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    Had my shift in work changed back to 4 on 4 off which means a taxi every morning that costs £11. I work as transport planner for HGV's. The wife who works at st Helen's and whiston hospital has just gone back after 7 days because her son showed symptoms.
  2. slimjim75

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    What's wrong with the TV?
  3. slimjim75

    Wolves (H) 29/12/2019 - Premier League - 16:30

    Came up on bet365 as a wolves goal. Then disallowed then given then disallowed then Liverpool goal. Not good for my heart rate.
  4. slimjim75

    Do you like Christmas?

    Should be in the rant thread. Got the girls a xbox and a ps4 and still 1 hour in I'm still setting the buggers up and not played a game. 36 years ago today I was rocking on my tomy and astrowars. Jesus now downloading fortnite OMG 14 gig. Can I just play something so I can start drinking. All the best everyone.
  5. slimjim75

    I am man: hear me roar!!!

    Little tit bit of info for a shorting dryer. Check the back of it as wire in bras tend to come out and slip through the casing shorting the wires. Saved myself a small fortune fixing it myself.
  6. slimjim75

    Boxing 2018

    Yeah. That buzz stream was perfect now gone.
  7. slimjim75

    Cat Pics

    Cheers for replies. X-Rays came back all clear so ourselves and the bank balance had a sigh of relief. She's called Tash and is only 2yrs old and the girls are already saying we may rename her Popeye. Hopefully picking her up today but should i be wary of her needs now or will she adapt naturally.
  8. slimjim75

    Cat Pics

    woke up this morning to a phonecall from Huyton PSDA informing me one of my cats had been taken in at 0140 by a stranger after being hit by a car. I live in St Helens so couldnt believe it. The wife saw a post on FB about a cat being taken in. The wife had to come out of work and we drove up. Shes had to have her eye removed and xrays. Already cost us £600 pound and may cost another £500. Typicall we cancelled her insurance 2 months ago when the wife changed jobs and i changed work as well.
  9. Good luck England. I'm 43 and seen my liverpool win everything there is to win but my father's generation had the bonus of there national side winning the big one. This country needs a perk up and I'll take what ever it has as I don't see the queen popping her clogs this year so bring it.
  10. slimjim75

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Is this the one at Castlefield bowl on Friday with the Reverend? Was taking the wife to this for her birthday but she couldn't get time off.
  11. slimjim75

    Have a rant thread

    Bloody Argos. The daughters phone broke so I saw a deal on argos for a new phone. Was not available in St Helens where I live ( yes a wool ) but available at Prescot so the wife drove down at 1pm with me to pick it up as we were going out with parents for a 3 o'clock meal. Got back and opened the box which when I picked it up seemed a little strange as it had a seal on it which read ' opened and checked by Craig ' but the wife said it may be them checking to see if wasn't broken. Anyway switched it on and went through the settings to get her phone going and everything was fine until I got to a screen that said ' this phone has been reset so please enter the Google account email this phone was synced with' I tried my own but no luck. Contacted argos through live chat as wasn't willong to incur the cost of phoning there none free customer service number. Got fobbed off and told I could only use the number they give me so rang them which cost me. Spoke to I admit a lovely woman from widnes who rang the store and then rang me back to say she apologised on the companies behalf as the phone had actually been sold before and returned by someone who said they hadn't done anything with it. She has posted out a 20 pound gift card as an apology but it still makes me angry to know they sold me a second hand phone which could of had software on it which recorded stuff entered on the phone.
  12. slimjim75

    TLW Season Tickets - A Plug

    3 inches you say. The wife just sold a liver so I could sign up for a lifetime subscription.