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  1. leslie

    Funniest actors ever?

    Don Rickles, Love this story, when they were in a restaurant, he went over to Sinatra and said, I'm trying to make it with this chick Frank, just have a word on your way out, as was leaving Sinatra passed Dons table and Sinatra said Oh hi Don, Rickles said not not now Frank can't you see i'm trying to eat, Frank said I didn't know what to say I totally fell for it.
  2. leslie

    Funniest actors ever?

    Yep Rossiter under rated comic genius
  3. Worst feeling ever. when you put your hand to your pocket and there is just an empty space where your wallet should be
  4. right son report to my office with your trousers neatly pressed over your arm
  5. Spurs never turned up, they were there for the taking, so we took them.
  6. leslie

    Where are you watching the final?

    Here in Oz it's on at 4am, not staying up til' that late, so i'll go to bed pissed to help me sleep, then watch it when I get up, with my nerves already fuckin' shattered from the previous nights ale.
  7. leslie

    Man City - the new bitters?

    If you go onto their blue moon fan site, their postings are full of jealous hatred, deffo inferiority complex where Liverpool are concerned, they can't accept they are just a team with a 5 minute history. who down the years have always been 2nd banana to Utd.
  8. leslie

    Drums, drumming and songs with drums

    Yep fantastic, the original Goodman version is from 1938 at Carnegie Hall I have the disc of the full concert with greats who played on it Harry James Lionel Hampton Krupa Teddy Wilson and more, but i thought the more condensed Louis Prima version would appeal more to the younger folks
  9. leslie

    Drums, drumming and songs with drums

    Sing Sing Sing with a swing, Louis Prima, movie clip on you tube, a real foot tapper
  10. leslie

    Anyone been to Amsterdam, best place to stay?

    they are usually located on canalstrasse
  11. leslie

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Just watched him in No Way Out, he was shit again, gone back to hating him
  12. leslie

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Any movie directed by and featuring Clint Eastwood is special, A PERFECT WORLD get's 10/10 from me, I don't hate Kevin Costner any more after that display.
  13. Just randomly surfing the net I came across an old Clint Eastwood movie I have never heard of called, A Perfect World, very very watchable free on utube, it's the first time I have ever seen Kevin Costner actually act and the young boy in it was very good as was Eastwood in fact the whole cast was excellent 2 thumbs up from me.