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  1. Seems to be increasing exponentially, lads who are at best 'barely' scouse giving it the 'Ya mar' and 'Lad' treatment in public heighways for all to hear. Fuck off. Reminds me of my college days when someone asked a mate where he was from, when he said Huyton the girl said: 'Your not a propper scouser' to which he replied: '.....So?' The girl seemed genuinely baffled as to why this wasn't an issue for him! Another thing which pisses me off, living and socialising in Cheshire but being a scouser is the 'scouse solidarity' routine you get when you go out and encounter another one. As if somehow: (a) we should all stick together (B) everyone else is shit and scared of us and © we run this town we do.
  2. I love her. I mean I really love her. I want her to move in with me. Blue dress.
  3. Steven Seagal sued for allegedly keeping sex slaves April 12, 2010, 11:35 PM EST By Josh Dickey TheWrap.com Steven Seagal is accused of hiring young women as personal attendants whose real job was to serve his strange and sometimes violent sexual desires, according to a civil lawsuit filed Monday in Los Angeles by a 23-year-old former model who describes her experience in harrowing detail. The plaintiff, Kayden Nguyen, said she met the action star in February through an ad on Craigslist seeking an executive assistant and, after three interviews, was told to pack for a trip to New Orleans, where the A&E show "Steven Seagal Lawman" was taping. When she arrived, the lawsuit says, she discovered that Seagal had been keeping two young female Russian "attendants" who were essentially on-call for sex -- 24-seven. On that first night, Nguyen was ushered to a secluded house where Seagal was staying with his wife and the two young women. He then proceeded to treat Nguyen as his "sex toy" despite her complaints, the lawsuit says, responding to her terror as he fondled and manhandled her by saying, "Relax, we won't do anything special tonight ... I'll save that for another night.'" She complained the following morning to some of the other employees, assuming that they would deliver the message to Seagal. Hours later, the lawsuit says he assaulted her again, this time forcing her to consume "illegal pills" and inflicting sexual acts on her until she sobbed. The following morning, when she confronted Seagal herself, he told her there had been a "misunderstanding"; but hours later, he assaulted her a third time, an attack that stopped only when she ran away. The ordeal carried on for several days, and it wasn't until Feb. 28 -- the following Sunday -- that she was able to escape the situation. The lawsuit says Nguyen told Seagal that she had to leave to meet with family members who would be suspicious if she didn't show up. Nonetheless, he told her not to leave the house and followed her with a gun equipped with a flashlight as she went out to a waiting cab, which sped away as she jumped in the front seat. A message left by TheWrap with the action star's attorney, Stuart Rosenthal, was not immediately returned Monday. Messages left with A&E were also not immediately returned. It was not clear why Kayden Nguyen chose to file a civil lawsuit instead of a criminal complaint. Messages left with her lawyers were not immediately returned Monday. Nguyen's lawsuit claims that even after she got away, Seagal and his employees tried desperately to persuade her to return. When she escaped, she left behind "everything of value she owned," including car keys, her laptop, clothes, and "hundreds of dollars worth of makeup." She was told she would not get the items back until she signed an agreement stating she would not report the sexual attacks. The lawsuit says Nguyen had accepted the job on Feb. 22, a Monday, and was sped in a limo to a waiting private jet. Her first indication that something was awry was when Seagal told her, as the plane was taking off, that his wife "wouldn't mind if we had a sexual relationship." Nguyen's lawsuit said she could identify a "unique physiological reaction" that Seagal has to sexual arousal, which could be corroborated by the other "attendants." The suit did not specify what that reaction is. The lawsuit alleges sexual harassment in violation of federal labor laws; illegal sex trafficking; retaliation; wrongful termination; and false representations about employment. Each of the six counts seeks in excess of $1 million in damages.
  4. This might be GF on the dark side but be patient. I've been jibbing up and down blighty on a bit of a sexual oddessey. Catching up with lot of old 'friends' and meeting new ones in a haze of decadance, alas I digress! Today I found myself in a pickle. I was visiting a friend of a friend, never met this girl before now, and it turns out she's stunning! Eyes were made and the usual flirting, drinks were discussed, and hell you all know what that means! Now I think my luck's in, until she tells me she's a massive Chelsea fan and ladyboy is her idol, like most chav fans she's know fuck all about fitba! As soon as she made this revelation the old chap disappeared quicker than a Jim'll fix it medal which used to take pride of place on the mantle piece. No I ask the FF *shudders* what's a boy to do? Anybody else has anything similiar?
  5. JBarnes


    Has anyone been through this procedure? My missus and I have been trying for sometime now and we've started the process to get IVF. I'd be interested in hearing people's experiences of it if they've been through it.
  6. Just saw this incident involving Sian Massey getting a hit from Kevin McNaughton. So what do you think? Personally i think its tough to tell, but i don't get how he can't avoid her when he speeds up.
