------1MOM------12nd--------13rd---------------9
4. Fabinho Tavares ------------------1MOM-------------------23rd--------------7
5. Adrian san Miguel ----------------------------22nd---------------------------6
6. Virgil van Dijk --------------------------------12nd--------13rd---------------4
6. Jordan Henderson ----------------------------12nd--------13rd---------------4
*BB = Burnley bonus
Thanks for voting.
NB: I don't count votes on thread. Please use the link provided to vote.

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