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Report: Milner keen for Leeds return

James Milner has arguably been the best player of the for the Reds in the early stages of the 2018/9 campaign.


It was thought the midfielder would find it hard to crack the starting midfield on a regular basis with the additions to the squad of Naby Keita and Fabinho.


However the 32 year-old 'running machine' has been a ever-present, starting eight of the nine league and Cup games and coming on at half time against Southampton.


When he was brought to the club in the summer of 2015 it raised some eyebrows, and admittedly he had a sluggish start to his Reds career.


However, bit by bit, Milner has won his way into the hearts and minds of the Liverpool supporters and it could be claimed he is one of most loved and admired members of the current squad.





Over time, Milner has made no secret that he is a proud Yorkshireman and is still a fan of his boyhood club Leeds United.


He has also documented the heartbreak he felt when he was sold by the club in the midst of their financial woes in the early 2000s.


It has been a tale of woe for the past decade and a half for one of the former giants of English football as they have floated between the Championship and League One and disposed of numerous managers along the way.


However it seems this season they may have finally got their act into order appointing the esteemed Argentinian Marcelo Bielsa as their manager, and the results have been clear to see as they currently sit on top after eleven games played.


A report in the Daily Mirror (via the Daily Star) has claimed that Milner could be tempted to return to the club of his youth if they are promoted to the Premier League for the first time in 15 years.


The veteran's current contract with the Reds ends in 2020 and so there is no rush on both sides to sign a new deal at this stage.


With the way the Reds are progressing and his current form, it would be seem strange for Milner to new pastures at this stage of his career.


You also have take into account the complete esteem that he is held in by Jurgen Klopp who is certainly one of the managers’ most trusted players.


However, Football is a funny game and things can change in an instant.


It could be nothing but speculation at the end of the day but still worth keeping half a eye on the situation.

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I always hated Leeds, they just got under my skin. Then they won me £1200 earlier this season. I love them, very close to my being first team, if Milner joins them and I'm going with him.

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4 hours ago, magicrat said:

I don't have a problem with this tbh. My feeling for Leeds aside its unlikely he will still be pulling up trees for us week in week out at the age of 34

James Milner will be pulling up tress, cutting them and stacking them when he is 40.

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