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  1. BRAP

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Runner-Up : Milk Cup (1984), FA Cup (1985), First Division (1986), FA Cup (1986) They could of ruled Europe if us mudering cunts never ruined everthing ....... they couldnt even rule england and get passed the mighy reds, we would be equaling Real madrid if there wasnt a ban in terms of European cups, Kennys side proved it in every major encounter with aging Howard kendal side, soft deluded twats
  2. BRAP

    Heysel 30 years on

    I was at the disaster, I was 21 and been to Rome the year before which was like Beirut on a good day , the day started great, we got to the town centre on a sunny and hot day the atmosphere was typical good natured lots of singing and everyone have a great time, by mid-afternoon the mood changed. We made our way to the stadium early evening a good two hours before kick-off; it was a total riot outside, best described as a war zone, bottles getting thrown, and the floor littered with stubby bottles of Stella, Italians waving Samurai swords and guns at us, it was a nightmare and like a scene out of a war zone, control was lost by authorities , when one of the lads asked a copper what was going on he got the coppers shield over his head, we had to tend to him in an ambulance until he came around , we made our way around to our end and were water cannoned and briked by Italians , hooded ultra shit houses some had hand guns. We entered the ground through a hole in the wall, still have my ticket, the sewers went underneath us and we were walking in shit and piss, it was like holding an event a condemned building site, everything was crumbling around us including order. The riot happened over an hour so police had enough time to form a segregating line , I watched on in disbelief ,what I do remember was how young and inexperienced the police were and I was only 21 myself. The rest is kind of fuzzy, I remember seeing all the dead piled up and Phil Neal on the tanoy asking for calm, I remember the game but not much of it, I remember Platini doing a lap of honour celebrating, weird, we were lucky they won, because believe me there would have been more casualties after the game, the celebrations gave us a window of opportunity to get the fuck out of there. We managed to get to Brussels central metro ,and then on to dover I will swear on anything and say the train was full of cockneys buzzing, that’s a fact I was there ask others, Liverpool fans who took part in the Riot have the deaths of the 39 on their hands , there is no getting away from that, but again all of this could have been avoided if a different venue was chosen fit for purpose, what surprises me is no one has ever asked for testimonies, RIP the 39
  3. BRAP

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Gutted to go out, but in the long run its for the best, eurpa league is a graveyard for any league form, lets get back to saturday footy and get 3rd, its a blessing we are out of it, another 8 games would of fucked us up, good luck to Everton dealing with the europa league and getting dragged into a relegation battle, onwards to Wembley and 3rd in the league, the onle fly in the ointment is we could get bummed on sunday, but after that we can re-group for the march on champions league footy. we have had worse results
  4. BRAP

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    The only thing they have chosen is not to have red taps, stupid cunts
  5. BRAP

    Everton v Liverpool

    why do they hate Steven,we dont actually hate any of them, ok we laughed at Big Dunc and his Tampons, we laughed also laughed at Duncan mckenzie jumping over mini`s infact thats what we do just laugh at them.....I mean what has he done or his kids to be subjected to such horrible hatred, they really are a different breed, even non going blueshite old women in work hate him, what has he done, its no coincendence that they hate anything in a red shirt that oozes class, lets fukin twat them and ruin thier cup final, two headed twats
  6. BRAP

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    #we dont go the game #the missing peoples club #the school of Reliants #everton arent we..... the ones with loads of empty seats
  7. BRAP

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    fuck them, bitter twats wont even have red tops on thier hot water taps, two headed fuckers
  8. BRAP

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Remember them tee shirts when we needed a favour when they played City last season " its not the winning its the taking part that counts " haahahahaha, aint karma boss
  9. He only has one blueprint, and how spectacular it was with suarez in our team, one trick poney I am afraid, still feel we should keep him but he has shown his limitations and if we cannot pay the wages of top top strikers then his blueprint wont work, also maybe he has been hamstrung by an ownership who want to dine at the top table but encourage the manager to buy in the not so top top market, do we go for Klopp now before Arsenal get him or take a chance on brendan........ fuck me this is depressing
  10. BRAP

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    In work they are all buzzing and happy happy, there is a real buz about them what a great season they are having and how boss they are, also Eto is class ya no, anyway I just said a passing remark, " we have been piss poor most of the season and infact its the worst I have seen us start a season since hodgson and Souey " they all nodded , then I added " and your still behind us in the league you pricks " hahaha
  11. BRAP

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    where`s the money on all them empties in the square Bill eh....
  12. BRAP

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Bluenoses in work are all really excited about Real Madrid Tomorrow, its all they are talking , they really are twoheaded bitter obsessed twats, hope we ruin there night again forthe 1000th time
  13. BRAP

    Everton (H) Match Thread

    Mario is all over this, its bang on with his /derby day haircut, they are going to fuckin hate him tomorrow evening , bless!! they need someone new to hate since suarez left, unless the Stevie G kids song gets an airing cause they are that fuckin desperate
  14. BRAP

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    We sing about Gerards kids, that what we do
  15. After the demolition of Brazil by Germany, bluenose comes in the office and says " has any one seen a team play like that recently " Arsenal at home lad was my reply, haha