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  1. LF:D

    Draft Semi Final 2

    The European Cup was then one team per country & AC Milan were incredible. Klinsmann was a key player at Inter, great finisher in the toughest league in the world at the time. I wouldn't say he was better than Romario, but he’s not far behind imo.
  2. LF:D

    Draft idea for after the Season

    I like it. 1 pick per country though I’d say
  3. LF:D

    Draft Semi Final 2

    Klinsmann was brilliant by the way.
  4. LF:D

    Draft idea for after the Season

    What about a PL appearances draft?
  5. LF:D

    Draft Semi Final 2

    They get 12 & 10 points, you can have 8
  6. LF:D

    Draft idea for after the Season

    There was definitely a caps draft on here a few years ago, was different though.
  7. LF:D

    Draft Semi Final 2

    Vrdjil & LF
  8. LF:D

    Draft Semi Final 1

    Dynamite & Megadrive for me - yes I didn’t vote for my own team. But David’s was far from slow John102.
  9. LF:D


    It's not, no. I won't be coming in this thread again.
  10. LF:D


    Yeah I'm Tom Cruise. Jesus christ people making fun, belittling others etc on a topic about depression. This place is really toxic at times. Disgusting in fact.
  11. LF:D

    Draft idea for after the Season

    Marcelo please @Lee909
  12. LF:D


    Like fuck I’m telling you after the replies in here. If people don't believe, I couldn’t care less. I’ve tried to help, I won’t again.