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  1. brucespanner

    Mansfield Pursestrings Holder.

    She's had more cocks pass through her than a chicken shop in Brixton.
  2. brucespanner

    Who's Your Favourite New Mong?

    This cunts not even a good bad mong. Standards be slippin' in the house of Usher.
  3. brucespanner

    I don't like change

    Ah, well, was thinking about signing up and joining in, but if a bottom feeder like that can move from tolerable irritant to part of the furniture status then I don't think this is the place for me anymore. Bisous
  4. brucespanner

    I don't like change

    What the fuck is this heresy? I've had a little hiatus and come back to see change, I don't like change. Where the bejesus is TLW Live? Nice to see Bjornabye is still a massive prick, somethings never change at least?
  5. brucespanner

    Recommend me a short drink

    Instead of Guinness try Newcastle Brown. Genuinely beautiful.
  6. brucespanner

    May Day holiday: who's on, who's off

    You wouldn't believe me if I told you...
  7. brucespanner

    May Day holiday: who's on, who's off

    On the verge of being 'tired and emotional' in Manchester. God blesses y'all.
  8. brucespanner

    Does Rodgers deserve another season?

    Who hurt you as a child?
  9. brucespanner

    Voronin back to "conquer Prem"

    Nobody with an iota of cognitive dexterity would use such a base, tawdry generalisation. Back down off your soap box cub, it's a long way down from the summit of Mount Pious. Ps. Are you sick of seeing 'Whoosh' after all your posts?
  10. brucespanner

    Voronin back to "conquer Prem"

    Welcome to the Internet you fucking imbecile! After you've blown your lonely synapses wondering why I responded in such a manor, stop, breath, think, then inhale deeply...the gas pumping out of your oven. Bisous.
  11. brucespanner

    Voronin back to "conquer Prem"

    Us, some French Shite, four goals, The Crow instrumental in all of them, ran the show like a fucking boss, even did a Zidane pirouette for good measure. Those poor smuchks didn't know what had hit them! Genius is a term bandied about with flagrant regard to reality, but that night Andriy was, and still is, a genius! Godspeed Voro, godspeed. *wipes tears from eyes that are red from reminiscence*
  12. brucespanner

    Eagles That Look Like Wenger.

    As it says on the tin... Soar...