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    Manchester Arena Explosions?

    If you check the dates my wife, sister and her friend was at the arena the week before watching take that and report's are that they was their doing a trial run. I watch a gambling streamer ( rockanrolla ) who's was live at the time and me and Lisa was in bed. She was watching some crap and it came up on his live stream that something had happened. Me being the cynical git thought it was just a light that had blown and people were making things up. Once it came out what had happened I've never been more ashamed of myself for being the way I am. He shut the live stream down to cancel all the live comments that would of obviously came in.
  2. slimjim75

    I am man: hear me roar!!!

    Appreciate the likes. Would of done it in half the time but the wife liked the paper and the paint so had to do all the stairs and landing in it. Whilst doing all that the kitchen had a leak so the couch I have in there had to go and a breakfast bar and new plumbing had to be done. Glad I'm back work now as my life is easier.
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    Awful news. Sorry for your loss.
  4. slimjim75

    Cat Pics

    Thanks. Will look into it but was hoping someone had a similar experience with one of their cats. Thanks again though for the reply.
  5. slimjim75

    Cat Pics

    Our Ziggy the other month after a vet's visit.
  6. slimjim75

    Cat Pics

    Penny one of the others looking at me whilst I write this..
  7. slimjim75

    Cat Pics

  8. slimjim75

    Cat Pics

    Really need the forums help. Sheldon one of 4 cat's we have over the last few months has got what I would describe as scabs all over his body. We took him the vet's and they proscribed adrenaline tablets. They worked kind of and would like to know if we can buy the without a vet's visit. He's 5 now so don't think it's an age thing. All the other cats are fine.
  9. slimjim75


    I work as a HGV planner and in March I had to go back on 4 on 4 off shift to cover for a colleague who due to having leukemia the year before had to stay off. He's now back Monday but where do I stand legally about notice given by my employer to me about putting me back on Monday to Friday.
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    Had my shift in work changed back to 4 on 4 off which means a taxi every morning that costs £11. I work as transport planner for HGV's. The wife who works at st Helen's and whiston hospital has just gone back after 7 days because her son showed symptoms.