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  1. ISeeRed

    Great Band Names..

    I used to live in Melbourne and there was a band knocking around called 'The Fish John West Reject', which always made me smile. Plus a couple of others called 'This Is Serious Mum' (TISM, if you want to YouTube them...) and 'The Von Trapp Family Crisis'...
  2. ISeeRed

    The Damned

    New Rose is surely their best song?
  3. The 'men wearing Ugg Boots' discussion made me think of this. I once went on holiday to Chicago and it was pretty bloomin' cold, but the thing I remember most was seeing some local guys walking about the city centre wearing white fluffy ear muffs. Is it me, or should this sort of thing be a complete no-no, no matter how cold it gets? I mean, wear a beanie, cap or deerstalker, but surely not just white fluffy ear muffs...
  4. ISeeRed

    Going to Germany?

    I've been there quite a bit & Munich and Berlin would be the must-see places for me. Tons of history/culture and beer in both. Take your pick. Also, if you can find out why they place a foot long schlong in a tiny bun, let me know...
  5. ISeeRed

    Best book you read in 2009?

    I'd recommend 'Alice In Wonderland.' Now, don't mock unless you've actually read it as an adult... A friend suggested I should buy it, and it's like some sort of drug-fuelled fantasy... I'm not kidding. Hopefully someone will come on here & back me up. Curiouser and curiouser...
  6. ISeeRed

    Best book you read in 2009?

    Lost Continent is ace!
  7. At my workplace we're running a secret Santa thingy, whereby (as I'm sure you know) you pick a name from a hat and have to buy the person you've drawn a present, to be handed over (anonymously) at the Christmas party. The budget is just £5 and I've managed to draw a Scottish girl. What should I get her?? I'm thinking about buying a haggis, but is it the done thing to get something perishable in this situation, or should I get her something (e.g. a book of Burns' poemzzz or CD of awful bagpipe music) that will still be here in 100 yrs time? I need help!
  8. ISeeRed

    Club Sandwiches

    Can someone help me out with the post-its? OK, I think we all know by now that Ted is gay, but what is that doodle underneath? And, I can't make out anything from those fuzzy yellow post-its in the hinterland....
  9. ISeeRed

    The gay one out of Boyzone

    You breathe in oxygen via your lungs. The heart pumps blood to the lungs, where it (the blood) picks up oxygen & returns to the heart. The heart then pumps this (oxygen-rich) blood round the body, supplying all the vital organs and tissues with oxygen. Then, once this oxygen has been delivered to the vital organs and tissues, it returns to the heart. The heart then pumps this (oxygen-depleted) blood back to the lungs, where it (the blood) picks up more oxygen and returns to the heart. And so the cycle is repeated. That's what happens in a healthy person. However, if the heart is not pumping at maximum efficiency, the blood flow can get sluggish when it's pumped towards the lungs. This sluggishness of the blood flow can result in some fluid leaking out from the blood stream into the lungs, thus preventing the normal transfer of oxygen to the blood. This condition (excess fluid leaking out in the lungs) is known as 'pulmonary oedema.' People with severe pulmonary oedema thus have too much fluid in the lungs, which prevents the normal transfer of oxygen to the blood stream (i.e. similar to drowning due to the lungs being full of fluid). Seems like this poor chap died from pulmonary oedema. Hope this makes sense, and I hope he rests in peace.
  10. ISeeRed

    The Vintage Musical Instruments Thread

    I'm tipping you don't come home from the pub and drunkenly stagger towards your bed too much?
  11. About 4 rashers of smoked bacon (fried or grilled) 2 fried eggs 2 sausages A scoop of baked beans A decent portion of mushrooms (fresh ones cooked in butter, not those briney things you often get) A few grilled tomatoes (not the tinned stuff) 2 slices of buttered toast Tea Orange juice That's it. No black pudding. Black pudding is congealed blood, and has no place on your plate. Also, no pipetting drops of fancy stuff onto the eggs, which I think I saw Heston Blumenthal doing when he tarted up the Little Chef Olympic breakky (not that I wouldn't mind trying his version of it, mind you).
  12. ISeeRed

    Lagers of the World

    How many of these were actually brewed in the country of origin? I really don't like it when you, for example, buy some 'Jamaican' Red Stripe lager, then read the small print & discover it was brewed under licence in the UK...
  13. I once spent some time in Australia & got very pissed in a pub one night & told my (Australian) companions I was going to have a crack at the barmaid. 'Don't touch her, mate, she's a bushpig,' was the comment I remember most... Anyway, I went up to the bar and, with stunning originality, asked the lady in question if she'd like a drink. 'Yes, but not with you' was the reply. I returned to my seat to howls of laughter from pretty much the entire pub. OK, I know this technically doesn't qualify as me having 'ploughed' her, but you get the gist...
  14. ISeeRed

    French toll roads.

    Are you going to drive over this thing? I'd pay a toll to drive over that. I'd also count the number of clouds the car had driven through, and once it reached 9 would say to my companion, 'I'm on cloud nine.'
  15. ISeeRed

    If you could recommend one band/artist etc

    Crowded House. Neil Finn is the musical genius's musical genius. Mind you, having said that, don't touch the 'Time On Earth' album they put out after reforming. Get the first four albums, or the greatest hits CD.