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  1. LF:D

    The 30 Year Wait

    Whether we’ve argued, debated, abused each other or whatever. We’ve done it on here because we care about this club & we’ve all wanted that title back, we’ve been passionate during the process. Enjoy it everyone - it’s back!
  2. LF:D

    Ignore Lists...

    Nah would make it much better. They are! Haha I'll come back to the forum when the other thing becomes a thing.
  3. The geeks on twitter. Stephen is one of the best. Half time vs West Ham: His P90 stats are incredible nearly every time he plays. I think people are merely looks for goals & assists when judging Keita, which is not the way to analyse a footballer properly in 2020.
  4. LF:D

    Naby Keita

    OMG just read that. "Clarify what you see" - LOL Yes no bias at all!
  5. LF:D

    Ignore Lists...

    @dave u I know you can put people on ignore. But is there an option to make users not be able to read your posts? That feature is much more appealing, as the idiots will still bitch, bully and moan if they can read a user they are the ones who have the issue with - not the other way round.
  6. You have to be joking. You think he just has the most tackles and interceptions without being up for the fight. Or has the most touches in games from the midfielders because he hides. Seems there is a perception about Keita that he's been a flop & it is very very wrong. Didn't have his best game the other night (nor did anyone apart from Gini & Trent) - still won the most tackles when he was on the field.
  7. LF:D

    Naby Keita

    I find it hard that people can't be impressed with him when they watch. But removing that bias or perception they have in their minds when judging then you look at the stats and realise he's incredibly effective both attacking & defensively. Genuinely don't get the criticism he's getting. My only criticism is he can't stay fit. I'd post some stats, but it seems people want to believe only what they see - illogical.
  8. Keita wins more tackles than anyone when he plays. Not a fighter? Lol Should be one of the first names on the teamsheet when we play Atletico.
  9. Fabinho has been really poor since coming back from injury. I don't think we necessarily need Henderson. But if Fabinho doesn't pick up his form in the next few games before Atletico, I'd be wanting to see Gini in the 6 role (assuming Hendo is out). I want the Fabinho who was bossing Man City earlier this season, looks a shadow of that player recently. Hopefully games help.
  10. I think the tag team part is hard as some were individual wrestlers in their own right. Think it’s a players risk if they want to try & get one in their seven. But it will take them 2 picks
  11. Dim reaper not around anymore?
  12. You were a gimmie I won’t be researching, just picking my 90s favs
  13. I don’t know any female wrestlers - does anyone?
  14. Playing: LF:D Bjornebye Remmie Elite Colt Seavers