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  1. 23_Carra_Gold

    Good old Bellamy

    ''There was a minute’s applause for Speedo before the game. I stood in the line with the rest of the Liverpool players. I felt okay. The Liverpool fans started singing his name. It was real to me then and I started crying. I’m a man’s man. I’m not supposed to cry. I didn’t like Chelsea fans. I didn’t want to cry in front of them. But I couldn’t help it. The Chelsea supporters didn’t sing his name, but I don’t expect that. They’re not my cup of tea. They’re not the type of fans I’d want to play for.'' Legend
  2. 23_Carra_Gold

    The Suarez Bite

    Our club are completely and utterly spineless. Issue an apology yeah but the massive media drive to let everyone know how unacceptable it is, is embarrassing. I don't care what Ian Ayre thinks, I don't want to hear Rodgers say 'he's replacable', I don't want us to continue to over-apologise after Ivanovic has accepted his apology and made nothing of it. Huth never apologised for stamping on Suarez's back. Fanny lips never apologised for his kick on Torres a few weeks ago. Fuck off.
  3. 23_Carra_Gold


  4. 23_Carra_Gold


    Finally the families will have the closure they deserve. This afternoon come 3pm the mood will be dignified as always but perhaps with a tinge more happiness in the air given the events of the past 2/3 years. Hopefully next year for the 25th we can do away with our shouts for Justice and a simple R.I.P will suffice. JFT96
  5. 23_Carra_Gold


    If that was the case I'm sure 60 seconds of JFT96 would send the perfect message
  6. 23_Carra_Gold


    This was used in a Mirror article today directly under photos of her at Hillsborough and the Kop with the 'Expose the Lies' banner. Thought it was a sly cunty move, much like it is when you do it.
  7. 23_Carra_Gold

    West Ham Tickets

    Sold out in 10 minutes this morning. Looking for 2 if anyone can help out
  8. 23_Carra_Gold

    Philippe Coutinho

    Henderson played an Alonso-esque ball through to Sturridge yesterday.
  9. 23_Carra_Gold

    Lazio Tickets

    What stand is that? I was about to buy tickets last night but it was all in Italian and I didn't want to slip up and sit with...well...you know...
  10. 23_Carra_Gold

    Lazio Tickets

    Nice one lads. I'm bringing a vespa and a bodywarmer so I should avoid any slashings.
  11. 23_Carra_Gold

    Lazio Tickets

    Going to Rome in April and Lazio are at home the weekend I'm there. Wondering if anyone who's been before can tell me if its best to get the tickets in advance or on the day itself?
  12. 23_Carra_Gold

    Therapy? Going Nowhere

    He got £2m
  13. 23_Carra_Gold

    I no longer hate Ronaldo

    Jimmy Saville did loads for charity as well like... And he couldn't even take a free kick
  14. 23_Carra_Gold

    Di Matteo sacked

    Does this mean I can leave us when Chelsea come in for me in FIFA?
  15. 23_Carra_Gold

    Di Matteo sacked

    Intriguing to see how this plays out. If he does well he just might get himself an interview when we sack Rodgers in May.