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  1. bobhorse

    Summer Transfer Ballache 2016

    It means you have a deformity of the legs where instead of having them side by side you have them one behind the other thus they have no left or right just front and back
  2. bobhorse

    Daniel Sturridge-2015

    is that like a Maybe then
  3. bobhorse

    Daniel Sturridge-2015

    I miss the Nando Chant at Anfield and i thought we need to find another tune for Daniel Sturrige so why not kill two birds with one stone and adapted it to this We bought are Dan from Chelsea Man Sturrige Sturrige They said he'd never make the grade Sturrige Sturrige But make the grade our Danial Did by scoring goals as defenders hid He's Danial Sturrige liverpools coolest Kid Ends a bit lame but first draft what you think be gentle now
  4. bobhorse

    Reds set to Fire the Lazar?

    If he goes in this window then so should the dick that thought it was a good thing to sign him Man City Money no object can sign who they like get rid of the people on the transfer committee to Liverpool Liverpool had just started to produce the fruits of the investment in the youth structure under Rafa and lose there best to Man City anyone who thinks we did well out of this turnover in staff is deluded after last season i would have been sending whoever thought the players we signed where good long term Liverpool players i would rather have accountability at the feet of one person and i would ensure that whoever put forward the idea of Camolli and this committee as the future never make another decision at the club
  5. bobhorse

    Summer Transfer Thread 2015

    Correct Jose the problem is we will have spent best part of the transfer budget as it is Ballotelli will be sent back when the loan period is up or he will take up another loan at another club but we will not sign him that is for certain talk of both Borrini West Ham and WBA Lambert have deals in place the sales of Aspas and Coates will bring in around £20m and if Lucas one of the other CM players is sold that could see 2 CM players being signed and the fee from Sterling will bring in that striker My problem with Benteka is that he went about 2 or 3 months where he couldnt buy a goal and it took a change of manager to spark him into life again as a team we are soft as shite under Rogers we need some bite as to many teams have bullied us out of the game he is a big unit that wont let that happen And of all the players we have signed from Southampton the one player we should have signed is still there Morgan Schneiderlin and he looks set to join United or Arsenal and that is what is wrong at Liverpool in a nutshell
  6. bobhorse

    Summer Transfer Thread 2015

    These are far from facts Clyne is better than Johnson. Firmino and Sterling are even, but Sterling is disaffected and wants out, and I think Firmino will bring more goals, so I'd say this is in our favor. Ings is better than Lambert Origi is better than Borini Milner is better than Gerrard at this stage of his career We hope this is the case and want this to be the case but they haven't kicked a ball in a red shirt yet so we have no idea we don t need 25 30 players. Every year now we should look at what is available to spend and if that allows for 1 or 2 star signings then that is what we bring in we are diluting what we have available by bringing in all these kids can anyone name one that has made it that didn't cost top dollar to bring in what i am saying is we go and buy the kids that stand out compete with our rivals and some we win some we lose but we don't do it with proven players people will quote Firmino but the player we wanted went to United and we signed the leftovers and that will be the same with the top strikers none will commit to LFC until the top clubs have done there business and we will take what is left or pay way over the top for Benteka who will be another Andy Carroll a player whos strengths just dont fit the style of play
  7. bobhorse

    Summer Transfer Thread 2015

    i'm not at all impressed with what we have done so far in the transfer market and that is nothing against the Players we have signed but can anyone hand on heart say we have solved any of the problems that were so obvious to everyone and anyone Have we signed a Dominating CB ? have we signed CM player who can shield the back four and add some steel to Midfield ? and have we signed a Striker who can score 30 goals ? The answer to all of those questions is still NO and that is not even listing the weakness at Full back we had last season on both sides and lack of cutting edge in midfield Clyne and Firmino may address some of the latter problems but unless the money from sales is ploughed into a top class striker we will be dead in the water from the start we need better players than are at our rivals United City Arsenal and Chelsea at this point are strikers would be around 16th best in the Prem Ogri and Ings we need to be able to go away to the top teams and come away with at least a point so we will have to spend well from here on in on what we really need
  8. bobhorse

    Summer Transfers 2014

    Barkley - if we are serious about replacing Gerrard in the coming years this lad is the best fit Walcot - i don't believe he would have as many injuries here as he gets at Arsenal Richards - If Johnson isn't to be kept as looks likely then a straight swap could be the best for both clubs Isco - a great addition to the squad addition and would allow for Lucus or Allan to move on Tello - brings in competition out wide and would allow Sterling and Tello to develop together and a decent couple of Left backs one young one established would allow for a few players to leave that will be surplus next season and would be solid additions to the first team another striker would be needed who can score goals in the prem all should be within our budget along with player sales
  9. bobhorse

    Liverpool vs Chelsea (Apr 27 2014)

    we where robbed at there place we will score three and that will be enough to beat these it will be tough but we will be right up for it and the crowd will be the difference as we ripp them a new one and city drop points against Palace
  10. bobhorse

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    Oh and if we are to sign a player please, please make it Bruna he is class no doubt about it in my mind what a player he will be within the next 3 seasons he is going to the very top of his trade don't let Chelsea have a free run at this lad he could be released from his contract in the next 2 weeks if he is we should go all out to land the lad that's all
  11. bobhorse

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    Hello lads just back with a rare post Its silly season an once again we see normally sane human beings loosing it because some player never talked about till a week or so before is linked with signing and then signs for someone else When will these people understand that players are like buses if you miss one there is one coming along in a few mins Why do we waste time on people who will never wear the shirt good loom to the players and there new clubs is all I say We all know that to play for Liverpool football club is the greatest honour a player can have. The support love and adulation that a player gets from our supporters is second to none and to pass up that chance for a few quid extra from a much lesser club will be a mistake they will regret for the rest of their days Don't worry about who we don't sign just support them that we do this team is going places this season and the right players will be added players who have there head turned for a few extra quid are not the players we want here at Anfield regardless of who they are We our Liverpool Football Club the true kings of European football and we will be back there soon enough YNWA
  12. bobhorse

    Is Benteke worth £25m?

    Id sell Suarez for £30-35m + Alonso to R Madrid Sign for £22m and bring in a CB with the rest Job Done and we move forward
  13. bobhorse

    If Liverpool had Man Utd's goals to shot ratio.

    Thats an awful lot of words to highlight that WE NEED A STRIKER and have done since the sale of Torres three managers later WE STILL NEED A STRIKER as the great man said Football is a simple game complicated by idiots
  14. bobhorse

    Summer Transfer Thread 2012

    Sturidge and Johnson ?
  15. bobhorse

    Has Xabi Alonso been released by Madrid?

    Not saying this would happen but R Madrid would be happy to let a player like Alonso leave on a free to save the wages that would have to be paid over the last 2 years of his contract knowing that wages demands rule out most of the clubs in Europe from signing him with a large fee to pay ontop a minimal payment or even a 2 year loan with a few to signing him at the end of it is another option They need new players to sell more shirts and sponsorship it isnt and hasnt been about football ability there for many years they are a law unto themselves the player doesnt fit with liverpools transfer policy so they wouldnt be in for him for a fee but as a free agent or loan signing they would be as he is then a value for money player if that makes sense its all bolloxs anyway he has just won the Euros with Spain who would sell a European Champion ffs :whistle: