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  1. boots123


    Does it help with neuropathy feet pain brought on by diabetis
  2. boots123


    Nandos here in Sydney Oz, the chicken is ace, but at $6.95 for a quarter leg is a bit pricey.
  3. boots123

    Summer slags and tits.(NSFW)

    even if she had just had a hot vindaloo and a couple of glasses of draught bass
  4. boots123

    Greatest British film ever made?

    Never let go, Peter Sellars playing a bent scouse car dealer,
  5. He won best supporting actor not the oscar
  6. An officer and a gentleman, Lou Gosset Jr as the drill sgt. should have won an oscar, he acted Richard Gere off the screen.
  7. A PERFECT WORLD, it's the only time Iv'e seen Kevin Costner actually act, he wouldn't get away with his usual shit with Clint Eastwood directing.
  8. boots123

    Zidane Resigns!

    It's reported in the web site aggregate, that they intend to buy out Klopps contract a 28 million clause and double his wages, if he accepts it's good night nurse
  9. boots123

    Real Madrid - The European Cup final

    One more final defeat is one more closer to a winning one.
  10. boots123

    Loris Karius

    Every Lpool fan on the planet knows Karius is a clown everyone it seems but Klopp, you don't beat a team like R/Madrid with a joke between the sticks.
  11. boots123

    PFA Player of the year

    It was actually Sydney Oz.
  12. boots123

    PFA Player of the year

    Sorry to rain on your parade, please please forgive me as I am totally distraught over this outrage,i really am ashamed to have hurt you people so badly but one out of 523 aint that bad, when you are a bit pissed at the time, so i'll stick to meths in future.