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  1. silverlining

    Di Matteo sacked

    Why does this place have so many fucking dimwits?
  2. silverlining

    If your best friend killed someone

    Cluedo does need an update. "Simon, in the General Forum, with the perpetual motion device"
  3. silverlining

    Di Matteo sacked

    I can't do that, as it would mean Chelsea are successful, and they're all cunts.
  4. It's called classical music and opera
  5. silverlining

    Iran Accuses US and Israel

    No, what I'm doing is taking a contrarian viewpoint and ignoring as many facts as you are. With added verve.
  6. silverlining

    If your best friend killed someone

    Once questioned in a murder investigation?! Best friend is a killer!!!! This thread is most exciting!
  7. silverlining

    Iran Accuses US and Israel

    I think the Muslim world should encourage *more* Israeli missiles and Western invading forces, because we kill less of them than they do themselves when we're not there to distract and concentrate their insane hatred, so that they can get back to the religious internecine slaughter of fellow Muslims which they seem to much prefer.
  8. silverlining

    Di Matteo sacked

    CHelsea are very proud that the clueless nobody Emenalo is black.