  7. She's really grown on me (unfortunately, I don't mean that literally) lately, to the point where I really want to bum her. It doesn't hurt that she has amazing tits. Tits, tits, tits. [im]http://obama08cubs.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/scarlett_johanson2.jpg[/img] Yep, she's got the sex. As always, please add your own.
  8. My mates are all of a simialr age and have wildy varying firgures, has this thread ever been done before ?, apologies if it has, Just thought it would be interesting to see, I suppose age will factor in but anyway.
  9. I have just been for a meal in a really posh Restaurant in town, really out of my price range ,very expensive and a place you go to if your like me only on special occasions,my kids paid for me and mrs BRAP for our anniversary. Anyway fine wines and food and Spectacular dishes and service, then comes in the "Lids" swearing asking the head waiter for a sunday roast who replied" we dont do that here sir" !!!!!!!Argggggg fuck off lad said the lid who had a very expensive Audi parked in a disabled bay out side. It really was embarrassing and my daughter said to me " dad! they are in every single nice place in town" I just sighed and thought to myself "druggyselling fuckin horrible twats!
  10. BBC SPORT | Football | Premier League | Benitez reignites Ferguson rift 1:08 Hahahahahah
  11. What's the point of it? To keep their hands warm? Everyone has to dip under the waistband every now and again, to unstick balls and move ill placed cockage. Anything longer than a few seconds is just wrong. It's definitely a teenage chav thing, a sign of manliness maybe?
  12. What's the verdict? (I'll leave the images up to all you techy nerd cats).
  13. Amanda Harrington & Danielle Whatever her name is? I hav'nt heard anything about these 2 slappers for a while, have they gone into hiding?
  14. Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher - at one time Everton's biggest fan - can't stand the Toffees now | Mail Online
  15. 05/06 first 7 games 2 wins 4 draws 0 Losses Total 10 Points 06/07 first 7 games 3 wins 1 draws 3 Losses Total 10 Points 07/08 first 7 games 4 wins 3 draws 0 Losses Total 15 Points 08/09 first 7 games 5 wins 2 draws 0 Losses Total 17 Points I think you can say we have made progress under Rafa at the start of the season next land mark is 10 games 05/06 first 10 games 4 wins 4 draws 2 Losses Total 16 Points 06/07 first 10 games 4 wins 2 draws 4 Losses Total 14 Points 07/08 first 10 games 5 wins 5 draws 0 Losses Total 20 Points 08/09 first 10 games - wins - draws - Losses Total - Points We need 4 points from the next 3 games to beat our best 10 game start under Rafa Wigan H Chelsea A Portsmouth H Just thought i would share that with you all
  16. I love accents, me. What are your favourites and most hated? They can be regional or international. In this country, I really like the Brummie accent. It sounds really friendly (although also makes the speaker sound as thick as pig shit). I actually like most regional British accents. However, the more nasal ones grate a little - especially the Manc and Northern Irish ones (although that may be through association with Manchester United and Ian Paisley). The one accent I fucking hate though, is that Estuary English shite that virtually everyone to the south and east of Brum speaks. I'm not talking about a true Cockney accent, which sounds ace, but the watered down version that so many people seem to adopt. I also hate that weird questioning intonation that these Estuary speakers use. Even when making a statement, their voice goes up at the end as if they were asking a question. I really like the Scouse accent, but it depends which one I'm listening to. There are loads of variations on it depending upon the speaker's age and which part of the area they're from. My favourite is the one that old dears have. It reminds me of my great nan who was from The Dingle and it sounds absolutely nothing like the heavy gutteral version that kids use today. In terms of international accents, I love hearing New York accents - especially the Brooklyn one. I'm also a big fan of both Italian and Spanish accents, regardless of what language is being spoken. Listening to Italian is ace. It sounds so expressive and passionate. I also love both the Dublin and Cork accents. Very similar and very different all at the same time.
  17. Thank Christ for that.... time for him to bring some justice to United on Saturday. (GK) Juan CARRIZO 1 Martin DEMICHELIS 2 Daniel DIAZ 3 Fabricio COLOCCINI 4 (-89') Esteban CAMBIASSO 5 Javier ZANETTI 8 Juan RIQUELME 10 Fernando GAGO 11 (-65') Sergio AGUERO 16 (-18') Jonas GUTIERREZ 17 Lionel MESSI 18
  18. its probably been covered before but has anyone read this? i got a lend of it a couple weeks ago , there is some mad shit in it , the bloke really had alot of issues . a formidable talent that hit the self destruction button , pity as he could have been awesome for us.
  19. Had a chat about this the other night and under what circumstances it would be okay. One of me mates was dead set against it, said he'd never do it. The rest of us agreed that if our life was at risk then we'd definitly do it. Personally I only hit women when that ho doesn't bring me my money on time. And even then its only a backhanded slap to send a message.
  20. I'll start this one off - I know for a fact that Lenny Henry, Billy Connolly and Griff Rhys Jones are 3 of the most unpleasant people you could wish to meet.
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