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    I have supported the reds since 1976. Married, 3 kids. And a dog called Dino

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  1. Apparently he based Day Tripper and I Feel Fine on this track as well
  2. Old Father Tyme on the new Weller album has more than a passing resemblance to Brother Louie. Both top tunes though...
  3. JER

    Donald Trump

    What do you do when 140,000 of your own citizens have died in a virus you called a hoax? You post this.....
  4. I remember when Warnock said about Henchoz a few years back "He's not English, is he, so you expect one or two things like that." I bet that cunt voted for Brexit as well...
  5. JER

    Craig Bellamy

    Sorry mate - probably came off a bit harsh. Haven't literally posted in about 5 years so easing my way back in :)
  6. JER

    Man United Vs Liverpool

    It's getting desperate over there http://www.redcafe.net/threads/bring-cantona-in.386592/
  7. JER

    Ray Donovan

    The best shows like Breaking Bad and the Sopranos mix the lighter parts with the necessary darker parts - this show had no humour and felt like you were watching a pastiche of all the great shows that it was trying to emulate.
  8. "Rising unemployment and the recession have been the price that we have had to pay to get inflation down. That price is well worth paying." Norman Lamont 1991.
  9. Benefit fraud is a crime, and as such should be treated as a separate entity to the Welfare system. It's like banning trainers, because some are used to make quick getaways after robberies.
  10. JER

    The secret footballer

    I always assumed it was Dave Kitson. Still playing at Oxford, I believe
  11. JER

    Breaking Bad Thread

    Walt managed to get you back on side right on the end. The Ayran brotherhood and Todd were so repellant that you wanted them gone, no matter who did it. The shot where Walt was reaching for the keys was agonising and Hitchcock-esque, absolutely incredible TV. And Elliott and Gretchen got theirs in a big fashion. That's how to end a series, Dexter.
  12. http://newsthump.com/2013/09/30/no-one-should-get-something-for-nothing-claims-man-who-got-everything-for-nothing/ A man who inherited a multi-million pound fortune due to a twist of genetic fate has insisted that nobody should be getting money for nothing. George Osborne said that the era of people getting money for not doing anything was over, and that people must work for what they are given, unless it’s vast quantities of cash from a wealthy relative. Osborne told Tory conference attendees, “Just because I had all this money handed to me on a plate doesn’t mean these people should get any money handed to them on a plate.” “I see how this could seem quite hypocritical to some. But the situations are very different – I got my money due to a quirk of circumstance, whereas these people are getting theirs due to circumstances beyond their control.” “See how different this is? Plus I got a LOT of money, these people are just getting a few pounds a week.” “The situations are incomparable if you think about it for a short while.” Osborne benefit reform Critics have said the latest plan from the Conservatives risks taking society back to a time when the nation’s cities were filled with work houses and abject poverty. “Ah, the good old days,” concluded Osborne.