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  1. LF:D

    Winners Medal Draft

    Was never in
  2. LF:D

    Winners Medal Draft

    No I’m out
  3. LF:D

    Winners Medal Draft

    Thanks Seems like too much hard work.
  4. LF:D

    Sean cox

  5. LF:D

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    The glue in our midfield and has been for a few years now. Was exceptional against City.
  6. I agree that for Henderson he's probably best as an 8. But for this team, I think he's better as the 6 (as back up for Fabinho, who is easily first choice at that position). My reasoning being, I'd rather see two of Gini, Keita, Ox as the 8s over him. I've been a huge Henderson supporter on here. Think some of the shit he's got over the years from our own fans has been disgusting. I think he's showing he can contribute in this team, hence being a regular in our best team we've had in the PL era, for the European Champions. Not just with his graft, an assist vs City & goal vs Spurs showed he can contribute in attack as well. But I do think if we want to go up another level (which is incredibly tough given our record the last 38 league games)... then he is the weakest link in the team IMO, in terms of the regulars. However that doesn't mean he is weak, as he's a very good player. The problem for Henderson is we're getting so good the rest of the team are elite players. I have never claimed he's elite, just that he's far better than perceived. But our team is getting so good I do think we're beginning to out grow a few of this squad - Henderson, Milner & Lovren types. Three players who will give their all, can have great games, offer lots interst of leadership, passion etc. But as players when compared to Salah, Mane, VVD, Robertson, Trent, Firmino, Fabinho, Alisson - are not elite. That's fine for now as you don't need XI elite players to be an elite team. I love seeing him do well after all the shit he's had. Love seeing him prove those doubters wrong - he was never a weak leak in the past. He's really effective and I think that was shown as when he went off look how much trouble Trent was having after that. Ox couldn't protect him as well, we had to put Gomez on & Trent at RM to nullify that threat, which before that Henderson was dealing really well with. Now I see he's the one Southgate is using to try to solve the Gomez / Sterling spat. He really is turning into a great leader & that was another doubt people had about him, his character. That cannot be questioned!
  7. I'm sure @stringvest will have a few more
  8. LF:D

    Boxing 2019

    Eddie Hearn has said it's the biggest PPV of the year - crazy
  9. LF:D

    Boxing 2019

    Yeah and some of the fights down on that card really were poor.
  10. LF:D

    Boxing 2019

    Although it is music & boxing. Both have been training for ages. KSI has Mayweathers - it's not like they aren't taking it serious - quite the opposite. Might not be the highest standard of boxing, but it still has a huge demand & they can box. I'd be fully behind this. Yes, looked a muppet. He thought he looked English. Yeah probably not. Both have 20 million subscribers on Youtube. Not sure how many will watch it. The first fight got over 1m pay per view subscribers - that's without people watching on youtube etc. This one is much bigger than that too with Sky etc.
  11. LF:D

    Boxing 2019

    One of them is huge, but not sure that necessarily means he'll win. Surprised you've not heard of them, two huge names. If you like survivor series, surprised you don't like these two as they're more real than that!
  12. Not on here much anymore as I'm more of a twitter man. Not sure what the main discussion points are about the team are on here generally, but on twitter it is mostly about the midfield of the team. Guess that makes sense as the rest of the team pretty much picks itself, apart from who partners Van Dijk. The general views seems to be everyone craving more creation, goals & craft from our midfield. Basically seeing more Keita & Ox, less Henderson & Gini. I can't certainly see why & I think Keita / Ox's graft without the ball is better than some maybe perceive. But it's actually in these big games where I think we missed Keita & Ox last season. Against the weaker sides (the bottom 16 in the league last season) - we got more points than any other side. This season it has been the same. I consider United slightly different. They aren't good enough to be deemed a top side as they never attack us like a Spurs, City would do. But they are better than the bottom 6, as when they do park the bus, they're doing it with better quality - so I think they're different to all other teams in the league in that regard and why we've struggled against them more than any other side under Klopp. For me my biggest regret last season was that home game vs City when we didn't have an Ox or Keita to hurt them more. City will not park the bus & they'll be space to exploit in midfield. Henderson & Gini have qualities - but they aren't dribblers or very penetrative. Keita & Ox are & in open space they can be devastating. It's not against Burnely type teams where they're missed. It is against City where we need an Ox or Keita (maybe both). I really hope at least one starts for that reason. I'd go: Alisson, Trent, Gomez, Van Dijk, Robertson, Fabinho, Gini, Ox, Mane, Firmino, Salah Against any other team, I'd probably go Keita over Ox. But City are just perfect for Ox to exploit, as he has twice in the past. Actually he's played three times against them with three wins. I love Hendo, think he's underrated, gets treated like shit by a large percentage of our fans - but I wouldn't start him in this. Anfield better have the best atmosphere since Chelsea 2005, as if we win this it is huge! Let's show that on Sunday!
  13. LF:D

    January 2020 Transfer Thread

    Wouldn't be opposed to see Curtis Jones going up the pecking order if he went.
  14. LF:D

    Joe Gomez

    He's brilliant
  15. LF:D

    January 2020 Transfer Thread

    Me, Lallana or Hendo? Actually I know the answer - all three!